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The Interstellar Case Files: by Jose Escamilla

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:12 PM
Gridkeeper's last post was on 12/15/2007 @ 9:25AM

Remember that it is the Holiday Season and a weekend. Gridkeeper and or John Lenard Walson could easily be hanging out with family or friends and not even be paying attention to what is going on in internet land.

I Hope Gridkeeper and or John Lenard Walson will come out and play but we must be patient and wait.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by housegroove23
Gridkeeper's last post was on 12/15/2007 @ 9:25AM

Remember that it is the Holiday Season and a weekend. Gridkeeper and or John Lenard Walson could easily be hanging out with family or friends and not even be paying attention to what is going on in internet land.

I Hope Gridkeeper and or John Lenard Walson will come out and play but we must be patient and wait.

According to paul76, he's been on today, but quickly got off. It's been within the last hour I believe.

Him and John, it does look like they might be the same person you never know though, have had plenty of time to post in this thread.

Even if he signed on to simply check to see if he had any U2U's, I'm pretty sure he's got more than a few messages letting him know about this thread. He has to know about this thread by now.

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:16 PM
I noticed Gr*dk**p*r has posted a new video on Y**T*b*,so I asked:


Here's his response..


I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for these people to come here and debate you,Jose.I think its pretty clear they have no intention of clearing their tarnished reputation..certainly looks like you got stung along with us ufonut peasants.In fact,well done for coming here and attempting to clear up this mystery.

If you have claims on the W*ls*n footage,I think you should complain to Y*uT*be about copyright infringement and destroy Gr*dk**p*rs fraudulent output.Ufology needs another hoaxer like another hole in the head.

*Snotty comment directed at staff removed*

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:21 PM

Terms And Conditions Of Use

1d.) Cross-Posting: You will not cross-post content from other discussion boards (unless you receive advance permission from The Above Network, LLC). You will not post-by-proxy the material of banned members or other individuals who are not members, but have written a response to content within a thread on these forums.

Act accordingly.

We will.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:26 PM
I'd like to clear up my personal stance on what we're being shown. I can no way conclusively prove that this is indeed a hoax. However, I do have a very plausible explanation that can either be a genuine mistake on their part (misinterpreting the data) or benevolent in nature (purposely presenting false information as proof). However, I'm absolutely sure that in dealing with gridkeeper I was unable to ever get straight answers. I believe he told me once that the coordinates were available to anyone but after following up on that I was unable to acquire them.

Not to mention, the coordinates would in actuality be absolutely worthless without the device they're using. I find it extremely far fetched that (if the coordinates were sufficient) there wouldn't be a single other person out there who'd have had something like this appear for them. Tracking it is another thing.

Mike, if there are secret satellites (there are) in Earth orbit you can bet an amateur astronomer somewhere around the globe has accidentally had it cross his field of view. He/she may not know what it was at the time but this happens often. There's just so much jjunk up in our low Earth orbit which can potentially be disguised through distortion as something very alien in nature.

For example, if I had no context for this object, even this close up I wouldn't know what to think!

Jose, I hope that in the future you make sure who you're dealing with. I think that if you'd allow for this phenomena to spread any further, you'd potentially cause not just a great deal of damage to your own record, but, to the whole field. So, thank you for doing this... Although, I highly doubt you'll get any results.



posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:48 PM
Thanks for the update OpLan

That was quite an interesting response. I think that it is pretty obvious by now that Jose Escamilla does not have a beef with Gridkeeper, but just simply wants to talk to him to get some things cleared up.

Now I may not know the whole story but, at first I was thinking that Gridkeeper was just one of us and did not have any involvement in any of this. However, his response along with his refusing to come here and be involved in a simple conversation has changed my mind about him. Makes me think that he really does have an agenda of some sort.

Im sorry but it just shocks me how some people can be so blatantly ignorant and stubborn for no reason at all.

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:49 PM
Hi Jose,

I purchased your Interstellar movie and passed a couple of emails with you once asking you about the apparatus so we can see these objects.

You did reply that you were working on a patent of this device so amateur astronomers like myself could afford so we can see the objects for ourselves.

So, I believe what Jose is saying is true.

