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Home delivery from space! (Well not quite)

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 06:10 PM
Hi all.

Long time reader, but infrequent poster here.

Haven't seen this space tether story posted, so I'll stick it up. My apologises if it's been posted elsewhere.

Looks like a pretty neat idea with a lot of potential. This might be the sort of thing, if it becomes wildly used, to
stimulate more research into space elevators i.e. a permanent tether up into space.

Regardless, I wonder how long it will be before you can get a Starbuck's delivered by space tether!

If the capsule has survived re-entry, then it may well end up as a 'UFO' story in a local newspaper somewhere.
Should be worth keeping eye out.

Some poor Kazak farmer is probably trying to pry it open as I type this. Either that or the capsule will be appearing on
ebay soon.



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