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OBE/astrial projection/remote viewing -- what was it and what's the difference? And how to do it o

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posted on Feb, 7 2004 @ 09:31 PM
I never believe in such things before - recently I've had reason to start to belive *something*. Don't know anything about this but need to know what happened and how to do it again.
I didn't do anything besides go to bed, may or may not have been thinking of this person (really not sure but not unlikely).
What is the difference between OBE, Astrial projection, remote viewing and anything else that might be in this area I don't know to ask about?

I was in bed - maybe sleeping, maybe just starting to fall asleep - I'm not sure.
I was then aware that I was like above someone close to me. They were on their bed sleeping, I could see the entire room. I don't think I heard anything. As soon as I was aware that I was there (at the same instant I was very happy to have 'discovered' this new talant) - it was over. Like my becoming aware of it ended it. But I didn't 'do' it on purpose. (I'd like to - REALLY like to)

Another time I may have only been dreaming, but it felt like I was light - kind of like a rolercost ride, that 'butt off the seat feeling'. I was looking at myself (or a light colored shadow of myself in the same place I was the time before - only this time I could see me too (not a matter mass though, more airy). I was indeed over his bed looking down. I remember thinking I wanted to see if I could do this or that (move to another angle)...
I also had the feeling I'd done this alot.
This may have been a very different feeling dream?

Any help would be really apprieciated. He is narcaleptic, lives far away and often falls asleep with lit cigaretts. (every night)


posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 09:05 PM
OBE is defined as the conscious leaving the body. this occurance usually happens on accident, or at random.

astral projection is the temporary seperation of your soul or spirit (whichever you please) from your physical body. during an a.p. you can see a cord going from your spiritual body to your physical body, rumor has if the cord is broken somehow, you will be dead. this usually happens while asleep or in deep relaxation such as meditation.

remote viewing is viewing of a location or person at the present time through your mind. this is a psychic ability that is debated whether it can be 'learned' or not. it happens why meditating about the subject.

also there is lucid dreaming. this is the act of having total control of your dreams. by doing this you can dream about anything consiounsely and it can be a door to astral projection with enough practice.

it sounds to me like your experiences are astral projections. and by startiling yourself the first time you 'zapped' yourself back into your body. this is how you return when out journeying. it sounds like you are fortunate and projecting may come natural for you. i would suggest search for 'astral projection' under yahoo to read more about it and learn how to

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 09:09 PM
I find talking about it hampers the development of the skills, so I will just pass on links that might be helpful.

TheBandit has some really good thread on this topic. search them.


posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 06:03 AM
OBE is leaving the body. this occurs near death, all chakras are working together, or some other reason like random. Higher beings may also assist you to leave your body.

AP is also leaving the body, but it's not in realtime, like OBEs are. You could have an AP while aware of it. You may or may not see a silver cord.

RV is viewing a location remotely, but you're aware of where you are.

LD is aware that you're dreaming.

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 01:29 AM
Thanks you all for the info and links. I have alot of reading to do!
I wonder if my attunement and the recent dealings with what is being reffered to as 'the circle' or 'the circle of light' has anything to do with this.
Is 'the circle' and 'the circle of light' the same thing?

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:12 AM
Being a Wiccan, The Circle and the Circle of light are two different things, yet they serve the same purpose.

The Circle: This is a ritual circle, usually drawn on the ground (indoors or outdoors) within which you are protected from malicious energy, yet open to the energies of the God and Goddess. The circle is actually where a SPHERE touches the ground. The sphere then raises above your head and below the ground to complete a perfect sphere.

The Circle of Light: This is a psychic shield for protection (notice protection is used in both). There are many names for this (White Light, Light Shield, Light Dome, Light Sphere and more). This Circle of light is created during meditation to keep malicious energies away. It is also often used by empaths (such as myself) to help ward of emotions from other people while we are in a large group of people.

Now, these are of course the Wiccan meanings for the terms. There may be, in other religions, or other paths, different definitions for the same terms. I am just offering one possible suggestion.

Blessed Be

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