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Elitists Consider Assassinating Ron Paul!

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 06:24 AM
I dont think there is any plan to assassinate Ron Paul - if anything, news like this only serves a greater purpose in spreading his name further. This is probably the reason a story like this is hatched in the first place. Its grabs people's attention and in doing so spreads the name of Ron Paul further, and hopefully more people are intrigued enough in the story to actually take the time to look up who Ron Paul is and what he stands for.

All in all, spread this story around to as many boards and people as possible. A good assassination attempt story gets peoples attention, and the cause of Ron Paul will spread even further.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 07:17 AM
I don't think Ron Paul serves as a serious-enough threat to the establishment to warrant an assassination. The guy has ZERO chance of winning the nomination and even less chance of winning the presidency. I think the media has done a well-enough job of discrediting him to the mainstream population. His views on things like 9/11, while popular with ATS-type folks and a portion of America's youth, directly conflict with tha majority of the American people.

But, if by some chance I am wrong and they do attempt and succeed in assassinating him, we will never see a mass uprising or major violent protests. After a few days the news of Ron Paul's death will be replaced by another Britney Spears story or perhaps more Iran invasion talk. The American people are not willing to give up their perceived safety and security of their families by picking up a gun and taking on the government over a guy like Ron Paul. While Ron Paul may be a good guy and may have a "cult" following, he's no Martin Luther King or Jack Kennedy. A few hippies might stage some protests, but as far as mainstream America goes, it will never progress beyond water cooler talk.

That's just this humble man's opinion...

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 07:34 AM
I did a little digging on "Best-selling author and award winning investigative journalist Daniel Estulin." He's a man obsessed, and if his bio is accurate, it's easy to understand why.

The following Ed notes and excerpt comes from a 1996 article Estulin wrote for the The Online Journal.

Editor's Note: Daniel Estulin and his family were expelled from the Soviet Union on March 23, 1980, for anti-Soviet activity. His father, Isaak Estulin, a prominent scientist and a dissident, spent 3½ years in prison for seeking freedom of speech for his fellow citizens. Fearing for his life for his daring exposes of corruption, manipulation and power grabbing, Estulin has voluntarily exiled himself to Spain. His dramatic personal stories are a rare look behind the scenes at how the most powerful secret society in the world has tried to stop one of the most determined men in the world from discovering its secrets.

Writing about a meeting of the world elite in Toronto, a plan to break-up Canada, clandestine encounters and an almost fatal step into an empty elevator shaft, Estulin also gives us a very intimate and eloquent look at his past.

Freedom and its loss . . . I seldom think of it during the intervals of our destiny. What am I doing chasing these people all over the world? With what objective? There must be a simpler way to earn a living. Except that I owe it to my dad . . .

I enjoyed reading Estulin's article in the Online Journal, however, I think he blurs the line between hard journalism and eloquent prose.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 07:56 AM
Well for what its worth, Daniel Estulin is well informed imo, as he has been an avid researcher on the Bilderberg meetings for years now, and as for correctly predicting the situation with Iran, he has gotten information from this years meeting in Turkey from insiders, that war with Iran is off the table, due to huge financial interests in Iran from both Russia and China.
As for RP,the elitists should be afraid, as Ron Paul has now a huge internet following and they just cant correctly predict the outcome of the message he is sending. I don't believe he will win the presidential election, as the CFR has almost every other candidate in their back pocket, but as the elitists agenda is in acceleration mode , that to them would decelerate it, and i understand why they would wish not to have that happen, time is money.

its not just PP thats reporting this, Daniel Estulin is carrying the news on his own website as well.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 08:43 AM
Sorry, I'm not buying this one. First of all, this guy gives NO source what so ever, and on a website such as ATS, one must learn to question unnamed sources. Secondly, the premise is ridiculous. As someone else already stated, and I posted in a different thread, Ron Paul consistently polls between one to three percent. That doesn't make him much of a threat to the other candidates, let alone to the people whom Mr. Estulin claims run the world.

If what Mr. Estulin claims is true, and there is a power "elite" who control the world's markets, and would have even had the power to "partition Canada", why would they be afraid of a man who statistically shows very little real chance of gaining the Republican nomination, let alone winning the American Presidency? Obviously one would have to watch him, but contemplating assassination? At this point?!? Wouldn't one look into less obvious means of making him go away first? After all, we've been told by people like Alex Jones for years that these people can "steal" any election they wish.

I don't know, to me, this whole Ron Paul thing is starting to look like the Ross Perot run all over again. Hmmm... R.P. and R.P. coincidence....


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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 08:48 AM
I'm with Advisor and a few others here..

I don't think its going to happen, but if something sinister
were to happen to Dr. Paul, then all hell would break loose.

