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UFO South Florida 5 p.m. 12/20/07

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 11:44 AM

Originally posted by communicator
It looks familiar...
maybe a cigar UFO

You almost got me on that one.

I almost gave up on the triangle craft.
(The Tesla Triangle craft .... seen in Belgium)

Its two triangles side by side, ats has seen this before.
(See the CYRAX series of posts.. before the Sydney bridge post.)

The lower one is operation properly and you see a bright line of lightning
or plasma. The other one is a bit out of sync and hanging on the a hover.

As seen by a not so even line of bright electrical light.

UFO studies courtesy of Mr. Lyne, some of us thank you.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 02:41 PM
omg it has begun the reptilian invasion omg run for your lives there here!!!!
where is jesus the reptoid slayer when u need him

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by birchtree

g-man ?------funny------i spent most of my time around soldiers training to kill enemy combatents----they asked me 1 day---in a hardware store if i wanted one of their credit cards --i said sure---then they start asking me questions----what do you do for a living?----answer---i kill people !needless to say they lost interest in asking too many more questions.and some wonder why i turned religious !

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 10:45 PM
I spend quite a bit of time watching planes come in to Midway(Chicago). I live under the holding pattern SE of Chicago. Close to the Indiana border. I've also watched planes take off and land at Lansing Municipal Airport. I believe it is either a CRJ-700 or 900. Quite possibly a MD-80 or Embraer 200. 30K-40K would be about right. Where did it come? We don't seem to have answer here. Check this site for flight tracking. . I will post some pics I took a couple of months ago. I have submitted a report to MUFON and am currently awaiting an interview.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 11:04 PM
I live in the West Palm Beach area quite close to an airport, and I have seen many an aircraft that seemed rather suspect till it came closer. I have convinced myself time and time again that I was looking at an actual UFO, but after waiting several moments it has always proved to be nothing more than a normal civilian aircraft, which is what I believe we are looking at in these photos.

As far as flames shooting out? More than likely the kiddy winkies imaginations running wild. When I lived about fifty miles north of here I would see some flaming objects heading up into the atmosphere every couple years or so, and each time it turned out to be nothing more than a scheduled satelite launch up at the Kennedy Space Station.

Either way, interesting pictures, but more than likely absolutely nothing.

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