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Reprocussions of my abduction/contact experiences.

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posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 06:32 AM
While many of the things you are describing, indie, may be just coincidences (as you noted), happening at the same time as some really strange things you've experienced (I haven't witnessed them, so I can't judge their "weirdness degree"
), something has definitely been cooking up for the last couple of months.

I mean, just look at that interview. Who in the world is powerful enough to force David Rockefeller to take such a silly, preposterous interview? And with none other than the same guy who threatened him with death just a few months before? One can argue that Rockefeller is just an old, uninformed, senile "aristocrat", but this for me goes off the weirdness scale. Big time. While he may be old and uninformed, he's definitely not senile, as you can see if you watch the interview (there's a link in some other thread here on ATS).

As a general advice for people, what is important here is to keep one's balances. When one enters this kind of world where power resides, and which most people never see in their entire lives, one can easily go both ways - into paranoia ("everyone's after me"), or into denial ("that's completely irrational, and just plainly silly; nothing strange is happening; just move on with your life").

Both are based on fear, and that's the first thing one has to overcome - the fear itself.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 12:32 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

Sounds like they are getting things in place for Martial Law to me. Perhaps they are expecting to be shooting out through their yard and want the bushes out of the way for a clear view. Also, I dont think you are as paranoid as some tried to make you out to be, because it seems like you would be a lot more definitive in understanding what and why, ie the red kia.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 03:24 PM
obspoon, I agree with what you said 100 percent. I think, if people should take anything out of my story, and stories similar to mine, it should be this much...

We are ALL being lied to! Trust in your fellow man a little more. I believe I've proven myself at least somewhat competent and able to rationally judge things on my own, and I've presented my story in a very calm and open manner. I've taken into account every opinion placed upon my thread even to the point of questioning myself. That's the idea, denying ignorance, even in your own self. You can't ignore your own ignorance towards other people's suggestions just because they've never experienced what you have. Something can be learned from everyone.

That's the important thing. Learn a little something from EVERYone, not just people that allign with your own viewpoints. Even learn a little something from liars. Learn something from "insane" or "irrational" people who post on here. Learn something from the Bible thumpers. Learn something from the hardcore American patriots who post on here.

If you learn one thing from everyone united here to create this good forum we call ATS, it's that there's a very GOOD reason to be suspicious, and never take anything at face value. Form your OWN opinions... and maybe take a look at yourself a little, and ask yourself "Are these my own opinions that I have built myself around?"

No matter what the danger, whether it be death, or whether it be people who call you crazy and shake your confidence....
The whole purpose of life is to find your own truth. If you depend on other sources to teach you how the world works, you're gunna get lied to...

and that's how I KNOW there is a conspiracy, because rarely anybody ever truly trusts in themselves enough to form their own unique truths.
This leaves a vast opportunity for liars to take over, because the truth has been lulled and put to sleep by the patriotic fervor and the new scientific religion (what a bleak religion it is. I'd rather be a Muslim who believes in 72 virgins after death than believe we're born and then die and that's it, and that all we are is chemical reactions and electric impulses).

So do I see everything around me and shout "Conspiracy!!!"? Not exactly, but I do note everything I see, and a lot of what I see ties into what I believe is the global conspiracy in which we exist, which is what inspired this website to come into existance in the first place.

But I try not to let it ruin my life, because as bleak as it all seems, we'll be looking back and laughing at ourselves when it is all over and done with. So why not laugh now? In the face of danger. Recognize that it exists, which I have done... but don't fear it.

That's what a lotta conspiracy theorists want you to do, is FEAR the conspiracy, HATE the globalists, FEAR the alien visits, HATE the reptilians...

How about instead of fearing it, just learn from it. Are the reptilians real? I dunno, but I'm sur you can learn from the concept of them. Learn about them...and hey, it'll prepare you for the day that a bipedal talking reptile walks into your backyard. We don't know enough about what is real and what isn't yet, so don't dismiss what you can't prove. Don't get frightened by what you don't know, because that's all dismissal is....

You don't have to love it and smile about it all the time, but there is good in what we are going through. There is good in what I went through. There is light in the dark hearts of those who wish to harm us.