They know better, they don't want a REAL revolution.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 08:55 AM
I have said it and will say it again, I'm not a Republican but the other candidates to me seem artificial and plastic, Ron Paul is the clear leader when it comes to straight talk and facts and just yesterday i saw a piece on mad money with Jim Cramer, they were very harsh and bad mouthed the Federal Reserve and were talking about more transparency in monetary policy and possibly wanting to reform the central bank, did anyone else see that? but anyhow if he really gained grassroots support from independents and undecided voters especially of the younger category he would be a viable candidate based on votes and support, he is being shunted to ground by the media for the most part, it would be a nightmare for conservative republicans and yes elitists would be upset enough to possibly do him harm in some way.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by Rasputin13
I don't think Ron Paul serves as a serious-enough threat to the establishment to warrant an assassination. The guy has ZERO chance of winning the nomination and even less chance of winning the presidency.

Even if he has no chance of winning, there is still the issue that he is enlightening a large number of people and turning them against the "standard accepted parties", which could be a reason in itself to justify getting rid of him.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 10:39 AM
Any attempt on Ron Paul would go very badly in my opinion...

Have any of you ACTUALLY listened to the interview?

I did.

As usual, Alex Jones put his spin on it to suit his agenda. Don't get me wrong, I listen because he's a source of information, but his "take on things" is often suspect. He often blows things way out of proportion and connects dots where no connection exists.

What was REALLY said in the interview is that a certain Think Tank is looking at what would happen if Ron Paul was assassinated. NOTHING MORE!

He NEVER says that the think tank are the ones who WANT TO assassinate him (even though Jones tried relentlessly to get him to say that) just that "it's on their agenda" to look at what could happen if he was. You know, SPECULATING like we do here on ATS.

Since the "think tank" was not identified we can't just assume the worst. It could be a group who know that things would get crazy and they are looking at what should be done to control any such situation. (i.e. it could just be contingency planning).

I know I've thought of what would happen in the case of both Ron Paul and Obama getting targeted. In fact if I was to search ATS I think I could probably find many posts where people are speculating that something may happen to those guys. It doesn't mean that the posters who are speculating are actually going to do it or are thinking of doing it. It simply means they can envision a situation where it happens and speculate about the outcome (like you people are doing in this thread).

But then reporting the straight truth does not garner the same headlines and set tongues-a-wagging like the Alex Jones spin machine. Nor does it sell as many NWO/911 videos. It's too late thought, the horse is out of the barn and all over then net this will be reported as "elitist consider assassinating Ron Paul" when no such thing was said in the interview. Then, if nothing happens Alex Jones will claim "we stopped it" and take credit for fighting the good fight.


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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 12:32 PM
The only way i can see the Global elite killing off Ron Paul would be if he talked openly during debates about 911 being an inside job by the american government.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 12:54 PM

Originally posted by Rasputin13
I don't think Ron Paul serves as a serious-enough threat to the establishment to warrant an assassination. The guy has ZERO chance of winning the nomination and even less chance of winning the presidency. I think the media has done a well-enough job of discrediting him to the mainstream population. His views on things like 9/11, while popular with ATS-type folks and a portion of America's youth, directly conflict with tha majority of the American people.


Also, I believe that the past will repeat. Raise your had if you still remember all of the voting fraud scandals.

They aren't idiots. If they were to do something, they would do something a little more clever, IMO.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by kozmo

And when we come for them with our farm implements, they'll ask us "What took you so long?"

Well done, kozmo.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 01:23 PM
I think Dr. Paul's campaign should hire some sort of security, pronto. The best he can find.

But who? Former Israelis? Blackwater? Or can he request Secret Service now? Obama has Secret Service already because of threats. None of those options seem very appealing protectors to me for Dr. Paul, because of his policies, but are considered "the best", right?

Maybe I am feeling a bit paranoid, but I think this is a very serious possibility. Dr. Paul wants to end the 'games' that these power brokers have been playing, and possibly now they are starting to see him as a real threat.

My question to all of you, "What do we do if Ron Paul 'is' killed, either by assassination or 'accident'?"

I mean, lets say Dr. Paul mysteriously 'goes down in a small plane' or his campaign bus crashes from some freak 'accident'. Honestly, I am not sure what any of us can do, even united, to bring such an act to justice. If it happens 'today', Dr. Paul could be labeled a fringe candidate, who was tragically lost too soon. If it happens after tomorrow, the mainstream would have to report on his record breaking fund raising.
So I don't see the accident angle working as well for the 'power brokers'. They might be too late, and assassination is their only option.

