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An Inconvenient Concpiracy (to THEM at least...)

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 08:33 PM
We've all heard it.

Whether it be the news, your local radio station, Discovery Channel specials, you name it, you see it.

They disguise the words with happy terms. Going green, eco-hero, whatever.

But, you know what I am talking about now. And you know who preaches it. Al Gore (affiliated with the infamous Illuminati member Bill Clinton), and many other..."ENLIGHTENED ONES" of our time.

But, is it true? Many conspiracy theories have been around on this site about it, and I do believe that there is one here about it right now that is very popular.

But not matter the subject, it IS happening. Some say that it can be stopped, and others say that it is a natural occurrence, and others say that we are doing it, but we don't know what chemical the real culprit is.

In my perspective, the first is right, but if you mean we (as in excluding the Illuminati), no. The second one is wrong, and the third blows it out of the water. We do not know what causes this whether anomaly to happen, but it is still happening.

What if there was no chemical that was causing this problem?

What if it was something a little more...sinister?

There is a military installation out in Alaska, very near the Alaska/Yukon Territory Border that is called the HAARP project.

The HAARP Project is supposedly a

Pentagon sponsored radio physics project, officially intended to expand knowledge about the nature of long-range radio communications and surveillance using the fluctuating Ionosphere (the portion of the upper atmosphere extending from 35 to 500 miles above the earth's surface).

From the HAARP archive data from ATS

But, of course, even as the same article alludes to that the HAARP is not exactly what they say it is. The article states that the HAARP may be used for military purposes by controlling the weather of an enemy country.

But, if you look at the bigger picture, most of the world is ruled by the Illuminati. So, why use this technology on another country, when they could really use this technology to put the people under more of an Illuminati restraint?

A mental restraint, that would tap the mind and scour the soul because if you
do your pitiful "Eco-Heroism" you will be kind to all living things on the planet.

What if you were to use the HAARP to strengthen the belief of what still today is a THEORY.

Global Warming.

If you look deeper, in the past 14 years we have been experiencing "whether anomalies" like we never have been before. The hurricanes, the temperatures, and not to mention the ice caps melting...

But this is the scam they have been creating for us! Right there.

Why did all of this stuff start happening after 1989? Isn't a little, QUAINT that the evidence started to pop up AFTER the press release was made?

NOw with this HAARP project, if you can control the whether, make it do anything yo want, what would you do to make it have response to the people that would make them want to believe in Global Warming?

Throw out a Hurricane, or sixty, turn up the thermostat a little, and maybe melt the ice cap, just a tad. Then, go out to everybody and shout


Then the public would cry, "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!"


Then the whole of the public looks up to you as a great leader, because you have the solution to a problem you have made. A fraud, but the people buy the gamble like a hot deal.

But, stepping back to the topic, even though all the press releases happened in the late eighties, when did people start to care?

The late nineties.

And when was the HAARP project built?


So, is this, Global scam believable now? Or do you still side with the government, the other governments, and the legions of scientists.


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