This is why a restraining order, I do not wish to have put in place. That is a tool of fear, and only creates more of what fear causes... which is all negative.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

all the sudden I was having visions and remembering all these weird things that happened to me in the past that I had blocked out (such as missing time, odd visits by creatures in the night, strange behavior of people around me, past life memories, OOBEs...),


I've just finished reading the whole thread and I have to say I'm on the fence on this one. Could you go into more detail on your experiences for us? Such as a detailed account of the odd visits by creatures in the night? You described one visit, but according to your OP there was more than one visit. What did they look like? What did they communicate to you? What was going on at the time they showed up? Had you been sleeping?

Also, in your OP you mentioned visions. Could you describe these please? Were they during sleep? OOBEs? What exactly was shown to you?



posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 04:25 PM
Had "abduction" and other experiences like you posted. Was informed there would be a "war" on this planet. Guess it's going on now and "the separation" also. The polarization is increasing and "maybe" the end of all this is in sight. My opinion is-the line is being drawn- and those who have made their positions known are on whatever side they chose. Hate to get "religious" on you but here is what I got. TO THE SPIRITS OF GOD ON EARTH. IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF THOSE WHO MAY NEVER HAVE MEANT TO BE SAVED, THEIR SPIRITS SOAKED IN THE BLOOD OF YOUR BROTHERS AND CHILDREN. tHEY WILL DIE IN THE PAIN THEY HAVE CAUSED YOU. BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED AND KNOW THE GREATEST TIME IS YET IN FRONT OF US. tHANK GOD AND BE GLAD.

Deleted personal email address

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posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 04:43 PM
Well, I guess I can cut and paste from an email, if that's okay with everybody.

Here's an exceprpt from an email that I think was originally sent to theoracle, but I guess she's a little skeptical cuz she never responded. oh well. here:


Okay... well... where to start? Let me first start off by saying, I am not a classic "contactee". They haven't given me messages, and I don't have like...regular contact, nor do I know any of their names or motives. I should've phrased that better. Cloise encounter? I have had visual contact with what seems to be around 3 different types of beings... the one being the little yellow-beige guy imitating my movements (and I wasn't like dancing with him, like dancing with the stars... it was a breif imitation thing, and then the thing ran outta the garage and somewhere into the backyards. I was kinda creeped out by it. So I didn't chase after it. I ran inside and was just puzzled.), and then another few times over the past couple of years, I've woken up... been fully conscious, and have seen creatures standing at the foot of my bed or around my bed. One time, I woke up and (I used to sleep with all the lights off) saw two I'd say about 5 foot tall green scaly looking things, the door to my bedroom was opened a slight bit I think, cuz there was light coming from somewhere... they had big slanted reflective golden eyes and some sort of body armour or some weird thing on. I don't remember what happened after that. I just remember staring at them for a minute or two, and vice versa...
another time, a similar thing happened, where I woke up completely awake, and this time I panicked, because there were these disgusting impish looking pink creatures that made grunting noses clawing at me, and I remember trying to fight through them and run away, but then I blacked out. They were definitely of a different vibe than the green guys with the golden eyes.

I also have this litle guy (whom I'm not sure is real, but he seems to always appear) in my dreams. He's very short, like 3 feet tall, very thin, beige-grey skin...and a fairly small head, with these big round brilliant starburst-irised eyes. He has 6 fingers, and no thumb, and he used his mind and a wand thingy to move things around.
The reason I'm not sure if he's real or not... is because I've found six fingered-no thumbed hand prints on my front door's storm door, very small and delacate, low down on the door window. We left the glass window in all year round this past year or two instead of replacing it with a screen, and that's where SOME of the very strange hand prints showed up over certain nights.

The reason I know I've been abducted was not because I remember the actual abduction, but I remember when they dropped me off. It was around prolly 4 in the morning, and I suddenly became conscious, and realized I was standing on top of my roof, looking up at three giant jet black rectangular craft slowly floating away...they had multicolored lights on the sides... I was waving at them, and I had a sense of feeling sad that they were leaving. So I clmibed down from my roof on the tv antenna, and went inside to bed.

Another time which I highly suspect was an abduction was one night, me and my friend Jesse were sitting in my car chatting about music or something, listening to some CDs. We did that a lot because my dad's room is right next to mine, and he goes to bed pretty early, so we'd go outside and turn the car battery on, smoke cigarettes, and just chill until I drove jesse home.

