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Fate? Intelligant Design? So Lucky I should buy a Lotto ticket?

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 01:36 PM
O.K. First up, if this is in the wrong forum, apologies.

Now, What i am going to do here is probably pretty random, if it has been done before, then apologies again. If it hasn't, then what I am after, is opinions, similar experiences, you'll get the idea as we go along.

Now, before i lay myself bare and ripe for plucking, a few quick words. Everything I write here is the truth. This is my life. As it has happened, in all it's bizarre randomness.

1) 1970 My grandfather dies at 48. he was a teacher of English in papua New guinea and the day he died, an ordained priest. He had a heart attack in the garden and walked inside, called his fellow priests FIRST, THEN the hospital. he was found 20 mins later, laying on his bed, eyes closed and arms folded dead.

2) I am conceived in the back of a Valiant. ( all class here! ) Dad is English and does a runner.

3) Mum is also adopted. Her dad grabs her and her 2 brothers ( also all adopted ) and runs off North to Queensland to start again.

4 ) 1975 : I am adopted out. Mum Was going to name me Christopher hugh. Chirstopher after the patron Saint of Travellers and Hugh after her brother the priest.

5) My new mum and Dad name me Brett Anthony. Brett, meaning from brittain ( unbenownst Dad was from England ) and Anthony after the Patron Saint of Lost and Found. ( adopted = lost in a fashion )

6) Dad ( the one I grew up with and from here on in MUM and DAD are the ones that raised me ) is in the Royal Australian Air Force. ( Christopher, Patron Saint of Travellers remember? ) and move to Malaysia.

7) I am one of 10 white kids at school. Everyone else is Asian. I still remember it. However, they are mostly Islamic.

8) We move back to OZ. How bizare, everyone is white! ( I am about 6! ) I, now I must repeat that I, CHOOSE , to go to Church. mum and Dad are FAR from religious. I choose Roman Catholisism.

9) from the time I could read to about 10 I fall asleep everynight reading the Bible. and am a shocking kid, even try to burn the house down at age 7!

9a) Before every move, I dream of the house we move to. I say nothing.

10) develop a fascination with everything mythological and historical in regards to the Celts and the Vikings. I simply cannot absorb enough info.
Noone else in family has ANY such interest.

10) A mixed up adolesence. 1 on again off again girl, lots of naughty things happen culminating in me going to court. Very naughty young man.

11) another move and a new me. actually get engaged. Oddly, at 20, still cannot stomach Australian Beer. Love spirits, especially whisky, but not beer.

12) Get taken to my first irish bar. find guinness. and Kilkenny .

13) Can't watch ANYTHING on Television with ireland in it. Even things that i do not KNOW or am TOLD is Ireland until the end, still reduce me to tears. It is uncontrollable. I cannot stop it.

14) Get Shamrock and art from book of Kells tattood upon body.

15) Meet Birth mum. She informs me, she has found HER parents
( grandfather at start ) and he was irish, Grandma is irish/Scottish. the one thing Grandpa wanted to do is go to Ireland. Grand ma is from Abroath. No idea where it is. Reslove to go to ireland one day.

16) get divorced. Messy.

16 a) find out Grandpa got married at 24, divorced at 25 and at 26 met a younger girl who was 19. She got preggers and the family ( all roman catholics ) hid her away as was the way back then. the kid ( birth mother ) is adopted out and the matter forgotten. Grandpa dissappears to papua New guinea

16 b) I realize i was married at 24, divorced at 25, and at 26 the new girl is 19. I break it off that day ( no kids! ) and decide to get Visa and Move to Scotland. ( too bloody afraid to go to ireland ). Randomly have 3 dreams.

17) after 3 years the x wife turns up unnanounced with the $$$ for me to get a visa. I tell a mate to get us tix to london. He comes back with Sept 11 2004. 2 days before hand bombs go off in Jakarta. We go anyway !

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 01:41 PM
17) a mate i make is in his 40's. Invites me up to his house for a holiday, I go, have fun, relax until he takesme to a wee little fishing village. Its name, Abroath. ( grandma remember? )

18) I leave and come back home to Oz. All is well in the world.

19) Get fortune told as a laugh . She looks at me and not only tells me i have been overseas but where and then tells me to be ready as an ex is about to turn up.

20. ) The other day receive 3 random emails. 1 from an ex ( the 19 yr old though now 25 ) and 1 from an ex in Canada 9 we were together in scotland ) and 1 from the on again off again girl from high school. She is now in Ireland.

Now I have layed myself bare. Now, Is this all bloody coincidance or is there something bloody larger happening???????????????

Anyone else have similar things going on in their lives??????


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