Some might get upset that 'dirty tricks' get played, but in the long run America would have one less choice, and history is at the mercy of the gatekeepers. While I don't speak for Ron Paul in anyway, from what I have read and heard, he would be more than willing to become a martyr for the Constitution and the rights of the American People. If the Elitists want to assassinate him, they can go right ahead, they seem to do as they please anyway. But a more effective strategy would be to keep stealing elections with vote fraud and the electoral college scam.


posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 02:04 PM
I realize that I am at ATS and so this question may be pointless, but I will ask it anyway.

Are you people all crazy? Ron Paul assassinated, please, my dog (Dennis Kucinich) has about as much of a chance of being president as this man. He looks like he is going to pop a vein at every debate or have a stroke. No one but the anti-war, non-republicans are going to even think about voting for this joke of a candidate. Just to give you an idea of how ridiculous he is as a candidate, Bill Maher that left-wing commie-pinko believes in him.

I know I am wasting my breath, but get serious.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 02:17 PM
Ron Paul may not be important enough in some people to be worth assassination but as far as the election goes, Ron Paul has completely altered the discourse of the debates.

All the candidates are being forced to talk about things they are not used to discussing, like limited gov't and constitutional rights. The message RP has is so true that unless you really believe it you can't debate it because your voting record will show how you really feel.

They know they are rigging the polls and not giving him as an option when they poll so i don't think they even know how big his support is. They are gambling big time that if they keep telling you he is not gonna win and that he has 2% support that people will stay home or chose another guy. If this gamble doesn't work they will have a problem they will have to fix the votes in a primary.

They normally wouldn't have too because all the candidates are stooges except a few predetermined winners but Ron paul is screwing this all up. This kind of scenario makes assassination very much on the table.

My advice to NWO is to protect Ron Paul at all costs and if he even merely bumps his toe they better grab their crap get the F@ck outa dodge!

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by Funkydung

Originally posted by forestlady
Hmmm, PrisonPlanet...not the best source, however, it sounds like Estulin is pretty legit.
I wouldn't be surprised at anything that group does. I can easily see how Ron Paul might scare them, he is not in alignment with their plans.

Nice find, OP, thanks.

first of all prisonplanet is the best source. alex is the one that launched the ron paul revolution. if it wasnt for prisonplanet and its people the revolution would have never caught fire. just keep that in mind before you say prisionplanet is not a good source. it is the source.

heres the interview

I think you sum it up there. Want some publicity for the site that launched him AND for Ron Paul. What better way then to launch it from that website again. It amazes me that people hack so hard on Fox and CNN when Alex Jones is nothing better, just on the other side of the fence.

Lets not use voter fraud this time, let's just kill ourselves a highly public figure. If you trace it you will find that Ron Paul is doing the same thing that Perot did. I am sure there is a check somewhere with an acronym on it in his safe somewhere for what he is doing.

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 02:37 PM
in the first paragraph of the article it says the government is seeing what WOULD happen if he was assasinated. it was released on prison planet and made its way to ATS where government lurkers read our responses to the story. not the OP's fault but something like that story would definitely end up here. so they feed mr......whatever his name was....this info and gauge the response of different control groups. political forums alternative forums anywhere where they can find the story is being talked about.

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 02:58 PM
Every viable candidate is targeted for assassination by some person or persons. There are many groups of wackos out there without any government involvement who would like to eliminate candidate "A" or "B". The crazier ones actually formulate a plan and try it. It only takes the right opportunity and a single person to fire a well-placed shot. Robert Kennedy was the leading Democratic contender for the presidential nomination when he was taken out. That was not all that many years ago, so it can still happen today. One just needs an expendable assassin, since the likelihood of not being arrested or killed is slim.

I would not hesitate to hire Blackwater U.S.A. as my security; they have a better track record than the U.S. Secret Service.

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 03:15 PM
I listened to the Alex Jones show yesterday where Daniel Estulin broke this news. He said that from his sources, the option of assassinating Ron Paul is being considered and the consequences of the assassination are being weighed. No plans are in motion yet that he knows of. Estulin's sources have always been rock solid, so this makes me VERY worried.

What if some supporters got together and made a volunteer armed security and protection group for Ron Paul?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but ever since Bobby Kennedy's assassination each presidential candidate is entitled to Secret Service protection. My biggest worry is that Ron Paul will be set up by Secret Service if he chooses to use their protection.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 03:30 PM

Originally posted by forestlady
Hmmm, PrisonPlanet...not the best source, however, it sounds like Estulin is pretty legit.
I wouldn't be surprised at anything that group does. I can easily see how Ron Paul might scare them, he is not in alignment with their plans.

Nice find, OP, thanks.

I agree, as long as Prisonplanet continues to use the corrupt mainstream media as it's main source, we should not take seriously !

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