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911 call audible alarm on Verizon phones

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 10:45 PM
An Austin woman discovered dialing 911 on her new Verizon phone caused her phone to make an audible alarm. Since she was calling 911 because she knew someone had illegally entered her property and thought the person could still be present, she feared for her safety. At that point she thought now the trespasser knows she's there also.

The link

Turns out, Verizon said the 911 alarm is on all its new phones. Verizon said the audible tone is required by the Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC, however, said that’s not so.

Here’s what Verizon Spokeswoman Sheryl Sellaway said:

“The tone our customer experienced is our interpretation of Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act calling for a provider of telecommunications service to offer service that is accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities. The tone, indicating that 911 has been dialed, is one of several features designed to make wireless service is accessible and easy to use, especially for those with disabilities....”

Sellaway said Verizon is concerned that Carol is unhappy with her service. She said Carol’s is the first complaint about the tone.

But the FCC said Section 255 of the Telecommunications Code requires that phones let a caller know a 911 call is underway, but does not require an audible alarm.

So much for being able to secretly dial 911 during a kidnapping.

If you're concerned then check your phone.

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