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Private UFOlogist Personal Collection

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posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 03:43 AM
Dave Rabbit and I just completed a wonderful interview with Researcher and Associate Editor Robert Morningstar of UFOdigest for a upcoming ATSmix show. After our interview we were discussing those that were instrumental in front of and behind the UFO scene. He then related that there is someone that has been instrumental in the UFOlogy field for quite some time that is currently not fairing well and reluncticly is going to be releasing his private collection of personal UFO material and books. His name is Marc Davenport and rather than get long winded in what he has done and has offered the community, here's what Robert Morningstar in a nutshell had to say about Marc:

I can personally relate to you that Marc has been very generous
with his time and materials in the past, reproducing rare items
at his own expense, sharing them freely to advance
investigations into the Roswell enigma and many other cases.

Now this is not some sales pitch made by myself or any of the staff here at ATS. It's more of a plea for assistance to help someone out in the UFO community that has given and gave freely that now needs a bit of our help. And you may also get the opportunity to secure something fantastic for your private collection. Many of these are very-very rare collections, many are hard to find and many others are autographed copies. Your not going to find a lot of these anywhere, and if so, the price would be incredible. There's a wealth of content in his collection for some one serious about UFOlogy.

So if you feel so incline, please check out the private collection. And just as a FYI, I'm securing 11 books for the ATSMIX library out of my own pocket.

Marc Davenports Private Collection

Thanks for your patience and consideration. Also if you would, lets all send Marc some positive thoughts to help him persevere during these trying times.

Johnny Anonymous

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 05:23 AM
Wow, thanks so much Johnny. Not just for securing the books straight out of your own pocket which is an respectable thing to do but also just bringing this information to all of us.

Again thank you.


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