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The ATS Alliance of Theologies! All Are Welcome..

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 07:19 AM
The Protocols of the Elders of AboveTopSecret

Hear Ye' .. Hear Ye' ..

*gets hit in the head with a tomato*

Alright, so, I have the grandest of heretical ideas yet! Lets have a formal alliance of the theologies! Or in layman terms, an alliance of the religions, with even Atheism accepted if its' representatives are sincere. Not to single it out as a bad thing, but to show the level of acceptance here in this idea.

So the way it would go, all the major representatives of each religion here on ATS that find themselves talking/debating/discussing amongst each other frequently throughout various forums and topics, and even sometimes finding themselves agreeing on alot of things, would officially pledge in this thread to refrain from actively insulting/attacking/ridiculing or questioning the others' religion in a derogatory manner. Whew, that was a long sentence. Lets chop that down ..

.. it would be an agreement to not talk crap to each other. and beyond that, to not attack the theology behind each others' religions, be it Paganism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Daoist, whatever. And those who read alot of my stuff know I can be quite critical of Islam down to its' core, so this would be a task for myself as well, not an easy one. But, I can be devoted to respecting everyone at a higher level if everyone else who pledges to do so also shows the respect. Some of you might be asking, "Okay, but what is the point of this other than to be a care-bear?" And the answer is simple.

If we are not attacking each others' theology, religion and ritual, we will find ourselves discussing the common points shared by multiple theologies and/or religions. By allowing this common ground to solidify, not only would all feel completely comfortable to share anything positive they may wish without fear of being ridiculed and doubted, but we can all grow from learning from each other! The finer points of your theology and the finer points of my theology, now add 10 other people's theology and combine all of these finer points, and you have alot of spiritual growth going on across the spectrum. Spiritual growth and understanding on a whole new level.

I really feel like all of our faiths and theologies can grow and be refined if we can all pledge to respect each other and attempt to seek the positive common ground in whatever the discussion may be about, avoiding the negative, insulting, or critical statements that at the least will leave other members insecure about expressing themselves freely. Do we want to perpetuate a cycle of e-bullying if you will, to where we make each other feel insecure to express opinions on our theology, spirituality, religion or whatever? That is like ignorance, and we deny ignorance right? So why not take it up a notch here. Furthermore, we can have each others' backs when members who aren't a part of this attack the beliefs or ideas of another who is indeed committed to upholding this standard. We can look out for each other.

Therefore, I am proposing an official AboveTopSecret Alliance of Theology, to be accepted by any member of this website. Any member who replies to this thread showing intent to be a part of this alliance in good faith will be accepted, regardless of Religion or affiliation. This olive branch has its' limits though, like all do and so you have to reply and show a willingness to be a part of this to make sure you are recognized. I don't know about you, but I hate seeing anyone's beliefs being attacked flagrantly by someone who's obvious intent is to be derogatory. It happens everyday, in some way shape or form.

I, runetang, do solemnly swear to treat everyone who makes this pledge with true respect, kindness, and a willingness to learn & incorporate certain philosophies, concepts and ideas which were otherwise foreign to my own personal theology. Through this I intend to achieve the greater good and gain new insights. I will respect all those who recite & uphold this pledge. Amen.

Now when it comes to enforcement .. the only thing that seems natural is to have a 3rd person who has pledged call out the one who is breaking their pledge against a fellow member. What do you folks thnk?

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 08:10 AM
I'll play.
I dont think i'm rude or offensive to others that hold different beliefs to myself (i'm an atheist) but if i have i promise to behave in future.

I'll fight for your right to believe whatever you want as long as you'll do me the same honour.



posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:36 AM
Atheism isn't a theology

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:39 AM
I am going to acknowledge my "militancy" and stick with my new feeling that all religions need to be erased from the human psyche in order for us to advance.

Sam Harris is having an effect on my thinking ...

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:56 AM
reply to post by DarkSide

It is still a garment the being assumes.

I'm in runetang, sort of, I pledge to listen and reflect with courtesy and patience in this place.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 11:33 AM
Oh no! Your part of the evil freemason illuminati anti-christ conspiracy! PARANOIA PARANOIA PARANOIA PARANOIA PARANOIA PARANOIA


Sorry, couldn't help it, but you know this would kinda defeat half the threads and people from posting here...

Well, meh, I guess I agree...

