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Recent Argentine CE3

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 12:48 PM
Location. Near Irene, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: November 7 2007 Time: 0130am
Two police officers, Luis Bracamonte, & Osvaldo Orellano, were patrolling this rural area in their trucks near the Felipe Fernandez ranch. At one point they stopped the truck while Orellano exited the vehicle and walked around the area while Bracamonte remained inside the vehicle re-charging his telephone card with his mobile phone. While looking at his phone Bracamonte notices a small light, which was approaching their location at fairly high speed. Suddenly the light became much larger and brighter, now resembling a large “gray truck”. At the same time Bracamonte sees a small figure which at first he thought was a dog, but as he looked more carefully he realized it was a small humanoid figure about 80cm in height, with a large head, large gray prominent eyes, and greenish in color. He then tried to dial Orellano’s cell number, who was patrolling nearby, but all he could get in the receiver was static. He then sees three more humanoid beings exiting the large grayish luminous “vehicle”. Two were similar to the first one he saw while the third was larger and more robust. At the same time he heard Orellano which was apparently watching the same spectacle, yelling in panic. Immediately the four humanoids ran back into the object which took off and quickly disappeared towards the north, leaving behind a white glow which disappeared leaving behind a green glowing mist and strong sulfur like odor. As the craft left it emitted a thunder-clap type sound. Two other police officers, Santiago Walter and Walter Carbajal who were patrolling that same night near the village of Nicolas Descalzi watched a large white light suddenly approach and engulf their vehicle. The engine stopped and their cell phones would not work. Looking up they then both saw a powerful white light which briefly hovered and then disappeared in a flash. Around the same time several residents from the village of Oriente watched a strange glow in the sky in the direction of Irene. And a husband and wife traveling towards Marisol were approached by a white light from behind which also engulfed their vehicle.

HC addendum
Source: Guillermo D. Gimenez---Argentina quoting La Voz del Pueblo

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 01:05 PM
Hi goblin79:

i came across this article some days ago, and i've sent a U2U to Orion437, he's from Buenos Aires: he wasn't aware of this story, i hope that he has found some news about it.
Anyway, thank you for opening a thread about this interesting news

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 01:33 PM
reply to post by goblin79

Just some corrections.

When Bracamonte tried to phone Orellano he did not get static in his receiver, his hand "stays like static", meaning that his hand was static, like it was frozen.

When he heard Orellano yell it does not say that he was in panic, it only says that he heard him shout "what's happening" or something like that, translations between two languages that are not my own is a bit hard to do for someone who never was any good at writing.

After the sighting, Bracamonte's hand was still immobilized when Orellano returned to the vehicle, and for two hours he had a problem with his eyes that kept them tearful.

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 01:43 PM
Is it just me or do A LOT of these sightings say something about "green mist?" I remember reading an article about a military base spotting in which the UFO submersed itself in a lake bed in Nova Scotia for days. Boats floated about where they could see the glowing vehicle under the water and a green foam came up overtop of it.

This isn't the article I read and it is much less detailed, something nevertheless.
Nova Scota USO

Just Google "green foam mist ufo" and you'll get a large amount of sightings involving green or yellow trails.

This offers some great links to sightings that should be discussed.

Great sighting here, thanks.

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 04:20 PM
I´ve been trying to find more info about this (i wasn´t aware of this case, and Internos informed me).

Sorry for the delay. Still looking for an interesting update, found none yet.

Again, specially in the sightings here in Argentina, we see the "sulfur smell" description. Not even a clue what does this mean.

And more important, these are sightings made by policemans . In march of 2006, there was another case by a policeman (a supossedly abduction) with no definitive conclusion:

Here is another article about the original case of this thread, sorry for the arcaic traslation made by me:

The day after of an episode hard to forget

UFOS: A region that can´t get out of its amaze, after the tale of 4 policemans

The testimony of four uniformed (policeman) that say to have seen alien beings in a location of Irene, has generated several comments between the habitants of that location. It could be more eyewitness of the mistery event.

