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Reacuring nightmare

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 10:20 PM
I am having this reacuring nightmre, or not a whole nightmare, but somwthing that happens in my dreams very often.

I keep having one of my teeth get very loose and feel like it is about to fall out. This happens right in the middle of my dream, and it doesnt matter whats going on either, but i begin to become comsumed with the tooth. Bottem jaw, thrid on the right from the front.

ITS freaking me out. A couple of times i would get into a massive panic in the dream and wake up...

I have never in my life realy had nightmares, and this is the closest thing to it.

It pisses me off.... are my teeth going to fall out...

My dreams are always so varied and enjoyable, and this one is just killing me, and most of the time i think it is totaly real, and i freak out in the dream...

i dont like this....

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 10:31 PM
As I mentioned to Lord Infamous, teeth often represent power and a loose tooth or losing teeth represents a loss of power, or fear of it.

If it's the same tooth over and over again, maybe you have an early dental problem that your body has picked up on and you might want to see a dentist just in case.

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 09:44 AM
Teeth can sometimes mean ones true self.... maybe something is going on in your life that you need to evaluate, because your losing your self (i mean what you believe in want is your values in life, etc).

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 05:43 PM
I would say it has all happen over the last 6 months... i dont think that it would mean a loss of power... one strange thing though, my parents are moving in a couple weeks, to a country on the otherside of the world

Mabye it could be a dentail problem, i havent been to one in a couple years, the last time i was there, some idiot nurse had no idea what she was doing, so after she screwed up for the 5th time in an hour, so i gave her a little peice of my mind, and said a little something nice to the doctor, who i will just call Mr. Muhamed. The nurse chipped my tooth a little. They also screwed up on my lil bros teeth, and when they put a cap on his teeth, it fell out, THREE TIMES, before they got it right. A couple months ago, my parents switched dentist, my mother and sisters also had problems there, i gave up on them about 2 years ago. Ill go to the dentist over christmas break.

The idea about losing ones true self, makes a bit more sense. Since the end of the spring semester, about 6 months ago, i have been wondering what i am doing in school. I should be happy, i am in one of the 'prestigious' school in the great University of California school system. Everyday i wake up and wonder what i am doing here. I am confident in myself, and i want to be free to do what i want, to experiment, and try to make some of my wacky inventions i have in mind, at least one of the dozens of legitimate ideas i have should be able to hit the jackpot. I dont need some peice of paper from a bunch of stuffed-shirts telling me that i am smart and special. Every day at this place is a living hell.

I dont want to disapoint my father, he only means the best for his children. He says he doesnt care what we do, as long as we are happy, right now i am failing him to the most extreme, i am more unhappy each day (with the occastional exeption of a wonderful evening with a wonerful woman), i am just coasting thru this school and im sick of it. I always thought that i would just keep along the Math/Science line and eventualy something would click and i would find my niche, but it has yet to happen.

Thanks for the ideas. And would aperciate more input....

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 06:14 AM
Consider what teeth mean to babies. It means something new inside them, a new part of them that allows them to bite.

What does it mean to bite?

To attack. To take a part of the world. To live.

Maybe you feel you are not living (oh, well that's all of us Albie, easy choice). You are not taking part in life. Or some situation.

To lose a tooth is something a child knows all too well.

Consider that moment. Fear for YOU but all around are laughing it off. Making nothing of it.

Part of you is going and nobody cares.

Does this emotion exist in your life in another way?

Especially linked with beauty? Or identity?

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