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Mastering The Invisible Bodies

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posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 04:21 PM
Hey guys I just needed some help with something. I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and a caller talked about something that hit home for me and really accurately detailed how I feel now a days. The topic was about what is going on in the world today and how everyone seems to not only be acting strange but that there is a strong unilateral feeling across the globe that something bad is happening. The caller started out by saying that he thought people around the world are feeling this way because 'most people have a feeling that the world is going to be destroyed and they do not know what to do about it'. This is exactly how I feel inside every day, and as a developing 20 year old young man, the depression and anxiety that comes with this expiring clock inside me is unbearable. The caller then mentioned how 'mastering our invisible bodies can help us control our future and defeat any evil thats on the planet today'. I strongly believe that this may be the only way of accomplishing what needs to be accomplished in order to save the human race as well as this planet of ours. Can anyone help me gain more information on what this man is talking about? I need to learn more about being able to discipline and strengthen myself in ways previously unaware to me. Any information that generally relates to what this man was talking about would be helpful. I'm sorry if this is too general to begin with, but I hope some of you may feel the same way as I and can help me. I appreciate it very, very much.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 04:30 PM
I agree with you OP, i too feel the same way that something is happening that is leading us or will lead us to our doom.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 01:57 PM
Good post. Sound like an outer body experience to me? I am going to do some research on this. And yes, the anxiety of todays state it quite disturbing for those who choose to take an honest look at the world. Lost people have not a clue what is really happening and they dont want to know. These are the people who you try and talk to about trhe NWO and what not and thhey look at you like you have two heads!!! The next few years are going to tell the real story and my gut tells me it just gets worse from here. I hate to be a pessimist but the ones who do have control want it this way.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 05:48 PM
the "invisible bodies" could relate spiritually, not in religion but in a change of heart. a change of heart for the cause of virtue, for good and valor. If your living in a first world nation, there is no way for you not to know what is perceived coming within the nex 5-20 years.

the way we live our lives, the unsubstainable comsuption through materialism. it will all come to an alarming hault if we do not change our ways. i know you don't want to talk about it, but it will be your son's, your daughter's and your childrens childrens that will pay for the worlds sin.
Sure crude oil still exists today, but what about for the next generation down the line? Yea, we still have a Government that functions for the people (supposedly), but what about for our kids? when do we draw the lines of power?

it's worst than ignoring that gorilla in the corner (might as well be a pack of Yeti's), we all know that our current way of life will not last for much longer. Everyday when i walk out in public taking to people, it seems like their's something holding us (the world) back. Almost like people know but are either not ready for it, in denial, or are just plain stupid in their boxed frame of mind. sometimes i feel like this world we live in, is all an Illusion, an Illusion whose veil is about to drop. Maybe i'll live to see that day, Maybe i won't.

Ignoring all those Rumors of war, Impeading lower resources, OverPopulation, N.E.A's( mid century), Artifical pathegons(sp), Globalization, Polar Activity, Increase in Solar output, and etc. Internally there are many problems that people have after facing truth. Seeing that the People of Earth are even considering such outcomes becoming reality is a major step.

We live in an interesting point in time, a crossroads where the knowledge of man is exceeding the mindset. A point in time, where all could be gained or lost. A point where our true selves come out, where our qualities will either raise the world or destroy it. Alot of people can feel it whether they realise the depth of our circumstances or not.

What is the world to come? Utopia's or Tear-Laydin Ashes? should i live to see both come and pass? i believe i have a heart strong enough to take it.

It's a dangerous world out there, don't let the illusion confuse you, take control of your life, And let your focused mind guide you to where you want be should it come to pass.

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by PatriotGames2
The caller then mentioned how 'mastering our invisible bodies can help us control our future and defeat any evil thats on the planet today'.

The "invisible bodies", "subtle bodies", "Theosophical Septenary", etc. is the doctrine common to all authentic religions.

However, it is taught in Gnosis that to continue with our lunar rags is pointless.