The comments are among the neighbors and give place to several especulations - but the supossedly episode, witnessed by 4 policemans, denies the possibility of allucinations or wrong visions. The color and tonality of the light, described as white with green flashings and a strong smell similar to sulfur or powder followed by a strong sound similiar like a thunder, leaves no doubt, added the fact that al least a dozen of neighbors from the location agree whit the description of the phenomena.

"We were sleeping when a noise that seemed like a tire truck punctured, alarmed us, and made the glasses of the windos shake for some moments. We looked trough the window but there was nothing unusual, and then we didn´t give more importance to this event" tells a woman who was surprised at about 2 am of that wednesday, by the sound. It add to this testimony, the others of several neiborgs that also hear the sound but didn´t take it with importance, because of the hour of the night, and the next day, hearing the other versions of the sighting of an UFO, corroborated their versions.

More witnesess

Several stories from people that ocasionally were walking by the near locations doing rural works, and watched the white flashing in the field.

Every conclusion that can be made about this brings a reality that goes beyond human understanding and therefore, leaves a halo of mistery for some an a real incredulity for others.

The truth is that a group of people participated, this week, in an experience that they will remember for the rest for their days. Surely, lately the stories of others similar aparitions related by their witnesess, will be added, and the teories that go from lack of trust itself to a NASA intervention, and an endless group of choices, will be part of the folklore of a locality that could have been visited by four aliens of 80cm, with grey prominents eyes and greenish skin.

To add to the controversy, a 12 year old boy take some pics in a lake with his family, at 30km of the original supossedly policeman-four aliens encounter location, and almost four weeks before the original supossedly policeman-four aliens encounter.

Don´t know if they are genuine or are just image artifacts:

Here is a Google image of the location of these phenomenas : Santa Rosa - La Pampa, the case of the "abducted cop" and Irene, the original case of the thread.


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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 05:51 PM
Here is the case of the policeman that was possibly abducted back in 2006 again in Argentina (prolific land for encounters)

Location. General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina
Date: March 3 2006 Time: 2120
A local police officer, Corporal Sergio Pucheta a member of the regional unit from the Abigeato division reported having a bizarre encounter with two short entities with glowing red eyes which “followed him around and gave him orders” telepathically. He was missing for approximately 20 hours. His last communication was via cellphone when he reported a “strange situation”, but his communication was suddenly interrupted. Backup arrived about 10 minutes later, finding only his motorcycle, his personal weapon, helmet, and other personal items belonging to Pucheta. Later after an extensive search of the area he was found the next day at 1630 lying on a road in a fetal position between the towns of Trili and Quemu Quemu, at about 20km from his original location. He was found by a local farmer who commented that Pucheta seemed to be in a state of ‘nervous shock”. He was immediately transported to the Centeno Regional Hospital where a Doctor Covella attended to him. He was given numerous analyses and examinations, in which his physical state was found to be normal and hydrated. According to Covella, Pucheta appeared to be sleepy, and only wanted to sleep. Immediately after being found Pucheta reported that he had been approached by 2 small men with glowing red eyes which apparently communicated by using telepathy and gave him orders, he attempted to get away from the entities but not could not remember anything after that and did not know how he ended up where he was found. It was noted that Pucheta had patrolled the area regularly and had previously reported seeing anomalous lights which he had attempted to film. The officer is now under psychiatric care, his suffering from headaches and his hands itch. Additional details indicate that Pucheta had been driving his Honda 125 cc when he reached an area of wilderness called, “Las Cañas” there he saw a red light similar to that of a car, however upon reaching the site the light vanished. He got off his motorcycle to explore the area and when he was getting ready to go back on his motorcycle a very strong red light appeared in front of him. He felt mesmerized by the light and could only move his hands. The light then rose into the air and caused him “considerable headache and eye pain” a situation the officer tried to escape from, running away on foot into the fields, without recalling ever having dismantled his service pistol or the police Walkie-talkie which were subsequently found at the site with other belongings, such as a cell phone which lost all of its stored phone numbers, except for the last call Pucheta made to his fellow officers, calling for help. He was then pursued in the fields by the two entities that seemed to levitate and were additionally described as being smaller than him, somewhat transparent, with large heads and clear very red eyes. He explained that the entities appeared to be “utilizing his mind and performing tests”. He reached a cornfield and there saw a large figure that appeared to be chewing the corn cobs and was breaking something. He felt very scared and stood there gazing at it. It was getting closer and closer and that’s when he heard the two small entities tell him, “either you go forward or backward”. He then walked right past the figure, and the fear sort of left him at that moment. When asked if the figure could have been that of an animal, he said, no, because, “It was taller than me and much larger”. Some two weeks ago, a fellow officer was driving along the access road to Agustoni and saw a light in the middle of the road. He thought it was a car and flashed his headlights at it, but the light wouldn’t budge. When he was about to overtake it, the light moved from one side to another and flew straight up.

