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Elitists Consider Assassinating Ron Paul!

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 04:54 PM

I would not hesitate to hire Blackwater U.S.A. as my security; they have a better track record than the U.S. Secret Service.

! This is true. If Ron Paul is being targeted by the elite than having Secret Service is like hiring the person who is supposed to kill you as security. Blackwater would be better.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 04:58 PM
The assassination of Ron Paul would not be an operation designed to prevent him from becoming president. Brain washed masses, controlled media and a flawed voting system will prevent Ron Paul from becoming president.

However, the assassination or an attempt there of, will be part of the "Shock Doctrine" operation. It will be designed to traumatize the youth of the nation.

"Look we just killed your hero, just because we could,...What are you gonna do now internet boy? Post it on your conspiracy blog" ?(cue evil laugh) hahahahah !!!!

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by manbearpig

Ron Pauls assassination would be just the right excuse for Bush to cancel the elections and assume Total power (under these new laws he had installed through congress, giving him the power to do so in a time of crisis).

Hell, they did it to Harold Holt, when he stood in the way of US Bases being built in Australia. Now we have 3 major bases here & over 50,000 US personnel.

And we have (thanks to John Howard), a new "Super" Base being built in Western Australia, that will house a further 150,000 US personnel.

Mind you, the Australian Government & Military are not Privy to anything that goes on in these bases either.. lol "a foreign power telling is to mind our business in our own country".

If Ron Paul starts to tick off the powers that be, then Yea, they will definitely kill him & use that as a catalyst to take total control.

If I were Mr. Paul. I'd have Personal Food Tasters, People scanning & analyzing everything he touches or wears. I'd have a virtual Impenetrable wall of Security round me 24/7 (something even the most elite Black Ops wouldn’t be able to get though), & would go out in public only from the confines of a Pope mobile.. lol

Better Paranoid & safe, than sorry

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 11:08 PM

Originally posted by Funkydung
first of all prisonplanet is the best source. Alex is the one that launched the ron paul revolution.

You do realize that Ron Paul was a candidate for President before Prisonplanet existed, right?

Originally posted by Gools
As usual, Alex Jones put his spin on it to suit his agenda. Don't get me wrong, I listen because he's a source of information, but his "take on things" is often suspect. He often blows things way out of proportion and connects dots where no connection exists.

That's my take on Jones exactly. I particularly detest his obviously fake histrionics. Some good info, just beware the poison pill.

As to RP being taken out, I do consider it a real possibility. I don’t think it’ll be a bullet to the head though, if it does happen, more likely a sudden stroke, cerebral hemorrhage or a very aggressive cancer. I’m also of the mind that very little would happen as a result. Most people will do nothing until they are literally backed into a corner.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:39 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post this here, it's about RP yet off the topic of "assassination," or rumors to that effect.

The other day, I was in the kitchen washing dishes, the Randy Rhodes show was on in the background. Since I was distracted, doing this and that, I can't say for sure but I think she was interviewing Rep. Paul. I was in and out of the room, but at one point they were talking about the U.S. / Mexican boarder and the movement of people over it. Mr. Paul - I'm pretty sure it was him - said something that blew my mind. He said something to the effect that if elected President he would order the military to the border with orders to "shoot-to-kill" anyone found illegally crossing it.

While I'm certainly not in favor of the current situation and I think policy reform is needed, I could never support the use of deadly force as I heard it being proposed.

I don't know a lot about Ron Paul, and as I indicated I can't say for sure it was even him speaking, although I think it was. So I was wondering if any of you know if that really is his position on this issue. If it is, do you agree? And what would be the consequences of such a drastic tactic to control a border area already the sight of so much death and violence related to drug trafficking?

I know the movement of people over the border is a serious issue and there's no doubt our government and the Mexican government have done little to address it. However, I'm not willing to start killing people over it. I think that's extreme. What do you about it?

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 06:52 AM
i'm about 100% sure ron paul didnt say "shoot to kill"
he advocates strong border security but shoot to kill would be thousands of dead mexicans a day.. im sure that wouldnt go over well.

i've read alot of the positions on ron paul and he doesnt even talk like that..

