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Return of the sky demons....

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 12:57 PM
Location. Malvesi near Narbonne, France
Date: December 12 1987 Time: 1050A
The 40-year old witness, G.L. had gone to gather some firewood and had parked his car near the old demolished factory buildings and was heading towards the building rubble, hoping to find there some beams or planking. He had not gone more than six or seven meters when he found himself confronting six individuals who were standing near four machines that looked like snow-scooters. Diverted from his intention by their embarrassing gaze, he dropped his project of looking for firewood and approached the party, who were all on the smallish side and seemed to be of Asian type and apparently seeking shelter under the bushes of a hedge. Arriving at a point about two meters or so from them, he perceives nothing particularly bizarre about them except for the strange machines. In order to strike a conversation with them, he said, “Good day! Rotten weather!” And in reply he heard a few incomprehensible nasal mumblings. So he persisted and enquired again, “Are you local?” The second of them, counting from his left of an effeminate appearance, said two words that the witness was unable to understand. Thinking they were jokers (!) the witness pressed on, “Ah---OK So you are extraterrestrials then!” and he looked around for the hidden cameras, as he imagined he had perhaps stumbled upon the making of a film. Then individual # 2 approached him, squatted down, and in the sodden ground, drew two signs, one of them resembling the lower case Greek ‘Gamma’ and the other resembling a “G” and as he did so, he pronounced in a nasal tone, the two words, “Ciel demon” (Sky Demon). The witness persisted in not taking the situation seriously and in order to take on these “jokers” at their own game, he said, “Are things better on your planet?” Personage # 2 who so far was the only one to speak, and seemed to be of female sex, replied with the two words, “Moins travail”. (Less work). The fantastic aspect of the adventure didn’t worry the witness and he carried on with his questioning. “How do these machines work?” Reply, “Magnetique…la…pluie nous gen…Non relais avec base.” (Magnetic…the rain is giving us trouble…Not contact with base). The witness went on, “So you are like us…there’s air on your planet?” Then pointing to personage number 1, the woman said, “9e siecle.” (Ninth century) And then, indicating personage No. 5 she said, “13e siecle.” (13th century). Thereupon personage number 1 approached the witness held out his hand and said, “Pole arctique”. (Artic Pole). The witness didn’t intend to shake hands but impelled by curiosity, he brushed his hand with his and noted that his skin---if it was skin---seemed to be particularly cold. During all this time, the witness had continued to eye the whole group and he observed that they were exchanging glances among themselves which seemed to express not merely disquiet, but disagreement concerning the continuation of this encounter, and above all of the conversation. Then the woman said tot the witness, “You don’t interest us, but a few humans are departing with us”, and then a seventh individual, in all respects similar to the others, appeared on his right. He seemed to be irritated by the situation and even somewhat angry. He addressed the group in a nasal and incomprehensible voice. He seemed to be in a physical condition bordering upon trance. Immediately they mounted the machines standing there. Without a sound, without even any quivering of the grass, and without any apparent manipulation by the pilots the machines rose slightly. The craft slewed around and headed off towards the witness right, towards the top of the hill. Their speed was slow, and they climbed only very slowly, being still only 3 or 5 meters from the ground at the termination of the sighting. The witness then suddenly became aware of a piercing sound, difficult to define, and as though coming from inside his own head. It was followed by a loss of consciousness on his part, but curiously enough he remained standing. Having recovered his senses, he was disturbed by this adventure, and returned home without collecting any firewood. The sighting lasted only a few minutes and apart from one or two recent backaches, the witness seems to have suffered no physical or mental consequences. The beings of “Asian” type were about 1.5m in height in the cases of number 1, 2, 3 and 7 and about 1 meter for the other three. The witness did in fact say that these latter could have been children. Their skin was earthen-colored and apart from some horizontal lines at the lower corner of the nose he noticed no particular feature about them that was not of a “human” type. Their clothing, of dark hue, was identical for all of them, and consisted of a one-piece combination suit, prolonged in the case of all except number 1, and 3, by a sort tightly fitting cowl or hood. The witness thinks he observed hair. Personages number 2 and 3 seemed to be of feminine type, but this assertion is based only on the more fine features of their faces. At the level where there would have been hair, or at the level of the hood, number 4, 5, and 6 (the children) had something of a silvery white color. According to the witness these machines measuring about 1.5m in length and 0.4m in height, had no instruments no visible organs of control. “No engine, no wheels, no handlebars”. Their color was an off-white.

HC addition # 782
Source: Denise Lacanal & Theodore Revel, Groupement Midi-Pyrenees Type: E
FSR Vol. 33 # 4
Comments: The location is near an old abandoned uranium mine.

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