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Nightmare Ex Mother in Law

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 08:29 PM
well, I dream I am an my ex Mother in laws house.
She asks me to move my car out of the driveway cos her car is behind it. So, I say, ok. But, I go upstairs to check on my Son and fall asleep. I wake up and remember that she is waiting for me to move my car. So, I rush downstairs and she is sitting in her car. I say sorry and move it.
I reverse the car and she of course moves her car out to go and do whatever she had to do, but this time I think I had better not park my car in the drive, I will park it out the front instead.

So while I am driving to find a suitable spot to park it, I get lost. I then am not in my car. I am in my pjamas walking through this park. I running looking for things I recognise so I can get back to the house.

But, this is where it gets nasty. I go into this public toilet. I think I went into three public toilets by mistake. It was as if I went in and then discovered it was a toilet. lol

anyway, there are people in there and so I rush back out a bit scared. The last toilet I go in, there is a woman there and she is weird. She has a doll in a bucket and she has a razor in her hand.

Like she was cutting this doll. I was walking behind her and she held the door out for me, but I was suss because I could see she was holding the razor as if she would cut me with it if I weren't looking.

Well, just as I get out of the toilet, she attacks me with this razor, cutting the # out of my hands. I start fighting back and she punches me in the stomach. I manage to get the razor off her but she is a nutter. People come rushing over and the I say, call the police. The police come and ask me for ID.

I don't have any. The only thing I have is this letter, it is closed and has a stamp on it as if I am ready to post it. I tell them what has happened and they take me to my Ex Mother in laws house.

I am so upset, crying.
Then I realise my car has been stolen and my cat Ruby was in the car...
I am really crying then worried about my cat.

Then I wake up.

urgh! what a horrible dream!

Any ideas?

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 08:53 PM
was ruby OK
please, dont leave us in suspense like that again

sorry, sarcasm mood off.

i keep having a dream that i move away from my ex but i cannot find my new home. no i do not want to stay with her but i cannot find my new home in my dreams, i wake-up screaming some and in a cold sweat........ same dream over and over, dammit...

your mind can play horrible tricks on you at night times.
you are thinking of your in-laws and your cat (more important) and they are playing on your mind.

keep ruby safe and your dreams will probabally settle down.
happy xmas

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 10:06 PM
My interpretation of your dream could be that Ruby the cat needs to sharpen her claws on a new scratching post instead of your hands (like the little girl with the sharp razor) because Ruby is 'pissed' (like your toilet scene -- get it?). I suppose the other people are there to help you -- ex Mother-in-law, the by-standers and the police. I would try to figure out what immediate past events may have occurred prior to your dream. I am curious, however, about that unopened letter. That could be an important clue to this dream.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 11:30 PM
hmm the letter does make me wonder.

I am thinking of moving to Melbourne so I can be closer to my Son.
He lives with his Dad and Nanna.

Issue is, he doesn't want me to move there cos he loves the Beach and likes the holiday times. My Daughter wants to stay where we are and me, well, what I want doesn't matter.

so, perhaps this is me worried about moving over there. It would be a big thing cos I would have to take my cats etc...


posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 01:05 AM
Here is the thing -- IMO only: I can see that your cat is important and that you already live with your Daughter. BUT your Son was asleep in your dream. So based on this piece of data, you are better off not moving to Melbourne. What is most vital in this decision-making process is what YOU want. I believe your last paragraph is an answer to your issue at hand. (Wow! I've not done this sort of interpretive discussion in this manner. This would be my first and hope it helps.)

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