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A 21st Century Literacy Quiz

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 09:54 PM
To test your alt. awareness, define and discuss:

1. Chemtrails
2. Dark matter and dark energy
3. Scalar electromagnetism (also known as zero point energy)
4. Bush grandpa Prescott Bush’s relationship to founding Nazi financer
Fritz Thyssen
5. Wally Hilliard, suspect in Venice FL
6. Reverse-engineered technology
7. Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank that prints US money
8. The new “eighth continent” in the northern Pacific Ocean
9. Auctioning of people with dissociative identity disorder (and “alters”)
10. Remote viewing
11. Dick Cheney and the quote, “The Match is on.”
12. Saudi contributions to "Al Queda"
13. James Bath (Bush buddy)
14. The New World Order
15. The Disclosure Project
16. The quote: “Pull Tower 7.”

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