The Solar Bodies are said to be the only thing that will prtoect us from the coming Final Catastrophe.

It is taught that we enter the "Astral Plane"(albeit it's Klipothic counterpart) with our lunar astral body every night when we go to sleep. The reason why we usually don't remember it, is because we have a lot of ego and also because our consciousness is very asleep.

It is taught that with the Solar Astral body of the Anagamin, our Astral experiences are much more clear and crystalline.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by PatriotGames2
The caller then mentioned how 'mastering our invisible bodies can help us control our future and defeat any evil thats on the planet today'.

The "invisible bodies", "subtle bodies", "Theosophical Septenary", etc. is the doctrine common to all authentic Religions.

"Living a Beast Life"

However, it is taught in Gnosis that to continue with our lunar bodies is useless, even detrimental:

"Building the Solar Bodies is how one properly prepares themselves for what is described in the parabale of the "Wedding Banquet," in which the King thew out the man who was not dressed properly. In other words, that man attempted to enter Heaven with the filthy rags of the ego, thus he was thrown into Hell."

The Building of the Solar Bodies(the Second Birth) is said to be the only thing that will allow us to avoid the coming Final Catastrophe.

Anyway, we enter the "Astral Plane"(albeit it's Klipothic counterpart) with our lunar astral body every night when we go to sleep. The reason why we usually don't remember it, is because we have a lot of ego and also because our consciousness is very asleep.

It is taught that with the Solar Astral body of the Anagamin, our Astral experiences are much more clear and crystalline.

But it is also taught that we can still awaken to a much larger level of consciousness without Solar Bodies.

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posted on Jun, 6 2011 @ 04:21 PM
I realize this is an older thread but I found a pdf that I found interesting: It might be of help to someone.

A free ebook "Our Invisible Bodies" can be found here:
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posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by SeekerLou

Thanks SeekerLou! Very much appreciated. Been awhile since I checked this thread myself...

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by PatriotGames2

Welcome ..
Glad to be of help ... This thread interests me too!
Hope more come to give their 2cents!

posted on Aug, 6 2011 @ 09:27 PM
this is what a friend of mine wrote to me in a letter about 6 years back. it is written in a kind of shakespearian way but if you read it several times you can start to understand it....some of you will understand it right off.. tell me what you think....i call it the machine....

And as each monster bank that agrees to turn a blind eye to the corruption, more souls are

bought off, and another small mom and pop bank is boarded up each day......

and as each government division is doled out millions to create new "government jobs for

the needy", the devouring machine convinces the peoples that the "self perpetuating

machine" is the only salvation from starvation and loss......

and as the lotto creates trillions and trillions in tax revenues, that line the coffers of

the machine heads, what was once called the "servant of the people", each day convinces

another school teacher with a family that to work around the clock to survive is just and

good and noble......

and as the machine spews forth the entitlements wished and craved and begged for by the

people, disillusioned souls are fed the food of tyranny that enslaves even the children in

cradles, offered up to the god's of money and power......

and the glamour and wealth disguised brings a once sovereign peoples to it's knees' in

tears, as the machine rumble's forth spewing the blood of the innocent and ignorant.......

and each day the great hollow void grows larger, and the earth swells with the atrocities

thought buried forever within it's belly.......

and the forever tellings broadcast forth of the bad and terror that roamed the streets,

wishing and wanting to harm the good and faithful, causes the giant fist to open it's

greedy sweaty hands, to accept into it's palms the slaves, as they run into it seeking

shelter and safety......

and as the airwaves pumped out the illusions as dreams of happiness, the clamber of running

feet was deafening, and drowned out the cry's of the children and dying and poor, as the

great giant fist patted and rubbed the heads that love to be praised, and stroked the minds

of those that long to be called as good and faithful citizens......