I remember I stopped talking, and told Jesse to look in front of the car, cuz I saw the outline (like translucent) of some thing standing right in front of the car. He said he didn't see it. I remember looking at the clock right before this happened, and it was like 9:30. All of the sudden, we were back chatting again like nothing just happened, and I glanced at the clock and was like "dude, wasn't it just like around 9 something?" the clock had suddenly, within a matter of maybe a minute of percieved time, turned to 11:30...almost midnight. He agreed with me, and he freaked out more than I did, even though we were both pretty shook up. I remember him being like "What the #, man?? We just lost an hour of our lives, man! It just disappeared!" or something along those lines... and he brought it up a couple more times over the next couple of days, but we both eventually forgot about it.

At the time of the missing time and the alien visits, I didn't believe in aliens at all. It wasn't until I read a book by Ruth Montgomery, called "Aliens Among Us" that all these memories came flooding back.

Waking up on top of my roof, that actually just occurred this summer, as did quite a few UFO sightings I had. If you had heard, there have been quite a lot of UFO sightings around Chicagoland since that incident at O'Hare... and well, my first sighting is what inspired me to read that book... and it all kinda happened after I found out about 9/11...

It was like some giant floodgate opened up in my mind, and all these things just came flooding in....

Lately, aside from the assault incident, nothing really has happened... So I dunno...

I could tell you about my sightings of UFOs also, but for now I think this is a pretty long read.

To continue this... I failed to mention that when I mentioned the missing time incident to Jesse recently, at first he acted like he didn't remember anything, and maybe he didn't... but I asked him about it again like a couple days later, and he was very reluctant in admitting that "maybe I remember something like that happening... but it's no big deal."

Hmmm... seemed to be a big deal at the time!

Many other stange behaviors of a certain group of my friends, and even my own mother, have been occurring over the past couple of years, and only recently within the past year have I noticed it...

Have I gone crazy? Or am I becoming more aware and more questioning of my previously percieved reality?

I have yet to decide.

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posted on Dec, 15 2007 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

Fascinating, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Next time something happens perhaps you should have any witnesses write a description of the event, sign it and date it. Or a video of them describing the event along with you. Be sure and keep the copy safe. Also, I would start taking down plate numbers of any cars hanging around. And, just to rule it out visit that psychologist friend of yours.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, put a ladder up against the house.


posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 12:43 AM
hahaha a ladder would actually be less stable than that antenna. That thing is solid and easy to climb on.

Next time I experience something noteworthy, I will definitely try posting it.

Ya know, I've been reading Whitley Streiber's Communion book lately, and he would always describe "dreams" where he was being operated upon. I used to have those dreams all the time, and I actually had another one last night... and every dream, it's odd because it always has to do with something about my back or my spine....

Last night, it was funny because it was a dream about Maynard James Keenan from the band Tool being my friend, and then all the sudden he turned into a surgeon, and he had to operate on my back. Has anyone had similar dreams?

A little off subject, but kinda along the same lines, I guess.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:05 AM
reply to post by indierockalien

hi indie,
i received a PM from a concerned member that felt that i should not support your topic here. i haven't decided yet whether i am supporting it or not. i support your right to do so. there was concern that my response to you, might prevent you from seeking professional help. i apologize if it came out that way. i am in total support of you seeking advice from a professional. there is no shame in that. the shame would be NOT to seek help.
i had concerns about the drug you mentioned taking. if i am not mistaken, that drug has the potential to cause reoccurring flashbacks and hallucinations. that is something else you may want to look into.
and as seentoomuch stated, at least you can rule out what is or is not going on with you. that is a very good reason in itself.
oh yea, what is the deal about the ladder? lol

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:19 PM
I did acid once... one hit, and barely hallucinated. Why are people PMing individual members about me first of all? I mean... this thread is TAME compared to some threads on here, yet I'm the one causing people to worry so much, they start PMing people who believe me? I mean, if that's your bag, concerned people, please continue doing so.
But, do acid flashbacks cause people around me to start becoming openly hostile and threatening me to stay quiet about these "hallucinations"? Does it cause hand prints that others can see to appear on my doors windows and walls?
Just last night, I was reading late at night when everyone had gone to bed, and I heard the back door open and close, and I went up to investigate, and lo and behold... I found another very strange hand print. This has happened SEVERAL times, most of them with witnesses to the strange handprints. Like I said, I had photo evidence at one point. I should've been smarter than to let someone other than myself be in charge of those pictures, but at the time, I thought it was cool between me and the said person.
Personally, I think the fact that I thought everything was COOL between me and those said people should be reason enough to see a therapist alone. I mean, I completely ignored red flag after red flag for years. That's what makes me sick to my stomach... not any of the alien or paranormal stuff, but just how in the world I could've been so oblivious to the obvious assaults on my character and on my person. That's what I wanna deal with, is locking the backdoor that allowed these people an in to control my loyalty for so long.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by indierockalien

