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100% Flawless Proof of God

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posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 10:11 AM

Originally posted by AshleyD
To Speaker of Truth: How so? I always think it's funny when critics say "The Gospels all conflict each other!" Then turn around and use the Synoptic Gospel problem by saying the Gospels of Matthew and Luke were copied almost verbatim from Mark because they are so similar. It can only be one or the other. So let me know if there is something I can help with or clarify for you.

To the original poster: It is indeed interesting that the Bible was written by dozens of men over centuries yet they all agree whereas texts like the Koran and the Mormon "Bible" were written by one man with one revelation.

But my belief in Christianity goes so much farther than just a coherent message in the Bible. The fulfillment of prophecy to the letter, the way underlying subjects mesh together once you engage in exegesis, advanced scientific foreknowledge in the Bible, the way everything that is supposed to happen before Jesus' second coming is happening before our eyes (and the things left to be fulfilled are being prepared by current world events), the historical accuracy of the Bible, spiritual and miraculous occurrences I've been able to witness, and everything else that goes along with Christian apologetics.

The only thing I regret is all the time I wasted being a die-hard skeptic for so many years when I thought it was all a big man-made lie.

You should do some research into your religion, all religions. Do a background check on them. Find out where they derive from. Believing in GOD and believing in religions that are man made are to different things. I believe their is a creator I just dont believe man has the faintest idea of what it is. You want proof of that look at the world.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by StandFirm

god is a way of saying everything came from some where the holly spirit is way of describing the feeling many people have felt of overwhelming piece and happyness exploited to be divine expeirence and jesus,muhhamad,buhda,etc is the goverment way of taking control of something to pervert it to there advantage do you think a person could collect scrolls thousands of years old from different countrys and make a descion weather to keep by including or destroy by excluding them from the holy bible no a person is the one who hid the dead see scrolls to protect from evil men corrupting something that was never meant to be used in haeemful ways you cant date the first time it was rewritten but theres a good recent event roman catholic church

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 04:29 PM
OK I just want to point out some of the obvious.

Where did God come from? Does it matter? And even if He told us, how could we possibly understand it (God is not bound to our dimensions - He created it (our dimensions) for His creation)

Did He create other sentient beings on other planets in different solar systems? Again how would telling us help? (the dinosaurs - who cares - they have nothing to do with our salvation.)

The creation story "time problem" Did God not say in the Bible that to Him a day is like 10 000 years and 10 000 years is like a day (He's not bound to time - He created time) so the story have to be seen as a testament to Gods power

Sinners suffering eternally in Hell - nowhere in the Bible is it claimed (The Bible do say that sinners will be thrown into the eternal fire and be utterly destroyed- meaning no chance of redemption (the Bible don't even claim the soul is immortal )

Someone mentioned the cruelty used in the old testament, well in the old testament blood was the only acceptable commodity for sin and till Jesus came and willfully shed His blood for us, people had to sacrifice live stock for their sins (Imagine Fauna and Flore in old Israel :lol
Why? - Only God knows and again us knowing would not change a thing.

God don't need us we need Him. Even if we don't believe in God it does not mean He don't believe in us.

Believing God exists will not save you - Only accepting Jesus as your savior and Lord can save you from destruction. I'm not saying this to threaten anyone, it's just a choice u have to make and when the Holy Spirit calls to you God still give you the choice to accept or decline. How much free will do you want? He even give you multiple chances the only catch - He won't usually tell you when you stand before your last chance.

One question though, Why do so many atiests jump into a thread about something they don't believe in? Is it that you - deep down - actually want to be convinced of the existence of God? If so this thread won't help you, you need to believe like a child (Jesus said this) and not try to use your intellect to try and understand something impossible for a human to comprehend, and then the Holy Spirit (once you learn to trust the Lord God) will give you the understanding and the insights you need to serve God.

Some advice from personal experience, seek out your place in the different denominations, you will know when you have come across the right one where you can fit in.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 05:03 PM
Zeitgeist is what people should be watching!

People ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!, seriously ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Why, Why so many "god" (lowercase too) discussions???

No proof......

Never will there be proof.......

Whats the point?


Crazy, this world is crazy!

What is more logical? "god" being an alien, or "god" being a guy in the clouds, where only the Christian VIPs can enter through the Pearly Gates.

Seriously wow!

[edit on 17-12-2007 by IMAdamnALIEN]

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by dragonben
The creation story "time problem" Did God not say in the Bible that to Him a day is like 10 000 years and 10 000 years is like a day (He's not bound to time - He created time) so the story have to be seen as a testament to Gods power

So what you are saying is, he is away from his experiment for the weekend and will be back to see how it is going later?

Atheist post here because they have an apposing argument..if they didnt we would never get their point of view whether you like it or not.

cant expect everyone to believe in your imaginary all comes down to personal choice.

like i said earlier, this thread will just be a flame thread..people will take sides and the argument will just go round and round..very tiresome after a while.