Thank you for coming out and challenging GridKeeper and John Lenard Walson to share what they learned so we all can see for ourselves.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:52 PM
Question for Jose:

When you first talked with John, did you ever hear of a Gridkeeper or did he come into the picture after John broke the contract? I'm asking because Gridkeeper pushes the F.A.S.T. videos like he's been involved from the beginning.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by nightmare_david

Credits on F.A.S.T. videos in case anyone missed this...

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 03:36 PM

I noticed you were on just now and would like to know your thoughts on the pics from my post. I have followed your work here on ATS and have mucho respect for your abilities.


posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by housegroove23
Gridkeeper's last post was on 12/15/2007 @ 9:25AM

Remember that it is the Holiday Season and a weekend. Gridkeeper and or John Lenard Walson could easily be hanging out with family or friends and not even be paying attention to what is going on in internet land.

I Hope Gridkeeper and or John Lenard Walson will come out and play but we must be patient and wait.

Gridkeeper has been on ATS today I saw he was online with my own eyes. At the time of my post he was online, I then reedited to say he'd logged off without posting. He knows about these threads but the simple fact is he no answers for the questions.

He's a hoax, he's a fraud.

He hasn't even got the balls to come on ATS and face Jose.

Gridkeeper you are here found out to be a gutless hoax.

Case closed

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 04:23 PM
A bit of news from Gridkeeper... This was posted in the other thread

I posted it here because of what was said... I find it very revealing actually
(See part two....)

Originally posted by Gridkeeper
The ISS looks like that because it was filmed using John's technique, the same one used to film the star objects. When not using this technique many of the objects are just points of light.

AH!!! Revelation!!!

Okay a couple things here...

Why will you not come and participate in the thread where Jose issued the challenge? Whats to be afraid of? I realize he does not bring the 'debate' here either but lets get this in one thread... I don't have time to hop to so many threads...

You personally know I have an interest in this proving to have merit....

I have shown an image of the shuttle taken by someone with very good equipment... and we could easily verify your claims thus lend support...

You also know we are not in it for the money so there is no 'ripping you off' factor...

The images are of great interest to be sure... but they are as has been pointed out useless without backup...

Here you have a great opportunity to meet Jose's challenge and show the conviction of your presentation... why do you hesitate?

Here is the ISS image I was referring to... give us something to work with and we can have this fellow 'have a go'

When not using this technique many of the objects are just points of light.

That is a VERY interesting statement.... Here is a video created by a member of Pegasus... Jack Arneson... Subject The Star Arcturus... Scope 8" Schmidt/Cassegrain

This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen... it looks like trailing plasma...

Edit to add...
Weird embedded says link gone but not regular link

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:16 PM

If you had posted Jack's vid
as a UFO sighting, you'd have
all the pro alien tech, anti
human ingenuity people scre-
aming for vengeance.

Great vid, nonetheless.

I'm still thinking I had this
whole fiasco pegged from
page one.

Call me crazy....


posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by Lexion

Ok i will be the first to say it your crazy.

Well while im posting i decided to place a few message's on Y*UTU*E for Gridkeeper.

Not too hopefull but let's see what he say's.


posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:47 PM
The Rise and Fall of Interstellar

Dear Mr. Jose Escamilla.

When I introduced the Interstellar film subject here on ATS on June 2007
I made a comment saying: " I wonder what Jose is getting into." By now
you know Jose what you got into.

Some days later someone posted a thread who introduced John Lenard
Walson for the first time to ATS. Under the title Alleged spacecraft/objects
on moon the thread posted several images from the space com website
taken by a guy named John Lenard Walson.

The thread got interest and a member stale cracker decided to contact
this John Lenard for an interview. John Lenard finally responded to stale
cracker via his pérsonal email and sent a message. Everything looked

However as questions began rising from the members John Lenard
seemed irritated for some reason. The he changed his mood and sent
a " warning "message to the ATS members via stale cracker. This
sudden change took by surprise the members. Read complete here.