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 05:44 PM
Right, people would rather argue, fight, try to disprove each others beliefs.

That is so stupid and disrespectful!

Can we not find something else to bicker about? Like common events, conspiracy theories, aliens, UFO sightings, secret societies, government projects?

Why must we always try to prove each other wrong, attack each others' beliefs in an attempt to make others insecure?

Could it be that some people just want to be mean and nasty? I mean think of what is accomplished in this. I dont know about any of you, but I've had a helluva lot of Religious debates and discussions here. And they have not done me one OUNCE of good, other than to get to know people, to start BEING NICE to them on my own accord (like MM), and to understand THEIR positions.

But let me be clear that never once did I learn a damn thing when arguing with an atheist or whoever over whether Jesus existed, whether there is a God, whether this or that really happened.. know..

..just a bunch of old, unprovable crap that nobody can answer. its a giant waste of time. its a giant merri-go-round of irritation, and you guys who want to stay on it and keep yourselves dizzy in fruitless and pointless arguments, attacks and debates be my guest, but know this. The true measure of a good person is their action. And my action from here out is to not engage anyone like minded in the sense that they realize the arguing and fighting is pointless in the long run as well. Nobody changes their mind, nobody is convinced.

and those of you who ARE of a Faith but would prefer to argue, how can you say you are in the true pursuit of the wisdom of your Faith? If you were, you would not seek out confrontation, but peace and understanding. Now defending the Word is one thing, but again.. had the person who attacked the Word not have done so, nobody would've been provoked into an argument, and it is clearly a better situation. Likewise, If I made a thread outright attacking Atheists because of their Philosophy on life, it would simply lead to circular arguments. Because at the end of the day nothing can be proven.

as I said, I am above it now, and I will only defend the Word in the direst straits, I will not let myself be drawn into pointless arguments any longer. I'd rather get to know other members, get to know their beliefs, perhaps apply a few to my own living, share knowledge and wisdom, you know, positive stuff. Truly there is no point in being negative with this.. it'd be better to not speak of it whatsoever, not think of it whatsoever, than to be negative in regular discussion about it. Just my 2 cents..

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:01 PM
Runetag, may I add something.

I myself have not tried to prove anything. The things ive written are deep things and trying to get people to have some faith like posting about ST Gemma or sos and so.

some people come in and say, religions a joke, probably out of insecurity of it being true. Anything I say badly or angry im sorry.

Now may I ask what is your faith runetag?

May I ask also if every religion is correct, then where is the search for truth?

If God is divided against himself how can he stand?

God has to be one, with one founded religion, and the reason people have faith is because they understand this.

Its one thing to respect souls of other religions, but you dont have to believe in their faith.

What antichrist will do is do the idea you thinking of.

God is all faiths and he will be the head of it. Hes going to use this technology they dont reveal to the public along with the powers of Satan to win people over, and all faiths will join.

He will be the head and decieve alot of people and force us to have a mark.

If Truth about God is found in all faiths, God is divided against himself and its an unsincere approach.

good luck with your alliance and have a good christmass.


posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:08 PM
Heheh, the alliance has good intentions but unfortunately I think when called out, people would prefer to hide, save the couple who openly replied saying they will continue trying to disprove/argue. I appreciate their honesty, and will continue debates with those individuals at the appropriate times and places.

This is an inclusive thing where you become exempt from the back and forth by agreeing to respect all others who also wish to be exempt from the bickering and redundant arguing, not to mention the negativity.

As to my Faith? I'm an Arian Christian. And no that does not make me a full Heretic because Arius was reconciled by Constantine before his untimely poisoning in Constantinople, when the early Catholics saw that the danger of his teachings could not be handled within the Church because it was the truth, and God is the truth. So they had to kill him. But he was indeed reconciled with the Church.

If you want to learn more, simply look up Arius on Wikipedia.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:12 PM
" arian christian "

then somewhere deep down you believe Christ is the saviour?

I know the arian heresy was brought down by theologians but I havent read enough about it, I will do that.

" United states of Babylon "

This is true. but we are more like ancient egytp, babylon is I think rome.


posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:18 PM
" away from negetivity "

I agree with this completely. God only wants us happy and joyful which I myself am off of this internet.

I agree that people should never let anything take away their joy accept sins.

I will try nomatter how much someone ticks me off, to be peacful in speach.

thanks for reminding me.


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