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The U.F.O. I saw that night!

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 10:03 PM
It was back in 1984. I was 13. It changed my life and thought process forever. No picture could remind me anymore than the everlasting memory imbeded in my head. Sound familiar anyone? I thought so. That is why most of us our here. It's group session for us all. We are all looking for the same answer. We want to know what we saw and what was happening that night or day. We have been addicted to it ever since. It will not go away, nor do we want it to If this does not describe you, and you are here anyway, we welcome you.

Sound familiar. Not to sound harsh, but the best example I have is to compare some people out there to some sort of "dealers." They know we want it, they know we need it. Some dealers use their own products themselves.

I've tried some of the "dealer's products out there. Some I liked, some made me feel terrible.

It's time some of these "dealers" stop with their predatory actions. It's all kind of like selling food supplements. They are not monitored by the F.D.A (Food and drug administration) therefore, they do not have to back their claims with anything.

Hey, but who am I? Maybe a nobody to some of you. A lot of you probably don't care who I am and what I stand for anyway. That's ok as well.
All I ask, is that when in the library, please don't label your fiction novels as nonfiction. Some of you would put a casino in a homeless shelter or in a breadline and not even care.

Producing a film and not even knowing what you are getting yourself into, and passing it of as real, would group you with the folks that I have stated above. Don't try to pass off the fact that you are sorry if it's all fake. Hey, if I am wrong, I will be the first to apologise.

I've made plenty of mistakes myself, plenty of mistakes on this forum myself, Just not large enought that I would have to apologise to the world as a whole! I know better. If you are reading this and feel as though I am talking about you, I probably am.

What I am looking for is this. We've invented better windows, better cars, better televisions, better toothbrushes. We are always looking for something better. To evolve. Unless we want to continue coming here and seeing another post about the prophet yahweh, ATS can evolve. This is our big swimming pool. Without the filter, it slowly will turn to pond water if we attempt to go at this in the same fashion.

I've never heard of anyone showing up for their own lynching. Maybe this one is the own.

Ya, I saw a UFO when I was 13. It was amazing! Witnessed by my family as well.

Most of you know what I am talking about and I would value your opinions and suggestions either being positive or negative.

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