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?? 9' tall Reaper??

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 07:13 AM
My brother and I were talking he told me this event that occured in israel when his friends family was holding a seance for one of his family members when the seance had ended his uncle had left and walked home about 1min and 30 sec after walking he spotted something in the distance who he believed to be a man but of normal stature he gradually became bigger as he came closer (as all things do) he soon realised that the man was no less than 9 feet tall he stood in shock as the man passed him and walked towards the home had just left the figure stopped on the porch of the home and disapeared 20 seconds later he recieved a call on his phone saying that his mother had just died my brother claims to have witnessed this event with his friend as they were leaving with the uncle on their way to tel aviv

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