and as the unwitting souls tried to make the leap to join the elite ranks of the

"successful", they were fed notions of unsanity pumped out each day, the inconsistencies of

the words and directive's as tall towers unto the skies, and true reality was hidden from

sight, from anything that wished most for itself, and from all that wished to be validated

from the outside frequencies......

and at the top of the tiers and tower's, where the walking dead roamed to and fro, the

stench of self worship and corrupted power filled the skies with black smoke, and as each

poor beggar soul that stepped close to the room of power was engulfed in flames, and the

fires of injustice burned hot, and the souls that sought to find gain for self fell into

the ashes, as each one learned there is no turning back, and no exit from within the inner

circle, that was longed for day and night by the ruthless minds......

and as the consequence and risk of exposure of the truth grew larger each day, the mountain

became high to the skies, and far too great to ever be told except for the sake of blood,

for the atrocities perpetuated in the name of right and good and god, stained the very soil

of the feet the brave and real once walked upon, that fought for valor and love of other's


and the voice of the heart that beckoned to those who left it behind, to awaken to courage

and passion, was quelled and quieted with the realization's of reality, that the cost be

not only self, but one's own family and children......

and the silence and obedience was bought with new offering's of a show, and as promotion's

unto power, or the voice's faded away into the bowels of the unsane rhetoric, and

disappeared from sight into the abyss of the lost, into the sea of the dead prophet's of

truth, that died not for only a few, but for all and many and many, seeing with sight ahead

how all would die as slaves, even while praising it's slave master's promising words of

safety and passage......

and even as the curses of the followers and faithful ring in the ears of the dying, another

honest heart is dissolved with the acids of greed that eat away at the truth......

and the souls that lament in silence cry forth in the quiet places, with the seeing it's

own shall come to destruction if the tale be told, as who and what voice can stand and say

take my loved one's and imprison them, seeing it was but self's own greed that caused the

blindness, and caused the pitiful demise of it's own, or the demise of many and many more,

and even so, as a thief in the night the great dragon came to steal helpless crying babies

with no knowings from the cradle's of comfort.......

and the trail of destruction of the machine was covered with blood, and the cost of

salvation and redemption came to be mortal life, and the ranks of the neutered were added

to each day, and marched on as drones to the beat of the manipulated and contorted


and as the big iron fist reached out it's hand, to acquire it's ownership of the hearts and

souls of human beings, the insatiable thirst for money and power grew exponentially, and

the level of respect and servitude demanded from the lessor's as common peoples grew with

each passing day, and the death grip that clutched anything that dare dissent, caused the

roar of the same machines that rumbled in the ears of past Faithfull's to grow louder each

second, and as the meek followers convinced of self guilt before god, stood silent in

fear, the silence for the sake of self that in day's past perpetuated unquestionable power

gave rise to the destructions of many, powered with the fuel of self preservation, and the

despise of proof and scrutiny was alive, and millions of insubordinates were churned forth

thru the grist mill, spewing bone and blood and hearts into the soils of the earth......

and the peoples that ate of the expert definitions of evil put forth by the dragon, stood

by while it's neighbor's were fed into machines of torture and violence, and hate fed the

flames of passion of killings, while the people's despised by the machine sang praises to

the machine......

and the cowards that thirsted for safety were engulfed in a tight fist, even suppressed

unto the thoughts and speech of the mouths, and as the king of false promises defined

morals and normal code's even unto death, the lion roared forth, to lap up the brains of

the oppressor's, even being cursed by the gullible and convinced subjects that hollered for

their inferior brother's and sister's to be put to death, and the species that once bought

vanity and flattery was enlightened, and the inner chambers that has devised devices of

control and control were overcome, and the exterminations of the less or's, purported as

the filth that inhabited the planet, came and lifted up the once self professed holy

diver's, that had given up their loved ones for self merit and safety, and the machine

ground to a halt as the earth come to a stop, and as the skies reigned in new days of peace

and love, the prize and glory of the bold and courageous that served the people's was

fulfilled, and handed back in recompense.

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