HC addendum
Source: Raul Oscar Chaves “Ciufoslapampa” and Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) Type: G?

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by ArMaP
reply to post by goblin79

After the sighting, Bracamonte's hand was still immobilized when Orellano returned to the vehicle, and for two hours he had a problem with his eyes that kept them tearful.

I'm sorry but every time I read that all I can think is 'so... all the aliens can do is make us cry and freeze a hand?' which is funny to me for some reason.


an extremely intriguing story, especially the photos of the officer who looks genuinely off his rocker after the incident... The photo that perturbs me the most has to be the one of his bike. Clip, Grip, and Barrel Removed? Then look at his cell phone... battery removed. Radio? Antenna and battery removed... It bothers me because it is SUCH weird behavior for a human to display,especially in a time of fear or terror...

this guy is either

a) really into roll playing,


b) set for life as soon as he writes his book for movie (like fire in the sky... real abduction).

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by ArMaP

Nice job on the translation even though I thought that's not your strength.

After the sighting, Bracamonte's hand was still immobilized when Orellano returned to the vehicle, and for two hours he had a problem with his eyes that kept them tearful.

Sounds like possible symptons of exposure to radiation (again)

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 08:14 PM
Thanks, sometimes I think faster than I type when I translate ,thus I skip words and letters, I try my best. I will post more translated cases, if its ok

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 12:54 AM
Well I think this is the class of threads that we should pay very very close attention. Here we have policemen talking about seeing "little creatures", obviously NO humans, and a strange ship around. Yes, we don't know who they are, but we can't deny what just happened. I really can't believe that such stories often finish like a curiosity in a local newspaper. Flagged, of course!

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posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by JackHill

Here we have policemen talking about seeing "little creatures", obviously NO humans, and a strange ship around.

True. But what if those policemen were hallucinating? Makes you think there is either something to this or we have alot of police, military, scientists, astronauts, gov't officials, medical doctors etc (around the world) who hallucinate! Hmm

posted on Dec, 10 2007 @ 06:31 PM
One of the original so-called Chupacabra encounters involved two police officers from Puerto Rico:

Location. Saltos Cabra Puerto Rico
Date: middle of March 1995 Time: night
Two anonymous police officers responding to a call in reference to some lambs found mutilated at a local ranch, saw standing on the side of the road, a strange 4 foot tall creature, described as humanoid in shape, orange-yellow in color. The officers did not see any facial features since it was dark. In a quick sudden move the creature ran to its left and into the thick brush disappearing from sight. When one of the officers attempted to follow the creature he was overcome by a sudden headache & severe dizziness & had to be assisted by his companion.

HC addition # 2111
Source: Jorge Martin in Evidencia OVNI # 6 Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 9
Comments: This case appears to have been the beginning of the so-called Chupacabra epidemic. Also the January 1995 Pitahaya case was significant. The dizziness experienced by the witness is very significant also since it appears that the humanoid exerted some type of “control” over the witnesses, indicating the very interesting display of intelligence by the bizarre creature.

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