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So Dark Knight showed himself again....

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 08:03 AM
Well...I was pretty convinced by him until...his dumb post containing dumb photo.

I honestly was disappointed by his thread. Now I believe he is just another hoax..

His recent thread about talking flame...I believe his photo surely led many people including me, disappointed..

Talking flame surely looked like some man made fire. lol

Dark Knight is 100% sure about 2011 man made apocalypse. Now we have only 3 years to watch it...

But from what i see, he could be just another hoax...

I saw his several photos (evidences), and as you know, I was deeply shocked, because of the fact that poor Dark Knight thought he could convince people with such a fake photo. (Sorry Dark Knight, but honestly...even a grade 1 kid would not fall for that..)

What are you Dark Knight? Honestly? I would rather belive Martian Boy Boriska than you.

I would rather wait for pole shifting than your man made apocalypse hoax.

Have fun in Nepal.


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