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The Pascagoula Abduction Incident-Update

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:37 PM
Hi everyone. I just got back from eating out with my family; which also included my 73 year old grandma who is visiting from Gulfport, MS. On the way back I was thinking about the Pascagoula abduction case involving the two men Parker and Hickson. Right after I thought about that case I turned to my grandma in the back seat and asked her if she ever saw any u.f.o.'s around where she lived.

Without skipping a beat she told me that she had indeed saw a u.f.o. on a highway outside of town. She said she looked in her rear view mirror and noticed a brightly lit "football" shaped object following a ways back. She didn't give too many more details about the incident. I then asked her if she remembers two guys ever being on t.v. that claimed to be abducted. She said "oh yes, i remember that". I asked her what were her thoughts were upon seeing the t.v. clip and she told me that she believed them wholeheartedly, making the statement " why would those two men want to make something like that up?"

Something strange happened after she finished. She stared straight ahead and said " this will all be coming out soon, the govt can only keep this secret for so long." She said that she prayed for it to become public knowledge. If you knew my grandmother , this would be highly strange for her to say something like this. This lady is very religious, goes square dancing , etc.

I asked her if she minded me taping her when I come up to see her at my moms for an early Christmas next weekend. She said not at all. I find it credible that she described the u.f.o. she witnessed as "football" shaped. If i remember correctly, the two men described the u.f.o. as "egg shaped" which would make sense to me re: how my grandma described the event.

To go a step further.. My grandma has had nasty reoccurring bouts with cancer the last 25 years or so. Recently, she had to get part of her face removed due to cancer going down to her cheek bone.I wonder if the other two men have had any cancer problems? I know it's a long shot, but its worth a note.

So, when I go to see my grandma next weekend I am going to bring my camera and do an interview. I will be putting it up for you guys soon after. If anyone has any comments or questions, let me know in this thread.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:55 PM
Your grandma sounds cool. I have been meaning to talk to my grandma, too. She's very spiritual and has lived up in the Colorado mountainsfor like 20 years. She got my mom into reading about aliens and UFOs a long time ago. She probably has some very interesting stories to tell.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:28 AM
This is one of my favorite cases - and I'm not an "abduction" guy. I deal mostly in the UFO sighting area. But the one thing I hate so much and what tends to make me not believe in abductions is that all the people describe the aliens the same way. I know that for some this makes it more realistic but for me it makes it more likely that they're just repeating what they saw on TV (or saw in a picture). When these guys describe what they saw, it truly feels alien. It feels difficult to make up - especially for someone who, at least, TALKS like he hasn't had much education. One leg. No real facial features. There are top screenwriters in Hollywood who couldn't think of something that original or that "different". Even today after the millions of incarnations of aliens we've seen in movies. This was back in the 70s where pretty much the conventional wisdom on aliens was that they all looked like the *Greys*.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 11:24 AM
Never heard of this incident. Sounds interesting though. I saw something on UFO files about 2 women and a child driving home in Texas one night when a UFO was over the street they were driving home on. They said it was having trouble staying afloat and kept sinkig down to the earth. It landed on the road in front of them and when it tried to take off it radiated the entire area around them. They tried to get back into their car but they said the heat was so intense it started melting parts of their car and the door handles were too hot to touch. They all screamed and the UFO got off the ground and started away and was promptly followed by 6-12 helicopters I think they said. They got in their car after it cooled and went home. They couldn't sleep and all became incredibly ill that night. They went to the hospital and were all diagnosed with suffering from extreme radiation. Their hair fell out and cancer spread etc. The government threatened them then offered to buy their car from them that had radiation burns all over it. Then that stretch of road was completely replaced and all the trees and bushes were destroyed and replaced with new growth.

Anywho, sorry for that long story but your story of cancer made me think about that. To me it seems most likely that the Air Force was experimenting with new technology some highly radioactive thrusters and were not at all safe and when people were irradiated from it they denied any involvement but continued to offer money for their car? Also denied any help in hospital care.

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