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 06:57 AM
This is all pretty stupid don't you think. Not only does Ron Paul have no chance of becoming president, he has no chance of becoming the nominee. He hasn't won any of the debates and he is simply not connecting with the vast majority of the American people. His ideas are looney and he isn't a threat to anyone. If anyone was going to be killed it wouldn't be a nobody congressman.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by Cypher
If what Mr. Estulin claims is true, and there is a power "elite" who control the world's markets, and would have even had the power to "partition Canada", why would they be afraid of a man who statistically shows very little real chance of gaining the Republican nomination, let alone winning the American Presidency?

too that i would say, if the "elite" have the power to control world markets and the power to partition canada, wouldnt they have the power to manipulate the polls?

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 07:24 AM

Originally posted by Mutantalien1947
This is all pretty stupid don't you think. Not only does Ron Paul have no chance of becoming president, he has no chance of becoming the nominee. He hasn't won any of the debates and he is simply not connecting with the vast majority of the American people. His ideas are looney and he isn't a threat to anyone. If anyone was going to be killed it wouldn't be a nobody congressman.

umm actually he has won every debate according to the viewers..

not to mention he has won more straw polls than any other candidate.
he has won 17.. rudy has won.. um 2. (but somehow rudy is top repub according to national polls) that sounds right, everyone wants rudy but he doesnt win any debates, or straw polls.. riiiight.
If people wanted Rudy there would be "vote rudy" signs all over, he would be searched out online, and he would win straw polls where the people registered to vote have a say.. (you could bet your bottom dollar that if rudy or hillary won 17 straw polls that would make headline news)

how is it that he wins every debate, every online poll, breaks records in donations, most searched on blogs, most searched on myspace, most searched on google, but barely registers on "national" polls? do spam bots donate 12 million dollars in a quarter? he may not get voted as prez, but his following is ALOT bigger than the "national" polls let on thats for sure.

but there is no use in argueing, noone can change your mind, but you know the truth

[edit on 16-12-2007 by turbokid]

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 07:27 AM
Ron Paul is a 70 yr. old man. As any other 70 yr. old, I am sure he has health issues. Do you actually think an assasination attempt would be obvious? Please do yourself and stop and think. The NWO has controlled this Earth for more then 5000 years. Why would they give up power to people that are unable to control it. If they do assasinate him, it will be after he is elected, he will die in his sleep, of a heart attack, while his wife and kids are at a summer retreat, or a winter holiday. Then the person that they planted will become the next president. Nothing will change. The Elitist don't fear him. They don't need to, he is just a fly annoying them, to be splatted, and as soon they decide to, they will.



posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 08:54 AM
When I see the word "revolution" used, I cannot help but believe there has been a gross over estimation made. While I do believe Ron Paul has become more and more visible, and as people learn about his ideas and plans they tend to fall heavily aligned with him, I do not believe that majority of Americans even have a clue as to who the man is. Every opportunity I get I share the platform Ron Paul runs on with people, and I am met with glassy confusion mentioning his name- even with the exposure he's gotten recently.

As morbid as this going to sound, I would love to live in an America where Ron Paul has the clout to be assassinated. I would love to think that if he were to be martyred, Americans would flood DC and tear the white house down brick by brick. Unfortunately, reality dictates otherwise.

The few Americans that follow the politics being televised, are more interested in religious science, Oprah, and Hillary Clinton's clothes.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by Cypher
Sorry, I'm not buying this one. First of all, this guy gives NO source what so ever, and on a website such as ATS, one must learn to question unnamed sources.

That's all well and good and that's why unless you have had experience with Mr Estulin's record you should just moveon as was probably your intent from the start.

Secondly, the premise is ridiculous. As someone else already stated, and I posted in a different thread, Ron Paul consistently polls between one to three percent. That doesn't make him much of a threat to the other candidates, let alone to the people whom Mr. Estulin claims run the world.

So why does tiny countries get bombed and smashed to bits when they try to set up alternative social orders and or economic forms? Did the US national security state have to turn Haiti into a third world hell hole because Haiti was threatening the US economy with very cheap sugar? The same old corporate interest had to destroy that country because it's revolution was based on the foundation that black people did not have to be slaves. The people who do their best to control this planet are very well aware of how ideas spread and that's why they do what they can to ensure that some ideas just do not spread.