This disconcerting message from John Lenard was in fact a direct
acussation to the ATS members for allegedly trying to hack his email
account, IP address etc. wich was nonsense with no grounds and
difamatory to the board. There was a certain paranoid tone in Lenard's
words that along with his serious accusations should be enough to define
the real personality and psychological profile of this individual. At the
same time paradogically the space com moderator board banned John
Lenard from the website and erased his messages posted in the forum.
It's clear they discovered there was a hoax in process by Mr. Lenard.
This affair also discussed in this same thread.

Mr. Escamilla, we both know John Lenard Walson is a fake name invented
by the same guy who created all these images and videos. He is not living
in Santa Monica, California but in the UK and that's a fact.
Now, where does this John Lenard came from ? Some things you should
know. Before John Lenard Walson was born there were several mutations
from the same guy in the UK who used random fake names through
several years. Under the Jay Spencer mutation he decided to post some
of his images at the space com website using a new name. That's how
John Lenard Walson was born. Then he decided to expand his operation
and contacted The Rod Man that is you Mr. Escamilla. Sent you some
images and after several emails exchanged John Lenard seduced you
with his stuff and your "romance" began. The Intestellar project was in
conception. Shortly after, John Lenard Walson had a new mutation:
Gridkeeper. This time Lenard was living a dual personality at the same
time as John and gridkeeper. Despite the fact that John Lenard denied all
the time any association with the gridkeeper by emails and phone
conversations saying even and I quote: " The gridkeeper is a very sick
man, don't worry about him. I told him to shut up. " This was just part of
his strategy as later was confirmed. At that time everything was peace
and love among you three Mr. Escamilla and the Interstellar film was
already on the making. But the time bomb was about to explode.

When the right time came John Lenard Walson executed his premeditated
plan and demanded that exagerated amount of money from you for his
colaborations and materials, exactly the same day of the film's release.
However he agreed to wait one more week after you requested time.
But John Lenard was demanding an immediate payment of One Million
Dollars or a Five Million Pounds share wich was not even remotely in the
agreement. That's when the bomb exploded. John Lenard's real intentions
according to his plan was to get a lot of money in cash before presenting
the " magic apparatus " and of course before presenting himself in person
revealing who he really was. Once with the money he would dissapear
forever like those stories from the old Unsolved Mysteries tv show.
After all John Lenard Walson doesn't exist.

Once the Interstellar society broke apart John Lenard moved forward via
gridkeeper invading public forums and video websites posting his alleged
videos as a way of spamming trying to find a new producer or tv network
interested in his stories. At this time the dual concept John Lenard /
gridkeeper became the most controversial characters in public forums
resulting in being banned from most of them. Now John Lenard seduced
Jeff Rense who is naive enough to think he got a world's exclusive story.
They both are dancing the Dance of Fools, but don't bother, it's irrelevant.
The John Lenard Walson story was born here and is dying here in ATS.

Therefore Mr. Jose Escamilla by now I'm sure you realized you made
a big mistake getting involved with this excentric character with multiple
personalities and a long dark historial. This John Lenard Walson certainly
tried to deceive you at high scale ala Ray Santilly for big money and that's
very regrettable. My best advice to you is to move forward with your life
and projects. Remove your Interstellar film from your website before is
too late, it's a hoax. I know you are trying to protect your investment but
this is a lost case. Save your strenght and energy for new projects and
leave this awful episode behind for good. For what is worth, thank you for
becoming a member in ATS and making the challenge. It seems we finally
got rid of gridkeeper a.k.a. John Lenard Walson. Regards.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by Donoso

I am in the middle of a video shoot and it may wind up longer than I anticipated. I checked the listings and before I go, I must address some very good points brought up by Donoso. I will try and make this quick, we're on a tight schedule and I gotta go soon.

When I first entered into this project I consulted with a very good friend of mine who had been researching this case since 2003. When I asked my friend about Lenard, he verified to me that this stuff was real, but that Lenard was kind of mysterious in that he had all this military, alien connection, complete with harassment by choppers and being looked for, chased and all that. (I'll mention his name only if it's okay with him and the moderators).

I knew in order to get Lenard to come forth with the apparatus where I could verify the instrument / device and see it work with my own eyes, I would have to contract with Lenard, and bring him to the states or I would fly there to see him do his thing.

