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A U.F.O sighting or a mirage of some kind. Answers requested.

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 06:17 PM


Personal account
No witnesses (to my knowledge)
No evidence of the event

Now let me explain this; I saw what to me, seemed like a U.F.O - this was about 4 - 7 years ago. I didn't sign up to ATS to post my sighting (I didn't even remember that one night I saw a craft which was un-indentifiable), but to share my views with conspiracies mainly about the N.W.O and to write an article about what I believe was a false imprisionment of a college student in the U.K.

Memory Triggered.
After reading a prophecy and connecting it with a dream and then making a thread about it. Only after that did I remember that one night I saw something un-explainable and at extremely close range.

I was on on the computer at about 01:30 (thats A.M) talking to a friend on the interent. This is what I spent many late nights doing. I actually regret having access to a computer and the internet back then but staying up late and chatting on MSN was a bit of the norm for me back then.

Anyway this was all in the dinning room which had a large window from which you could see outside. The curtains were not drawn. I was chatting away when something prompted me to turn around.

I can't remember if it was a noise or if it was a reflection from my monitor or even just a 'feeling'. I turn around and see (don't laugh), static in my own garden; a disc shaped object.

The disc was quite large in height terms it wasn't a perfect disc but it had a hump on the top and bottom, at the center. Think the shape of those U.F.O sweets with powder inside of them.

Another defining feature about this - which made me give it a name, was the lights. It was as if a huge disc landed in my garden and tried to hide itself by trying to imitate a traffic light. Red, Amber and Green lights on in a vertical manner (all at the same time).

I christened it 'The Traffic Light U.F.O'.

For Clarification - it didn't morph into traffic lights. I was using it as a comparison.

Needless to say, I was scared. I looked back at my monitor thinking I'm really scared and don't know what to do. I then look back see the disc rise (vertical take off style) and hear a noise for a few short seconds, before everything is normal once again.

I only told 5 people at the time because what effect would a U.F.O have on a young person still in high school?

I didn't take it personally when my parents said it was probably nothing. I can accept it could have been an illusion (with sound) but it was all to real and it wasn't part of a dream. Remember - I have nothing to gain from making this up I am only interested in explanations. It seems strange that I forgot this even though I visit here regularly.

Your thoughts?

I would be interested in knowing if anyone on these forums has had or has heard of, a very close encounter with an unidentifiable 'object'.

Has my sighted light configuration been captured on video or in an image or been recorded in some form of account?

Thanks for reading.

[edit on 8-12-2007 by amanbuthimself]

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