If what Mr. Estulin claims is true, and there is a power "elite" who control the world's markets, and would have even had the power to "partition Canada", why would they be afraid of a man who statistically shows very little real chance of gaining the Republican nomination, let alone winning the American Presidency?

I suppose it's because his making all the other republican , to say nothing of democrats, candidates look like chumps on issues where they are supposed to be 'strong'. Again i think they have enough control over the election machinery to shut him out ( bush after all lost both elections but were selected any ways) but this guy is saying things that no one with any audience should and they might wish to silence him simply for that. I doubt they they will have to assassinate him but look what happy to the infinitely more famous JF and Bobby Kenny? They thought JF would work with them and only killed him when he had some other ideas but Bobby they killed long before knowing that they were not going to be able to control him after he had all but become the democratic candidate. IF they could kill Bobby Kennedy then they can probably kill Ron Paul today but it's not going to be such a 'clear' message as many more Americans have awoken to reality.

Obviously one would have to watch him, but contemplating assassination? At this point?!? Wouldn't one look into less obvious means of making him go away first? After all, we've been told by people like Alex Jones for years that these people can "steal" any election they wish.

Sure and they HAVE done their best to get rid of him so far but it's not easy as unlike Nader and others Paul has a solid republican record ( not to suggest that the republican party would not love to see him dead for perpetually voting against almost anything that is obviously bad for Americans) that is going to be far harder to dismiss out of hand.

I don't know, to me, this whole Ron Paul thing is starting to look like the Ross Perot run all over again. Hmmm... R.P. and R.P. coincidence....


I can't see how they will let Ron Paul get too far along in the process but given how far he has come i am wondering just how much they can allow before they step in to silence his ideas if not him. Maybe the time of assassinating important American politicians is over but how much money are you willing to stake on it?


posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 04:24 PM
What ideas of Ron Paul are you talking about that he would have to be killed over. Are you suggesting that someone in the government is so threated by Ron Paul's non presidential bid that the government would actually kill him. He has no chance of becoming president. Nobody in the media is talking about him. A year from now nobody will even remember his name. He has no chance of affecting national policy. He appeals to democrats because he wants out of Iraq. Wow, that's a new idea that someone could get killed over. He is a lite weight and is not even being taken seriously by anyone. I don't care how much money he's raised on the internet he has no chance!

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 11:55 PM
not to derail but,,,,

i saw on this thread or another one recently,,a member mention a heart attack gun..

is there such a thing and if so any info,,,threads,,who has it, who's been a victim of it...

sounds crazy, but could believe it may exist with all our exotic new weapons

by the way i don't mean stun guns!!!! haha

donated 10 bucks earlier tonite, what i can afford right now

doing what i can in jersey,phone calls, handouts, stickers etc...

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 12:36 AM
i try to hype ron paul as much as i can, showed my mother this weekend all the proofr of him being "blacked out" she was in shock,,,, i've been stickering, flyering, phoning etc. trying my best to get the word out

however it got me thinking. this is something we may need to be careful about talking about, or letting it get mainstream. this will give "them" more ammunition for Paul supporters being crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theorists... i think i'll keep this thread to myself. the media whores could and probably will, have a field day with this.

more thinking,,,maybe to much, but-----could this be disinfo just for this purpose----to use it as another attack????

wow, this sight has opened my eyes---i'm starting to actually think three steps ahead like chess--politics are so dirty--especially in nj
i can see it now-----we won't see news reports of the huge money raised yesterday, but how crazy paul conspiracy theorists think the NWO is gonna kill him.

and they'll have that sc_mbag jeffrey toobin giving his worthless opinion on it.

i've yet to see anything on romney buying clear channnel on tv yet???suprise surprise

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 04:19 AM
Those who think Paul has no chance, I say to you this, This is bigger than Ron Paul, We The People have had enough, Paul winning this election in the end is irrelevant, though we want to see him elected as he can influence change, We aren't going away, regardless of how much you want us to, Our numbers continue to grow, our support is knowledgeable on the issues, Our ideas and views cant be shifted and we cant be bought, We don't support a Candidate, We support the idea embodied by the founders of this once great nation, Freedom and Liberty, If something should happen to Ron Paul, another will step up and take his place, and another, and another..