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:49 PM
Regarding "the creation problem:" If we read into the original Hebrew, we come to the conclusion of what is called the "gap theory." The original text states that the earth "became an uninhabitable ruin" between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. In other words, the earth had been created prior and a time gap took place between its original creation, destruction and judgment, and remodeling. Some believe it was due to Satan being cast out of Heaven and down to the earth after his rebellion.

I honestly don't know as it is only a theory. However, God will explain it all to us when the time comes. I personally don't care if the earth is billions of years old (although the laws of physics tells us this is impossible) 6,000 years old, or a few hundred thousand years old. God is still in control and He is still the creator.

Originally posted by -jezz-
cant expect everyone to believe in your imaginary all comes down to personal choice.

Absolutely! A personal choice is exactly what it is. We all have been given an either/or choice and it is up to each of us to decide. We are even told in the Bible to choose this day who we will serve. After seeing all the evidence for myself through Biblical prophecy, science, and expositional theology, I chose God.

[edit on 12/28/2007 by AshleyD]

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 11:32 PM
The bible is a good advice book nothing more. There are too many books that were banned from the bible by the church because they were deemed too "unchristian". One even tells the story of jesus pushing his childhood friend off the roof of his house killing him, then bringing him back to life. If you are going to leave out parts of the "greatest, fact filled story of all time", then the first question i have for you is WHY? I wouldn't want my star wars or my lord of the rings story to to be only ten minutes long. What kind of storytelling is that? But on the other hand, anybody that tells mankind to all get along and love each other we kill them. Jesus, JFK, MLK, John Lennon... POW! It seems possible that mankind would @%#! up the original bible for their own selfish needs. Either way we are all dead men. Why waste time pissing and moaning over who believes what and who's right about what. Life's too short. Get out there and live it.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by Halloween
One even tells the story of jesus pushing his childhood friend off the roof of his house killing him, then bringing him back to life. If you are going to leave out parts of the "greatest, fact filled story of all time", then the first question i have for you is WHY?

if it isnt a ¨fact¨, why include it?

if the bible is the word of god and inspired by him, dont you think that he would keep out false stories?

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:54 PM
OMG!!! I am so sick and tired of the same old crap being done over and over agian.
Anyone who does not understand the flipin' book of Genesis, did not at least graduate highschool or get the GED! I didn't graduate, but I understand the darn thing! I will say this only ones and I will use allcaps because the athiest are rather deaf for some reason, so here we go folks, for the millionth time!

THERE ARE NOT TWO CREATION ACCOUNTS! THE FISRT VERSES ABOUT CREATION IS TALKING ABOUT ALL THE STUFF GOD MADE, THE SECOND SET OF VERSES GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT MAN! IT IS NOT GIVING TWO DIFFERENT CREATION ACOUNTS! Are you guy's really that dumb to not know the difference? Oh wait, I just remembered Yeshua said that people in the last days would be willfully ignorant. This is why schooling is important, you see the first verses about creation are accounts of the things that God created, the second goes into detail on His creation of man, and I have to repeat myself endlessly because everyone is too willfully ignorant of the truth, sorry, I'm just a little pissed because I keep seeing this crap over and over.

I think Athiests have some sorta insanity on the forum, they keep doing the same thing over and over agian, getting the same result, but expecting a different result.


posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by AshleyD

Ashley, the earth was created in full functional maturity, just as Adam and Eve were, that's why it looks so old, plus the evolutionists want you to believe that the earth is billions of years old, but it's not.

The earth was not created in 6,000 years, it was created in 6 days, I know the old arguement of that verse in Psalms that says "a is as a thousnad years and a thousand years is as a day to the Lord", but that does not say that He took 6,000 years to create the earth. Please, please reread Genesis, you will see that at the end of ever day it says something like this:

...And the evening and the morning were the first day.
...And the evening and the morning were the second day.
...And the evening and the morning were the third day.

Also, God did not create man twice, He created him once:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The above states that God created man, and He created man in his own image.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

From here on it goes into detail about the creation of man and the screws of man.

The problem people have these days is that they keep trying to put God into a human box (also an evolutionist box) because we cannot comprehend an eternal being with our carnal finite minds. Man will try to fool you and science constantly keeps making crap up to try and claim it's hold on the minds of man, it has no legs so it tries to sit on the shoulders of man and dictate his life.


posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by jimmyjackblack

Hello, JJB. Thanks for your comments. I think this is the first thread I ever participated in 'hardcore' and it is months old. Someone seems to have bumped it.

Anyways, I am reading a book BigWhammy sent me entitled Genesis Unbound. It delves into the original Hebrew that doesn't translate exactly into English. It's a good read but I am not finished with it yet so maybe BW can help explain some things I'm not knowledgeable enough to explain.

