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Noah's Ark Found on the Moon!!!!

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posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 07:35 PM
Personally I tend to not believe the whole Alien life theory however I do have an open mind and like to explore all avenues. Since we are discussing the possibility of Alien Lifeforms, or the Ancients, and how this ties into Noahs ark and the Bible I present several dreams for your interpretation. Just for disclosure purposes I feel as if I have a bit of (I hate to use the word Psychic perhaps sensitivity would be better) sensitivity towards current and or future events. Maybe one day I'll find time to hone these skills more.

anyway dream 1

I have had this dream numerous times and the details are always the same and BTW this dream is in color for those of you into dreams. I am at my parents house visiting or something my senses tell me it is after my mom has passed away. I'm out in the front yard watching as the sky is filled with what appear to be alien craft flying around performing maneuvers that are not possible with the current technology. The only thing I am aware of is the fact that I should be scared hitless like everyone else but I know that what I am seeing is not real but Artificially Created.

2nd Dream

This dream came to me after a lot of soul searching and prayer asking god to show me the end times. In this dream again in color I was shown many many things and as hard as I tried to interact in the dream and remember all the details all I was allowed to remember is that I seemed to be in some position of authority and very quickly establishing that a major deception had just occured to the world.

Now to discuss another point of this thread of the possibility that the bible is incorrect or is an exageration of facts, or that God is merely an alien lifeform I ask you to consider the following and tie it into all the other conspiracies that are debated daily on this forum.

Indeed the bible is the true word of God and at some point in time Satan will try and conquer the earth at which God will win at the Battle of armegeddon and his believers will live with him in eternity.

I'm just going to list a few key points here, the sources for this information is readily available with a little research.

In order for the bible to be true then the following things must occur

1. A one world government where at one point all the power is given to one individual "The Antichrist" Just look around folks This is happening as we speak we have the EU and now there is talk about a north american union a middle east union etc etc. There are hundreds of threads here that discuss the NWO here

2. No one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast. Lets look around verichips, the mass movement to get people off of cash and into an electronic payment system. The world bank, The federal reserve, these entities are owned by the super elite that control all of us. Look at our economy right now and the volitility of the markets it is absolutely nuts I feel there is a major power play going on that involves destroying values so the super elites can reel in the take and collect profits thus increasing their power and stature even more. Perhaps the Beasts the Bible mention are not 10 countries or unions but perhaps they are the ten richest individuals in the world and at some point 9 of them loose their game and have to turn over thier control to the "One"

3. A one world religeon. This is a good one we have the catholic church making power plays, there are universal churches popping up all around the world not to mention The escalation of religious tensions between christians, muslims, and Jews. Perahps this is part of the mark if you don't accept the universal religion you are branded as a terrorist and thus would not have the mark of the universal religon and not be able to buy or sell.

4. Last point the supreme commander of the world or the "Antichrist" must present himself as God and have the ability to perform miracles. Read the articles on Harp, Chemtrails, weather manipulation, anti garvity, holographics, Future weapons systems. We all know Gov. technology is at least 40 years ahead of what we know today so it wouldn't take a lot for the person that controls the world to perform so called "Miracles" The other thing here is that in order for the world to trust this person they must indeed believe that he or she is God. What a better deception than for the world to declare we have made contact with ET's and this person from another world is here to solve all of our problems and enlighten us to the knowledge and power of the universe. It's the snake in the garden of eden, It's the snake that gives the NWO knowledge and power here on earth, so I ask you If you can believe in secret bases on the moon, ET's, and variuos other conspiracies look around you and read all the threads as a whole and see how everything on this site is possibly a road map to the greatest deception of all time. Look at the media and watch all the crap they are feeding into our brains, we know the media is so heavily manipulated and we know the tactics (small steps to a greater goal) One can only assume that most of the crap being brodcast is to soften our hearts and minds. Look at all the shows reagrding UFO's and full disclosure that some believe our government is covering up. What if this full disclosure is actually part of the deception?

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Nice links, maybe you found this one interesting?

Originally posted by zorgon

I read once in an article that as a result, the rotation of Earth changed from over 40 hour days to the current 24 hour day. So, the sun did not rise in the East then.

If you could find that article I would appreciated it..

Hi Zorgon,
Of course, and you know what, you ask me for something else from this same article once before.

reply to post by zorgon

You point me rightly at some errors, but then I good honestly not provide you the original link, and I still cant.

reply to post by spacevisitor

I can however, provide you the complete article in word of course, because I downloaded it once, and this is just a small part of it, but I wander if you still take me serious after I given you the source ?
But, because I have personally a very strong feeling [cant prove it] that it [the info in the article] is a real possibility I take my changes.

Look at my reply, I placed not the exact data, for obvious reasons as you understand on;
reply to post by spacevisitor

There is an strikingly coincidence on this one, although the year is not exactly the same.

• Its last passage was in 1680 - 295 years ago which caused some damage in the Mediterranean area. There were great storms and volcanic activity from the Santorini volcano. Egypte was flooded.
Look at this site,

1628 | Catastrophic eruption of volcanic island Thera (Atlantis?), now Santorini, in northern Mediterannean. (Perhaps this is why the printing technology which produced the Phaistos Disk was lost.) The resulting wave surge from this eruption was also was responsible for the demise of the Manoan Civilization on Crete. It is also theorized that this event may have partially caused the Biblical Plaques in Egypt at the time of the Jewish Exodus.

Do you really want that article after this?

[edit on 14/12/07 by spacevisitor]

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