Those who wish to continue to live the lie that is the American dream are in for an awakening, if you think this country is going to change based on what party is elected, your are a fool, this two party system is meaningless in regards to the Constitution, when our leaders take the oath of office they don't take an oath to there party, they take an oath to the Constitution which represents every one of us, not just the majority, not the party they represent, but every individual.

The Constitution isn't and never was a tool to limit the people, but rather a tool to limit the Government, People have grown up having everything given to them, expecting government to step in and fix things and make all there problems go away rather then relying on oneself, a Government with such power to give you anything is a Government that can take everything...

Our deviation from the constitution is the source of nearly all the problems this country faces today...

Our Government has ignored the founders and framers of the very document they all take and oath to protect and defend...

They ignored them on our foreign policy,
They ignored them on our monetary policy,
They ignored them on our domestic policy,

and what have we gained from it?

Endless wars
Endless debt
and loss of liberty...

They have done a stand up job of upholding there oaths, They sold us all out for personal gain and power yet those very same people with proven histories of such things continue to gain support form those who refuse to educate themselves, from those who think forcing personal beliefs on others through law is fine, not understanding that doing so limits the so called freedom this country is supposed to protect...

We go war because a handful of men attack us, a handful of men which I might add are dead and cant be fought...

We kill ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million in the name of freedom....

every bomb we drop every Mother, Father, Son, or daughter that dies in the name of "freedom" leaves behind a family member with only one thing to live for, payback...

We create the very enemy we sought to destroy, you cant fight an idea...

They lie to us to instigate wars, then when those lies become apparent they change the reason and the public buys it, never questioning the machine...

They tell us in order to protect us, we will need to give up a little liberty, When Governments ONLY purpose is to protect liberty...
When liberty no longer exists then Government no longer serves The People, but rather they serve only themselves.

They have conditioned the People to never question authority, and that "they" know whats best for us, They infringe our rights and treat us like animals when we assert our basic rights as free men....
and when we do so we are told we unamerican or unpatriotic....

They tell us we can't question illegalities or wrongs our government does, because to do so in this time of war will make our Government look bad...

I say to you this, If our country does wrong, if our government breaks the law, then our Government doesn't "look" bad, it is bad....

it's is our right our duty as citizens to question such usurpations to call them out on the wrongs they commit, to stand by and do nothing isn't the American way it isn't patriotism, It's a stab in the back to the ideas this country was founded upon...

I close with this,

You can call us crazy, We won't call you names, because the world your think you live in will come back on you and the damage you do to yourself through your refusal to educate yourselves i far beyond that which anything a simple word cant do..

You can say our Candidate wont win, and thats fine, Because it doesn't matter, We aren't going away, The seeds of this revolution have been planted and it will continue to grow.

You can ignor us and call us names its fine, We know where we stand and we aren't ashamed of it, We won't fight your holy wars, we wont support this tyranny, we will fight and die for our rights.

But I mean we are the crazy ones right.

War is great and being anti war is bad, Killing is something every Christian soldier of god should be proud to take part in right?

Turning the other cheek and trying to make peace with ones enemy goes against god right?

taking responsibility for ones own actions is such a crazy thought....

Judge me for my words, laugh at me, mock me, though in the end our ideas will prove to be true, we wont be laughing at you, we will be crying for you...

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:02 AM

Originally posted by Gools
Any attempt on Ron Paul would go very badly in my opinion...
Have any of you ACTUALLY listened to the interview? I did.

Should i congratulate you or something?

As usual, Alex Jones put his spin on it to suit his agenda. Don't get me wrong, I listen because he's a source of information, but his "take on things" is often suspect.

What is his agenda according to you? What area of his investigation is 'often suspect' according to you?

He often blows things way out of proportion and connects dots where no connection exists.

And if you give me a example if can either agree or explain how i think he made the connection. If you give me a chance i bet i can make his connections seem as logical to everyone here as they were to Alex.

What was REALLY said in the interview is that a certain Think Tank is looking at what would happen if Ron Paul was assassinated. NOTHING MORE!

And think tanks never think up plans that leads to action....

He NEVER says that the think tank are the ones who WANT TO assassinate him (even though Jones tried relentlessly to get him to say that) just that "it's on their agenda" to look at what could happen if he was. You know, SPECULATING like we do here on ATS.

