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Out of the mouth of babes!

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 01:37 AM
My Son just said something to me that reminded me of something he did, said once.

When he was four years old, we went to the Church to watch my Daughter's Eucharist. My Son, was tutting and rolling his eyes all the way through it. It was quite funny at the time because the School Principal was sitting directly in front of us. She had the same week accepted my Son's enrollment.

It was getting difficult to quieten him, he was getting angrier and angrier, the tutting was getting louder and people were looking at us.

He jumped up out of his seat and yelled out"

"Jesus is DEAD!" holding out his arms, looking at everyone like they were pathetic.

Everyone just stopped and looked at us. I decided to leave the service so not to disrupt it. On the way out, my Son is exclaiming:

"they are supposed to be doing, not sitting!"

I got the feeling from that 'we missed the point somewhere'... while we are all debating, worshipping we are not actually doing anything.

I also got the feeling that he in his young age had enough wisdom to state the obvious and be frustrated at the mentality of the Church.


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