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Crazy thought on NWO.

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posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 02:19 AM
The following is the result of lack of sleep, Extended hours on ATS, and too many video games.

Ok, so I had a crazy thought that was too good to not post up in the skunk works.

You know all the demonstrations and police brutalities etc etc that were in the 60s and 70s? Well, what if they were really Earth-wide revolts against alien oppressors and those who were dong the protests didn't even know it? How do I figure this? Well, what if the leaders of the USSR and the US were really reptilians or aliens of some sort trying to suppress the people of Earth in a 1984ish way of controlling them with fear. But, what if a series of events removed them from power temporarily. These events would be JFK and other presidents at the time like Regan being against the policies at the time, the collapse of the USSR, the failed attempts of both nations of trying to rule the world, and the invention of the internet. In one fellow stroke, their dominion would be removed. To us, it looks like history. A natural flow to today. But to them, it may have looked like an uprising. Then, in 2000, they regain control slowly. attempting to reestablish some authority for when their reinforcements arrive maybe? Maybe around 2012? I mean, ever since the early 90s, the world has been in continual decay of authority, Maybe that authority are aliens attempting to turn us into a colony? Perhaps a NWO coming soon is their lesson learned from history. They know we will not allow a non-ending war, so they are now slowly and peacefully annexing the World into one nation by diplomacy rather then war. But perhaps there are still some of the broken NWO who still want war to go on for control? Got the idea after playing Half Life 2 Episode 2, where the broken Combine are desperately attempting to reestablish authority no matter what.

What do all you think? Would make an awsome sci fi series or movie IMO

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