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Illegal Immigrant Worker Billboards Etc.

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 06:58 PM
I seen one of these this morning going into our downtown area (Kansas City) I was wondering if anyone else has seen these things pop up anywhere....Kinda gives me awareness that our city is a "sanctuary city" I have also heard rumors and found this site aswell which says we are a port for the (NAU) and the superhighway projects....

KC SmartPort Strategic Plan

Economic Development

Strategy: Become more proactive in the identification of projects and opportunities.

Asian freight: West Coast to East Coast – identify the freight, the shipper and target it for de-trained freight in KC market.
Asian freight: To Mexican ports up to KC on rail – promote it and develop it.
U.S. importers: Identify top 50 and plot their current facilities on a US map. Look for importers who lack Midwest distribution facilities and target them.
Rail freight consolidation: Follow up on Port of Tacoma concept of empty container consolidation facility.
Work with KCS, BNSF and UP on new intermodal facilities and development opportunities around these facilities.
Exports to Mexico: Work with custom brokers on a consolidation facility.
KCADC / Site Selection Consultants / ED Alliance: continue building relationships.
U.S. 71 / I-49: Lobby for funding to build the road to improve economic development opportunities along this corridor.
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Strategy: Coordinate the current funding and target new funding that complements strategic plan.

Manage the FHWA, $500,000 project with three deliverables: 1) snapshot on competitive position for freight based economic development projects. 2) ITS technology for long haul rail to regional trucking and distribution. 3) ITS implementation plan and funding avenues.
Implement the FHWA, $200,000 and $750,000 projects on two possible test pilots: 1) Mexican customs corridor. 2) West Coast freight movements.
Lobby for increased funding in the highway reauthorization bill. Continue to lobby for the $5 million earmark through Senator Bond and increased funding for I-49 construction.
Partner with private sector companies on proposals for specific project funding.
International Business Services

Strategy: Move SmartPort to position of leadership within the international community with specific emphasis on supply chain topics.

Coordinate the Mexican Customs Inspection facility project.
Continue to lobby for and implement Department of Commerce, $500,000 earmark directed at trade and transportation opportunities with Latin America.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The site has all kinds of info on this NAFTA Superhighway project and Smart port where Mexican customs agents will be checking vehicles travling....Check it out!!!!

If this worries anyone else let me know please...This is my town...Maybe this will convince others RP is not just blowing smoke like the (Main stream) would like us to think...

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 07:52 PM
The site also mentions a (I-49) highway many times aswell..Is that what the name of the new Superhighway will be aswell....This is very intimidating to me as it is in my backyard.....There is almost no mention of any of this stuff in our local news at all....And has not been any...

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