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My theory on BB, reality, context and everything.

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:16 AM
This is just my own theory I have been cooking up for a while now and I felt inspired to finally post this rough version of it by the increase in threads on the BB and other related discussions.

Really, the question aroused by discussion on the big bang, reality, the universe and everything is; what came first? The BB seems to have created everything from a massive dense point of energy, or a collapsing black hole from another universe or whatever. The BB then brings the question of how did the first point of energy or that other universe come into existence in the first place. Now we’re back to the question what came first? Then superstring tries to step in and says everything is formed from a string vibrating through 11 dimensions creating everything, then I ask, how does this string exist and these 11 dimensions? Everything seems to lead back to a question of what comes first.

Some say that the big bang happened from nothingness, but really does this make sense. Nothingness is nothing, no mass, no energy, no space, no nothing. True nothingness can't not exist; it is a fiction conceived by us humans or is it? I will come back to this, but for how I will move on.

The thing we have to ask first about what existed first is how do things exist? My answers for this came from Einstein’s relativity and the idea of context introduced to me from the book known as GEB. Anyone interested in existence should read GEB, I have only read the first 3 pages so far, but it was enough for me to get a new look on relativity and reality.

I think that everything exists by these two mechanics, relativity and context.

Relativity is the definition of a property of any sort simply by being compared to something else and varying by any form. One is one, so if you have a one and another one, what do you call it? We call it two, but what is two, a one and a one. There is no two; two only exists by having a one relative to another one. Another example of relativity is in trigonometry, you have two side lengths on a triangle, and this unavoidably creates the length of the third side. Thus, you can see relativities’ importance in existence; it creates absolute values from something not absolute or creates another absolute value from others. (Note that value can also be memory or information)

Next is context. Context is important, how can a bunch of ink on a paper be the life long story of Harry Potter? All these lines made of ink in this so called Harry Potter novel means absolutely nothing to some bushman in the Kalahari Desert, but to use English reading people it is an entire story. How ink on a paper can become a story is context. Context can turn pretty much nothingness in to the most elaborate anything. Lining up rocks in certain way could mean the entire world in the right context. Context is universally important to storing vast amounts of information in almost anything. Some think that the universe is the ultimate quantum computer and we are literally living in the matrix. Context is important here, the gibberish and seemingly random contents of the universe becomes our reality when applied with the context of our perception. Now this leads to the question, does life, does conciseness have a factor in creating reality and the universe? I think it does, but I will leave that for another time, it is just a piece of a giant puzzle that I want you to consider for now. Moving on we go to how I thing this all works together.

How do I think this all works together? Do you know of those puzzles from those toy vending machines in the mall, those little balls made up of flat curved peanut shapes, which you try to put together to make a ball. The trick to that puzzle is to put all the pieces together at once and then it holds its form as a ball. I think our universe works in a similar way, a bunch of pieces holding each other together creating all that is the universe; These pieces being, the laws of physics, energy, space, life and consciousness and everything, making this one giant ball, but this leads back to the same question how do these things come into existence? I think... from nothingness.

Yes, I said it, from nothingness. Now how can this be? Well, here I go, the real meat and potatoes of my idea. I think the string theory was on the right track, a single elementary part or parts that build up on each other through relativity and context to make up everything, but what are these basic parts? Nothingness or at least nothingness at the start. Here we go, to the beginning.

What is the most basic thing that can possible exist? The first thing to consider is nothingness. Nothingness has no complexity, matter, parts, pieces, particles, space and all that stuff that is complicated to exist. Nothingness is in the truest form, nothing, but what is the simple property of nothing, it is nothing, it does not exist. Now we can conclude that if nothingness is indeed the first thing to exist, is that something exists or something exists 2nd because of nothingness existing, or not existing that is. But what is this first something?

Now we have established that ultimately a first something exists, but what is it? I first thought one dimension. Like the dimensions in shapes, one is a line, two is like a box or whatever, 3d like in video games, 4 is space-time and what not, we all know what dimensions are. So I proposed to myself that maybe the first something to exist is one dimension. From one dimension, you can easily create more through context up to say 11 like in superstring. So, if one dimension exists that is all we need to let a revised version of superstring to fly, but I realized a problem. Within one dimension, you have a value system or memory. Value system defined though context and relativity like numbers or whatever, a one on the one dimensional line and so one, but the problem is, how are these values stored, and what are the properties of one dimension only existing in relationship to its self and nothing. The one dimension or line needs I guess you could say substance and property, but what would a line outside of human context on paper be? Or is there a smaller part before a line? I then though well, what is the step down from a line, a finite point.

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:17 AM
But how can a finite point exist, a one dimensional line with no value, a collapsed one point, the smallest existence of one dimension. Since this point not having any value to store, or is a line without any value stored on it, is so similar to that of true nothingness, I felt it was the proper candidate for be the first form of something, so I stuck with it and latter concocted this idea.

Thinking back to vectors and pixels in Photoshop, I realized how a finite point could exist. A self definable finite point can only exist at the center of a circle, so now we have it a circle and finite point, but now you ask, isn’t a circle a 2 dimensional shape, what happened to the one dimensional line? Yes, a circle is a 2d shape on paper and a line is a 1d shape, but in reality in the universe, a line is a 2d shape and a circle is one. How you say? A line existing is 2d because it has points (values) and a direction created from one point to another, it has 2 properties for any value, the point and then the direction, a straight line going off into infinite taught to us in mathematics is actually 2d in reality. A circle is one because in the loop there is no way to tell direction, each point only exists relative to the point on the opposite end of the circle, there is no way to tell direction from mirroring points from the points perspective. Yes to us looking at a paper with a circle drawing we can see a direction between the points, but you have to remember this is by how the points “see” each other, think like a point on a circle that is the only existence, there is no direction to your defining partner point on the other end, thus a circle is 1d at elementary reality and a line is 2d.
I know if you can’t picture this in your head, this would not make any sense to you, but to me and hopefully anyone else who can picture this in your head you can see what I mean.

Now we have a circle, the most elementary something. From a circle you can create a triangle by 3 points, or 2 points that is through relativity, creating line or a 2d shape and there we can build up, from a simple finite point in the center.

So, what do we end up with? A logic that nothingness leads to a circle and a finite point creating a codex if you will, for context created through relativity between any 2 points on a circle. What is this codex? This codex is the most basic codex to all of reality and the universe. This is by no means a complete theory just a part or a stepping stone I see to that of a true theory that explains everything.

Now, do you want to know what scares me? Draw this codex out and what do you get? Draw the circle and put a triangle in it connecting the points to the line of the circle, and consider the finite point in the middle. You get the all Seeing Eye, kind of like the one on the American dollar.

It’s funny, a month ago; a guy sat down beside me and told me what the secret to the universe was. He asked me, do you know why the triangle is revered so much in voodoo? We talked for an hour about this triangle and what it means for humanity, but that is a topic for another thread and another time.

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