And do you think Ron Paul could have admitted what Alex Jones beliefs to be true? Do you think a serious candidate would be wise to do so?

Since the "think tank" was not identified we can't just assume the worst. It could be a group who know that things would get crazy and they are looking at what should be done to control any such situation. (i.e. it could just be contingency planning).

Right and we should allow this type of contingency planning while merely pointing out that it's not reality yet?

I know I've thought of what would happen in the case of both Ron Paul and Obama getting targeted. In fact if I was to search ATS I think I could probably find many posts where people are speculating that something may happen to those guys.

Why would they want to kill Obama? I can see how the clan and their massive deeply racist support base would want such a thing but since when is Obama running against the corporations and NWO?

It doesn't mean that the posters who are speculating are actually going to do it or are thinking of doing it. It simply means they can envision a situation where it happens and speculate about the outcome (like you people are doing in this thread).

Thanks for clarifying....

But then reporting the straight truth does not garner the same headlines and set tongues-a-wagging like the Alex Jones spin machine.

And what is the straight truth on this issue Gools? Do you believe that they will allow Ron Paul to become president instead of lackey's like Hillary/Rudy?

Nor does it sell as many NWO/911 videos.

He in fact sells the video , not the information on it as he allows it to be freely copied as many times as you like.

It's too late thought, the horse is out of the barn and all over then net this will be reported as "elitist consider assassinating Ron Paul" when no such thing was said in the interview.

So it's now been established that elitist have not considered assassinating Ron Paul in all these years he has spent resisting them and voting down their bills? Right..

Then, if nothing happens Alex Jones will claim "we stopped it" and take credit for fighting the good fight.


I would be surprised if Ron Paul does better than Nader and until he does odds are they can get away with simply marginalising him as they did Nader. The fact that Paul has a house record and can work inside the party structure is in my opinion going to make him more dangerous but they have managed to contain him so far and while the Paul is doing exceedingly well with fund raising i don't think his money is in the long run likely to be competitive with the corporate funders of his competitors.

I am hopeful about Paul's chances, and all the great things he would do, but not stupid and i would advise people to still vote Nader unless they feel somehow obligated to support the one-party-with-two-heads corporate order.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:12 AM

Originally posted by esdad71
I think you sum it up there. Want some publicity for the site that launched him AND for Ron Paul.

Prisonplanet did not launch or make Ron Paul 'popular' anymore than it did Alex Jones! Alex Jones got popular by saying the same thing over and over on public radio with people eventually noticing that it was all coming true and Paul got popular by simply putting his votes where his mouth is and doing his best to speak to as many people in his voting district as possible. Paul has worked as hard ( or far harder given election rigging and the nature of party politics) , but far far longer, and he never needed Alex to make him 'famous'.

What better way then to launch it from that website again. It amazes me that people hack so hard on Fox and CNN when Alex Jones is nothing better, just on the other side of the fence.

Alex Jones is a far better source of news not only because he does his best to but because he is actually on humanities side.

Lets not use voter fraud this time, let's just kill ourselves a highly public figure.

And no one knew the Kennedy's that they killed or Reagan which they tried to twice? How many officials need to die in plane crashes before you wake up and smell the burnt flesh?

If you trace it you will find that Ron Paul is doing the same thing that Perot did. I am sure there is a check somewhere with an acronym on it in his safe somewhere for what he is doing.

What is Ron Paul doing but admitting the blatantly obvious risky nature of taking on the establishment forces that has proven that they retain the power to illegally invade many countries and kill many millions?


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 06:07 AM

Originally posted by Cade
I agree, as long as Prisonplanet continues to use the corrupt mainstream media as it's main source, we should not take seriously !

So what do you suggest Alex uses if he may not appeal to the media? Why should he not be allowed to compare all the various claims made by countries, reporters or agencies and try to make sense of the conflicting information? Why have you decided to presume everything in the mainstream media to be deceptive and or false? What's with the either-or logic when the mainstream media of the world is NOT monolithic and can be inspected for clarify and accuracy against observation and internal conflicts?


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 06:57 AM
Ron Paul, as much as i like his views, is barely a blip on the Presidential nominee radar. Hardly target material for "assassination".

Mike Huckabee's rise in popularity is what i'm worried about, more so with the religious right whack jobs that follow him.

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