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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 02:39 PM
this is more of a question
why is it on ATSN these days when people post news
most people dont even put in their input on the news they submit?

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by bodrul

I chalk it up to 'rookie error' and conformity (social psychology). A lot of newbies start posting non-alternative news on ATS, then other people start doing it, too (because everyone is doing it). Maybe vice-versa. Hard to say.

The mods might be slacking a bit as well. Simply bumping this thread is clearly not having much of an effect.

[edit on 17-12-2007 by Beachcoma]

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 03:33 PM
I started a thread on this topic a little while ago, you might find some of the replies of interest as a couple Mods posted.

The title of my thread is:
Breaking News Forums Should Be Dumped Or Moderated Better

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by anxietydisorder

just read it

looks like its fallen on deaf ears though,

i mean people still post in the wrong sections
and people still dont post anything of their own just a snipit and thats it

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by bodrul

most people dont even put in their input on the news they submit?

I've also noticed this, I've even seen some where all the reply says is something like:

"Sounds interesting!"

If I remember right, there used to be a minimum amount of characters you had to use in a submission to "Breaking News", but they had to do away with it I believe for some "legal" reasons.

It would be better if there was a minimum character requirement though.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 06:14 PM
As Beach' said, 'rookie error' has alot to do with it.

I mean when we're getting 30 or 40 new members/day.
That's a lot of rookies to train.

I think repeat offenses are rare, once the poster is informed of the problem.
(either by a note in the post or by u2u).

Everybody is new at one time, mate.
I can say from experience , this place can be a little intimidating, when you walk
through the door. There's a lot to learn.

Unfortunately, some are not conscientious enough to learn the system
(even thought the guidelines are posted in every thread composition window),
before diving in head first.

Also, many times the membership picks up the OP's slack, by posting
relatively quickly, and making a decent thread out of it.

What would you have us do, in this case?
Not really fair to trash others replies just because the OP contributed little more than a link.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by Jbird

why not do it so people cant post there untill they have certain amount of posts or have read an agreement before making a new topic for the first time there?

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by bodrul

I'm not sure penalizing the group for a few bad apples, is the way to go.

It seems the majority of members are responsible or conscientious enough to start acceptable threads first time out.

And Everyone is already supposed to read the T&C's before posting, or starting threads.

Plus, as I mentioned, the Guidelines are immediately above the composition box.

So it's kind of a "you can lead a horse to water..." scenario.

So it's an ongoing battle.

But suggestions, are welcomed.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 01:23 PM
One thing that might help is not being able to link to You Tube for an opening post. That is NOT a news source, as far as I can understand the word. It might even be worthwhile to make it so that You Tube couldn't be linked in the first page.

Just an idea, and a mini-pet peeve.

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