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Something must be warming this planet up

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 10:09 PM
Well, there has been a lot of recent talk of the Global Warming issue. Oh wait a minute. Maybe it is a scam. No wait, scientists agree that GW is real. Wait, then they change and tend to say that the Earth is actually cooling. I would have to say that it is a bit of both. This according to all of the threads here concerning the whole debate. The most recent article I have found regarding the issue states this: "Greenland ice melts at record rate"

WASHINGTON — Rising temperatures caused ice to melt in Greenland at a record rate this year, climate scientists reported Monday.
Greenland is about one-quarter as big as the continental United States , and 80 percent of it is covered by a massive ice sheet. It got its name because, from about A.D. 1000 to 1300, during the so-called ``Medieval Warm Period,'' it was warm enough to support forests and thriving colonies of Viking settlers.
This year's melt lifted global sea levels about two one-hundredths of an inch, Steffen said. If the entire ice cap melted, it could raise the sea by 21 feet, swamping coastal cities and low-lying islands, but such a catastrophe isn't expected for at least a thousand years, if ever.
Steffen, who's spent 18 seasons working on the Greenland ice cap, attributed the accelerated melting to an air temperature increase of about 7 degrees Fahrenheit since 1991.

As it sounds to me from this article, the Earth is warming. But I also believe that we are part of a cycle. As it was with the Viking settlers. At that period in time, the Earth warmed and ice melted allowing the Vikings to settle in new areas.
We are again in a warming period. So I believe that there must be something warming us. Pinpointing exactly what it might be will never be figured out. There are too many factors and variables involved.
And why is it that we seem to be worrying sooo much about the ice melting and raising sea levels. I'm sorry, but at a rate of two one hundredths of an inch a year, I would say there will be quite some time passing before it affects us. Aren't there bigger issues that may pose a more immediate threat to the human race such as nuclear war and new world order?

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by palehorse23

Aren't there bigger issues that may pose a more immediate threat to the human race such as nuclear war and new world order?

It isn't just global warming anymore. The warming happened over the past 50-200 years as any number of books can explain.

Perhaps they are all tied together. Also, war could possibly be a means to depopulate the planet to make it more manageable in the event of a major crisis, be it weather, alien, terrorist or just plain old gluttony.

But it is no movie. It is the future of most hurricane seasons to come. These super hurricanes as featured in these documentaries will affect everything from insurance, home building, stock markets and investments, interest rates, unemployment, the economy, politics, land use, the environment, even opinions about Iraq war expenditures.

These summers the water gets as hot in the gulf as the satellites can record.

11 Facts That Will Blow You Away
100 Percent increase in intensity and duration of hurricanes and tropical storms since the 1970s. (Emanuel)

Waste Disposal and Yucca Mountain

Perhaps the key concern in the U.S. currently is the issue of waste disposal—what to do with all that spent nuclear fuel currently lying around at dozens of sites across the country?

(For easy reference the above excerpt was taken from page 16.)

Also, what happens to the nuclear waste during a storm, heavy rains and floods, an earthquake, or God forbid, an attack?

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