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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by SimiusDei

Gotcha. Simius+paint+corner=your last post. My mind is fine but OK, I'll let this drop, for now, in the interest peace.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 07:21 PM
Simius, I listened to your podcast and I understand where you're coming from. As far as "Bill" or as he is better known, Skeptic Overlord, goes, I have not had any encounters with him or any other administrator of this site and really don't want to. He seems like a decent guy to me, but,like I said, Simius, I really haven't had much interaction with him..

As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast. Unfortunately for you, Simius, it looks like it's going to devolve into another personal attack thread. So, bud, just leave it alone. It'll blow over...

As far as the resident arrogant, asshole goes here at ATS, Simius, I think I have you beat all too hell in that department, probably about 70% of ATS would agree with that assessment as well.
I mean, what kind of an ass labels himself "SpeakerofTruth?"
It's truthful, but still.

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by SpeakerofTruth

You? Arrogant?

Seriously, I have never noticed you being arrogant AT ALL.

Perhaps we just think alike and I don't notice for that reason??

Who knows? haha

The personal attacks are a-ok with me. I am not the one who is "playing the fool"

Someone around here may be a "Master Baiter"
But that doesn't mean I'm gonna take that bait.

Take it easy amigo!

Edit to add: "imitator of god" may be a BIT more arrogant than "speaker of truth"

Then again, they may be very very very similar, depending upon how one looks at it. hehehe

[edit on 14-12-2007 by SimiusDei]

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 09:04 PM
Quite an interesting podcast. And let's be honest, most of yours are, for one reason or another.

But I don't understand the rationale behind it. If you truelly wished to put aside that thread, why the need to make this podcast at all ? If anything it just continues the bad feeling and to an even greater extent too. You've rubbished SO & some unnamed Mod, although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the latter. There was just no need for it. Far from soothing matters you've just upped the ante yet again. It's totally futile too, unless of course you particularly aspire to victim status and wish to lead your posse, lemming like, off the nearest cliff.

And since you've mentioned it, I'll be very candid. I think you shot yourself in the foot when you took on the self appointed position of "ATS Legend". That seems to have upset rather a large number of folks who don't possess your capacity for self-aggrandisment. There's many people here who work away doing their own thing who don't get any recognition for their contributions, apart from the occasional applause from a passing Mod. And many have been here an awful lot longer than you.

They don't initiate controversial threads simply to gain points. They don't flag their own threads. They don't go around acquiring friends as if popularity in itself is a measure of how valuable they are to ATS. They just do their own thing, quietly in the background, a post here, a post there, perhaps a thread ... assuming they've ever registered on ATS at all.

Nor do I think you can pass this Legend thing off on some online persona with whom you now only have some distant connection. I find online personas terribly troubling because they exist either to trump you up to be something you really are not, or exist to hide something you don't wish others to know about. Either way, I reckon most people come to ATS as themselves and not as some fantasy figment of their own imagination.

Why can't you just get off your perch and join the rest of us, as Jasn - the guy from Georgia who swears like a trooper and spits during podcasts ? We're all Jock Tamson's bairns, you know. This place is only an online forum. It's already got management. What it needs are active, intelligent contributors who take a genuine interest in the subject at hand ... and there's no doubt you do that extremely well. But there's no progression here Jasn. None I can see anyway. It's not a contest. If you think points make prizes you're in the wrong place altogether.

As to the rules needing clarification, how much more clear would you wish them to be ? Profanity is banned here. Completely. And if you try to circumvent the censor and get caught you'll be toast ... for a day or two. And then you learn and move on. It's not hard to understand. Other folks seem to understand the way it works. So why not you ? You're anything but daft.

I dunno. I'm just gunna say here what others are saying backstage. Your whole objective seems to have been to pass from rising hope to elder statesman without any intervening period whatsoever. Why ? Only you know that. Perhaps yours is a natural talent, that you have a real gift for all things ATS & which is only muffled by all your self generated background noise. If that's the case just take a step back. Drop the whole persona thing and just be ... you ... because then you'll be genuinely liked & respected and not just by your own little posse but by the wider membership too.

How great would that be ? Much more personally satisfying than an online persona, that's for sure. And you deserve that because you truelly have great ability and put many of us in the shade when it comes to "Denying Ignorance".

Come down to Earth, Jasn, seriously. There's no shame in being a mere mortal.

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 12:29 AM
Does anyone remember the old days on yahoo chat when there were some very weird chat rooms and several "gangs" of us nerds and geeks. I was in a few of these groups. Thankfully I was in the groups with the good guys. We never fried anyone's computer unless it was called for by the user acting badly to another user. We felt we "owned" chat rooms we were in. how childish and ignorant that seems now. Drama, drama, drama. I'm sorry to say this situation we are discussing now reminds me of those old yahoo chat wars. I grew out of that years ago and I don't want any part of that drama now.

IMHO the integrity of this board has suffered because of this problem. I did not join this site thinking it was a social club. I thought it was a group of people who were earnestly seeking the truth and denying ignorance. Was I wrong?

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 05:37 AM
reply to post by Niall197

Why did I do he podcast?

I thought I made that quite clear.

I did it in the hopes of explaining my words a bit better and I feel that I accomplished that.

I also made it VERY evident in the podcast (as I have in my signature NUMEROUS times) that I view the "legend" thing as a bit of fun and totally in jest.

The rules will always need clarification until they are laid out the way SO laid out his new 9/11 "rules" thread.

THAT was clear and even there several mods had to step in and attempt to FURTHER clarify what Bill was saying.

Perhaps the REAL problem around here isn't the rules. Perhaps it is people's inability to read WITHOUT making up their mind beforehand about what is said.


Take care amigo!


Oh yea, I VERY VERY VERY seriously doubt you know what mod I was talking about.

NO, it certainly was NOT Intrepid. Though, I sense that is what you were hinting at.

Maybe it does take a rocket scientist after all?

posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by SimiusDei
NO, it certainly was NOT Intrepid. Though, I sense that is what you were hinting at.

I know exactly which one you're talking about because he and I butted heads and I basically told him that if he was going to twist and manipulate every word I said in response to him and make it an insult directed towards him, then I'd just quit communicating with him period. We agreed to that, and I haven't had any interaction with that Mod since, which has been about six months ago.

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