I agree with you on two points: I do not believe the earth was created in 6,000 years. The 'a day is as 1,000 years' passage actually deals with Jesus' second coming- not necessarily the creation story. I also do not believe the earth is billions upon billions of years old. Truthfully, I don't know how old it is as there are so many contradictory measurements. Never really seemed like an issue worth getting stuck on, to be honest.

Also, I don't believe I ever claimed there are two creation accounts in the Bible although some may disagree with us. I have defended the Bible against such an argument many times on here and am not sure how you came to believe I support a double creation account.

Lastly, I hope you are not assuming I believe in evolution. I'm pretty sure there is only one member here who is more outspoken than I am about it being bunk.

Take care.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 08:46 PM
I thought the bible as we know it is based on the collection of oral tradition and hebrew folklore compiled into a single volume by monks back in the dark ages. The time of jesus' bith and death was an approximation at this time based on existing letters and texts.

There does not need to be, nor can there be proof of gods existence as the premise of monotheistic religions is that of blind faith and absolute truth. proof is not required until one steps outside of that box and starts to look beyond what they have been told. making up ones own mind is not usually an acceptible option.

mankind has progressed to where they are today by thinking objectively about their position in the universe. free thought is a human privelege and in my opinion should be celebrated and not supressed as it has been (in the west) over the past 2000 years

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by AshleyD

My deepest appologies for coming off so harsh, I thought the athiest may have tempted you closer to there side when you started talking about the gap theory, so I paniced and wrote all that, not all of it was directed towards you though, some was for the rest viewing that page as well. the post I made before my last though was directed towards the athiests because I so sick of being in the same old battle with them.

Once agian, my deepest appologies for coming off so harsh.


posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 08:49 PM
reply to post by fozotronic

So are you saying I did not make up my own mind because I believe in the Bible? That's a rather speculative and subjective statement.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by StandFirm
First let me start off by sayin that I've always believed in God and hopefully this will open some eyes and change some hearts. It's been a long time comin but I've finally got enough evidence to make some people possibly reconsider atheism.
"The bible was inscribed over a period of 2,000 years in times of war and in days of peace. It was written by kings, fishermen, beggers, sheppards, merchants, and carpenters. The marvel is that a work of art so perfectly coheisive could have been structured by such a diverse crowd."

And another arguement that noone can ever disprove is

"If God doesn't exist, then who's bowling when it thunders?"

That's odd. I can equally prove 100% that there ISN'T a God. Wierd huh?


posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 10:53 PM
Hm. I can prove 100% that the universe was created by bread.

That's right. Bread. People have been baking bread the same way for thousands of years. Farmers, peasants, homeowners, king's cooks, slaves, even that cook on TV that everybody thinks is funny. They're all different people, and yet they all bake the same bread.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by jimbo999

Then prove it.
Its funny that you haven't dragged out this golden proof a lot sooner.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by AshleyD
Hi Ashley, the next Biblical prophesy to be fulfilled is the nuking of Iran and other Arab countries, by Israel in self-defense. It is looking more and more like the US will go to war with Iran, but if Israel uses the 'Sampson' option, we could merely bring our boys home. There is much debate over whether Mystery Babylon is the Vatican, or the United States. I guess we will know for sure when it or we get destroyed. But, we will have two 'end-time' prophets who will appear, and give guidance to those looking for them, on how to get to safety. A great book on this all is 'Know the Future', and it has a website that I don't recall the name of. The Old Testament feasts are all prophetic, and will/have been, fulfilled on precisely the day of the feast, and in a Sabbath year. The book has an amazing run down on all this. And the BIBLE prophesies a coming STAR, which is now on the other side of our position around the sun. Should be visible shortly. NASA knows about it, and is remaining mum, because THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. It is a dim star, called Nemesis, and it has a few planets around it, one called Planet X or Niburu, home of the Watchers-or Anachim, the 'fallen' angels. These aliens, or non-human sentient beings, are not demons pretending to be aliens, they are aliens pretending to be 'good guys'. Nemesis is our 'twin star', in a 3,600 year orbit around Sol. Last time was Noah's flood. I suspect inbound, and then the 'escape from Egypt' on the outbound. Don't know. But the 'plagues' seem to be a result of a huge gravitic influence, and we are beginning to see some effects now; mega-earthquakes, weather changes, solar flares, etc. Just remember, you are 'called'. You are to 'testify' not actually expect to change minds. They can have all the facts, but still not be called, not willing to see the truth. Don't let it bother you. Not your prob. Peace, ;D

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 02:17 AM
Perhaps you are speaking of wootan, the great ju ju of the jungle or thor?Where is this 100% flawless proof. I thought everyone knew by now that god is just a delusion. This isn't even very amusing.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by DickieDee

not only did u bump an incredibly old thread, but it doesn't even seem like you rehd it before making ur rash post . . . :-/

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