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Weather Crimes there for all to see

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posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 08:55 AM
It was announced today on the Weather Channel that the fruit trees in South Carolina were blooming and that there was going to be devastating crop losses this year...and it's still only December. I mean, I expected it. My roses, rhododendrons and gardenias are in full bloom here in Tennessee in mid December. I look up, even today, and all I see is line after line of aerial spraying.

Let's put things in perspective. Last winter I noticed an upgraded aerial spraying program that coincided with warmer weather. This spraying would last for weeks on end bringing with it temperatures in the 70's and 80's. The trees would bud out and then the aerial spraying would stop. Colder air would move in and kill the new leaves and buds. This happened at least three times last winter. The last one, notoriously called the 'Easter Freeze', was the most severe and culled most fruit production for the year for the Southeast.

Early in the spring there was massive spraying...and massive amounts of tornadoes. Lots of people died in Alabama and Arkansas. Then the spraying continued on into the summer. This was a first for me. I mean I had noticed chemtrails years before but they always stopped after spring. Not this year, they have continued all year long. So did the high pressure and exceptional drought for the southeast...oh yeah, Texas (too bad it wasn't Crawford) and Tobasco, Mexico recieved exceptional floods. Late this summer you could drive out in the country and see about one out of every hundred trees DEAD. The spraying continues. The chemtrail induced Santa Anna winds caused massive forest fires in California and then Washington and Oregon recieved exceptional flooding. People died and lost their homes. The spraying continues. Now we're getting freak ICE storms because there is warmer air riding over colder air BECAUSE OF THE CHEMTRAILS...thirty some odd people dead. The spraying continues. #ing Al Gore recieves the #ing Nobel Peace Prize for his part in coming up with how to screw us most royally with this brilliantly conceived plan to totally #ing screw us and entirely get away with it. I mean, how can you have any redress of grievance over a program that isn't even officially acknowledged. Who are you going to sue? Oh, were offered low interest government loans when the area is declared a Federal disaster. That really helps, gotta pay them back...basically just means we just got owned...isn't that what these people want anyways? I've wrote to every government official I can to see who owns these planes. Nobody will accept responsibility.

So, make a long story short, I went out and checked my peach trees to see if they were budding out here in Tennessee. Nope. They're completely dead. You shills who are trying to cover your employers asses in this mess are gonna pay your dues also. I hope you ALL burn in MF'ing hell. Understand?

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