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Makes me upset

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 12:03 AM
are any of you Christians getting tired of the people on tv like the guy with black hair with his miracle water, that do fake curings with actors to try and act like a miracle has happened?

Where is their faith? why dont they know God can do real miracles through faith?

are these guys like benny hin allowed on tv to make Christians preist or pastors look like goofballs?

I like how not just those programs but tv make us look like clowns. Like I saw and commercial about a new movie coming out while watching the news.

One clip has a preit standing up saying (its the devils music) with a goofy unsincerity, and ofcourse the crowd will glorify when the guy hits him in the face in the movie theaters.

One way the antichrist will work is to make comedy out of suddle hatred.

Comedy erases the act, so you christians have to be wise and watchout.

trust me alot of the preist I know, the real ones, are smart, loving and give their lives for others, but take the brunt of this stuff from TV.


posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 01:47 AM
I think theyre funny personally.
The fact that some folk think drink a 20 dollar bottle of water can rid them of their cancer or whatever, that funny.

I like when they hit the folks in the head after babbeling something incoherently. "Icommandyouinthenameofthelord,leavethiswoman!!!" *pow* Lady falls backward, shaking, acting like the preacher did something that might help her.

But then, I don't believe in god, but its still funny nonetheless.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 08:25 PM
I certainly agree with you. Many ministers, rabbis and priests are intelligent and ethical (even if I believe their faith is misguided). However, the TV evangelists are taking advantage of the millions of stupid people who happen to also be theists (note that there are also plenty of stupid atheists in my experience) to make themselves wealthy.

That's why we need to do everything we can to support education to help people think for themselves and not be sucked in by the con-men.


posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 11:08 PM
Its not funny.

Alot of souls are innocent and dont suspect evil. You know how people reach a point when they lose their happiness and innocence that they try and see everything like they know everything?

These people trust them like children, I hope to God Jesus enlightnes them.

Occam I agree.

I rememeber I was watching Oreilly and he said something so true one day after I wrote this.

He said since the media is mostly antichristian, I dont know if thats true or not, but he said they will true and make religious people look like clowns and fanatics and never show any sane people.

As people can attack christianity at will and get away with it. This is that time many, and I mean many saints prophecied about.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by JesusisTruth

Why would you be upset by this? If you are secure in what you believe in, it shouldn't matter to you.

Those people you refer to are very popular, and while I don't agree with their so called methods, it is not for me to say. Apparently, a lot of people buy into it. That is their choice.

You ought to have more of a Christian attitude about it all. Ya, know, "Live and Let Live."

You are allowed to believe whatever you do, why shouldn't other people be allowed to?

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 10:19 PM
live and let live.

I should care because some Christians are incredibly innocent and trust everybody with the name christian.

These souls get sucked into liars who dance around and mock real miracles.

so I will let live, but it makes me angry that they are on tv desicrating Gods name.


posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by Enthralled Fan

It really does matter whether you wish to believe it does. These people are preying on the hopeless, elderly and weak. This isn't a live and let live situation in my view, unfortunately there are a whole lot of really stupid people out there. These people are putting out the religous equivilent of a lead based toy to line their own pockets with material wealth. And I personally find it repulsve but the best anyone can do about it is to stand up and point out why they shouldn't be followed. You can lead a horse to water you can't make him drink it.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 09:21 PM
Yes... very... false shepherds run rampant among us.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 09:47 PM
J-I-T, O'Reilly is much the same as the TV religious con-men. He just focuses on politics and social issues. He is an excellent orator so he takes news items and warps them to get people worked up. By far the majority of the news media on TV, radio and newspapers are strongly pro-religion and also slanted toward conservative political views. However, O'Reilly and a few others keep repeating the lies and people begin to believe them.

I've seen very reasonable, rational ministers interviewed on public television, but they don't attract large audiences and collect large amounts of money, so they aren't noticed. And they can't pay the high fees charged by the religious TV and radio stations.


posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by Jovi1

That is what you think about this. If people want to believe it, then they should be allowed to. Until the people who put on these shows are proven to be found as criminals, they are not doing anything wrong. You, have decided to judge them for other people you are calling stupid.

I don't think you will be winning anyone over to your side with your thoughts since you are calling people stupid.

As for ripping people off, how about the Vatican? They own more real estate than anybody else in the world. How about the wealth of the Vatican? The mere millions they pay out, do to victims of pedophile priests is a drop in the bucket for them.

By the way, up intil last year, I was attending a Catholic church in Louisiana. I had recently moved here and had a friend I had known for many years living here already, and I thougt it would be a good way to meet some people. I had forgotten how the church has the gall to mail out envelopes for each weeks tithe. I also loved how they added extra envelopes for other occasions where extra dough was sublty demanded. A form of extortion for salvation.

I quit going as I felt that people were made to feel that they had to "pay" for any chance to get into heaven at that parish.

Jesus never demanded payment for any of his thoughts about God. He gave his messages for free. What's up with the Vatican gaining such enourmous wealth over and above what is nescessary for them to survive? Seems to me they are just as quilty as any televangelist.

The priest in Louisiana, where I was attending church, owned a brand new Mustang, and a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. They were prouldy parked in his rectory driveway!

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