I needed to go out and get the funding to get him his scope and cam and for expenses of either bringing him here or me going there. Oh yes, there was also the thing about his wife (Allison) dying of brain cancer, so if he was to ever come here, I would need to rent a house for her complete with nurse to care for her while he's here in the states doing this project. I even spoke with her and Saskia and I felt so sorry for them. We had no reason to suspect they were pulling anything on us and wanted to help them all we could. I guess we bought it lock stock and barrel.

I know it's sounding ridiculous, but I am a maverick and I want to find things out, even if it takes having to go around the ranch in order to get to the finish line and believe me in dealing with some people in this field of research it can be as difficult as dealing with Rock Stars and all their quirks. You need to realize, I'm having to "deal" with it as best as I can to get there. I cannot dismiss it until I am absolutely convinced. Just like with the Rods. So before I got to the finish line, Lenard goes on this disappearing act and starts hitting me with all these accusations in all public forums.

Until I am convinced it's business as usual with me. I still have his share available, but he will have to earn it, and deliver what he promised contractually. I delivered and have kept delivering and in fact may very well have an option for him, (even after all this commotion), but he has to come here on this thread and work it all out. Not so much with me, I can handle the business end between us privately, but with ATS and all the other forums where this matter has been splashed.

It's just time for this to have surfaced to have been addressed that's all. Okay, lunch break is over they just told me we gotta split. Be back much later. I really hope this all ends well. I really never liked all that's transpired.

Sincerely - Jose Escamilla

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:55 PM
Originally posted by free_spirit

It seems we finally
got rid of gridkeeper a.k.a. John Lenard Walson. Regards.

Wow. Just wow.

If all of the above is true...



posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

Thanks for all of this information, I find it interesting.I'm replying to you because I was under the impression that JLW was from the U.S.I was also under the impression that the "black helicopters" harassing John were filmed by him.This is in regards to the rense "exclusive".
Well, I found this which is reportedly filmed by Gridkeeper.His location is listed as the U.K.This video is the subject of a reptilian siting and says nothing about a person being harassed.
Is this indeed the same footage from the rense article?It sure looks like it to me.I smell smoke, and where's there's smoke there must be mirrors.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 06:33 PM
I do realise that in order for proof or conclusive evidence to be produced for all to see requires jumping through many hoops and imaginably a long and drawn out process, but i'm seriously perplexed about the way this thread started.

I am here to keep up to date on UFO news and information that may finally shed light on a subject that has fascinated me since i can remember, if this subject didn't exist i would be helpless. It's a passion that won't go away.

So you see, when you are presented with "Evidence" that we are seeing here i look for two things.

1. How credible is the image or footage that i'm looking at?, what am i actually SEEING?

2. The EVIDENCE to back it up. I want to SEE it, touch it and finally understand.

What i am seeing here looks amazing, but just like the images being cloudy, the release of disclosure is equally so because there is money to be made here.


I have never come across you before and i welcome you here to the marvel that is ATS. We are not stupid here and if we want to explore your work we can google your name and see your DVD's.

I'm not here to shop.

If i was working with somebody who had irrefutable evidence that Spacecraft was orbiting this earth, or if indeed i was that person filming it, the matter of laying it on dvd and selling it would be secondary because i would walk from the shadows and put it in the peoples hands for them to actually see it.

If you were looking for the money your notoriety alone would make you the most recognisable person on the planet.

Since this thread is a Q & A i wondered if i could just ask you this.. Did you come here to disclose proof of the subject matter or did you come here to raise peoples awareness of who you are? I started reading the threads and really felt for your plight but your little sponsorship plug smelled rank.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 07:15 PM
Problem with this type of thread (call out) is that if the recipitant doesn't reply then the whole thing becomes fogged by the opinions questions, accusations of the rest of the forum members. Pretty common occurrence in larger threads. Especially ones that are started by important inter~web movie making types

these arguments are generally worked out over E-mail as really there are only two parties involved.
It's been long enough and although there is a certain entertainment and anticipation in this sort of forum phenomenon, I think that that is the only way this will be resolved. Remember that it takes two to Tango

Good to see you've started a new thread Josey
Means you'll stick around and I think I shall too

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