indie, don't get me wrong. i was offended by that PM. i had to wonder if i was being singled out to suppress my opinions. my biggest concern for you is that i sense depression in you. and depression itself can be a psychiatric emergency. not saying that you don't have valid reasons for your depression. valid depression or not, ppl do generally need help getting through it.
my heart goes out to you for the plight you are going through. it's a lot for anyone to handle. sounds like you already have a very good professional lined up. i encourage you to talk this out with him. they are trained to be objective.

P.S. just so you know that i am not just talking out my arse here, i had to be treated for depression once. i lost a very dear friend. i bear her nickname here in honor of her. she was called Sizzle because she could be quick tempered at times. i am very glad that i sought help for it.

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 05:07 PM
Let me bear my soul here. Yeah, this is depressing. I have lost most of the people around me, who bad or good, provided company... and all this stuff has caused me to become a little disgusted with my relationship with my girlfriend, because it was one of those things that felt more like a crutch than anything, so I've broken up with her... but it was kinda long distance, and besides that, the spark just left. It taught me a lot about myself... and I really think that it's better to not be with her anymore, because she wanted to make all these plans for the future, and like... the future is so uncertain, and it almost felt like a trap that fate threw at me to test me. I'm not gunna stress out more about keeping a stalled relationship with her just because I don't wanna feel like a "bad guy" for saying it's over... so I did what I did, and now it's a little less to be concerned with.
So, I'm pretty much alone right now, although I just joined a pretty awesome new band, so that isn't permanent...

But like, with all that has happened, it makes me at times very bitter towards the society we're being forced to conform to, and the rediculous system that we've put our very lives in the hands of... and it's all so fake to me now. The fact that it's forced upon me, and has been since I was born, just makes me cringe a little more at the additional fact that it seems as though I almost have no choice.

I've got medical issues that need to be taken care of for the next couple of years, so what sucks is I just can't LEAVE. I'm getting jaw surgery done in a year and a half or so, followed by a few more months of this procedure where they distract part of my jaw slowly to form new bone... but before any of that is done, the orthodontics need to be completed, and I've been working with this one orthodontist for a couple of years now... So to change everything is kind of impossible since only he and a couple others know the specifics of my case.

So I can't go anywhere. I've gotta face it all here and now.
So really, I've been sort of puzzled as to how we're gunna move to Arizona either... unless my ortho has a collegue out there he trusts and my case can be transferred.
So it gets a little ds-heartening at times. I always try to keep my spirits up, though.

When all of this first started, I thought maybe these experiences were just a way for me to mentally escape what sometimes can be a very depressing situation... but like I said, things became more and more evident that it was actually rooted in reality... it's a hope and a stress at the same time, all of this. So I don't quite know how to react towards this presence, and this "conspiracy" that surrounds me with mystery. It feels exciting, ya know... because it's proof that life isn't so one sided and bleak. It's depressing at times, and at times, it's extremely fascinating.

There was a time a couple of years ago when I thought that existence was meaningless and humanity was just this helpless plague upon a glorified moss covered rock floating in desolate empty space, and back then was far more depressing than now.... because back then, I had almost no hope.

Now, it's like, there's so many more possibilities and mysteries to solve, albeit some roadblacks in the way.... but I'm sorry for your loss, Sizzle. You don't have to worry about me ever making that type of mistake. I value life too much these days, and these events, although mighty confusing, just make me wanna stick it out in this form as long as I can so I can learn as much as I can about this unique experience we call being human.

Thanks for being a part of this discussion, by the way.

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by elendal

what about synchronicity?

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 04:35 PM

Originally posted by elendal
While many of the things you are describing, indie, may be just coincidences (as you noted),

what about synchronicity?

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 05:49 PM
Sychronicity happens too much to be coincidence, in my opinion... although, just like most (hopefully) sane people, you tend to question whether it's just good/bad luck.

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