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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 05:36 PM
I came across this and i think it belongs in predictions.

I have read it and it has alot of magnetic science in it all clamed to have been told by "The Creator"

On December 20, 1989, the Creator instructed our friend to take a message to scientists, Climatologists, Meteorologists, Geophysicists and other people in fields related to the Earth’s structure. We sent this message worldwide as part of our CARING for this home. The letter explains how our dirty, polluted atmosphere and the worldwide oil slicks on the oceans’ surfaces are allowing the Moon to slip-away. If the new WAR causes MORE oil to cover our oceans and MORE destruction to our atmosphere, then storms will greatly increase.

Go here to read it if you find it interesting


Let me say that i do not Believe in the "Electricity is bad" statements, but some of the other content is "right on the money".

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 11:03 AM

It is important to go back in history and identify a most crucial point where man’s knowledge took a wrong turn. A Popular Science magazine article dated October 1925, states, “The Einstein theory of relativity soon may fall, and we may have to look for another explanation regarding the mysterious movements of the Universe. Professor Einstein HIMSELF has just admitted it.” Did Einstein have any further thoughts about OTHER mysterious universal actions?

Well…that was 82 years ago and as far as I know e=mc2 is still on relatively solid ground - pun intended

The problem, if I recall, was something to do with the math and the inconstancy of the speed of light; which has subsequently been established, I think. And to me, that makes sense – since there is no known center of the universe then all things to do with space-time must by necessity be relative. Hence the clever title Herr Einstein came up with.

We were told gravity is compressed magnetism that operates with a pulse and not a wave; therefore with the proper instrumentation we can find a mathematical explanation as to its influencing activity.

I guess I missed that one – I was under the impression that gravity is still far more mysterious than understood.

So would Einstein have been taken more seriously had he said ‘magnetism’ and not the mysterious word ‘force’?

Strictly on a personal basis, I find no fault with Einstein’s choice of vocabulary…but I must admit I have a hard time finding fault with any product of that man’s mind.

We were told the Sun is not nearly as hot as scientists say it is. Before we go further, let’s take this thinking a little deeper. If the energy from the Sun does not travel as heat but as a magnetic free energy, then the actual distance the planets are from the Sun does not control the heat volume that will arrive at any given planet.

It is protons, isn’t it? And the nuclear fusion that takes place within the sun – within every star, actually – is far more than just a mechanism to provide or regulate heat. Heat is just the byproduct of the processes which go on within – and within is where all the elements of the periodic table come into being and so fundamentally it is the birthplace of all matter – delivered as energy but nonetheless light is light. Thermodynamics and all that. You know.

For example, it is common knowledge that the moon causes the tides; however, the moon’s true activities are avoided or discounted when mathematical equations try to simulate the physical workings of the atmosphere. Why aren’t they simulated correctly? The reasons I emphatically suggest is that unchanging theories produce just that—inaccurate change. The moon is not just a tide mover but the catalyst for all the earth’s weather conditions. It is therefore of paramount importance to know the why and the how the moon is held ‘where it is’.

I’m not sure that is accurate – the climate is largely regulated by the thermohaline circulation of the oceans – otherwise known as ‘ocean convection’ and also the Amazon river as well as the various rain forests also play a very big part in climate control.

Close calculation of the moons’ distance from earth should now reveal that the moon has moved, just a pinch perhaps, further away from earth.

I think it was Sir Isaac Newton who figured that one out but I could be mistaken. Someone such as that, anyway. It is not new or shocking in the true science community, I don’t think.

Without the moon mixing the deep cold waters, the deteriorating weather conditions will happen until finally this imbalance will result in a continuous destructive upheaval of the elements.

The moon doesn’t mix the waters – the waters mix themselves through the dynamic exchange of both salty and fresh water as well as between warm and cold currents. The moon’s gravitational pull governs the tides as it rotates around the earth but that is not the same as the convection of the water itself; the moon moves the water as a mass rather than in currents.

The present teaching is that the sun’s energy is stored within the core of the sun. This leads to a teaching that states there are only so many years left before extinction.

Thermodynamics once again, isn’t it? Although I had a strange revelation one day several months ago which I neglected to put down on paper, much to my regret – but it was to do with methane (as a natural product of decaying organic matter/life of which our entire planet is teeming with) and a chemical interaction with the sun’s helium and hydrogen atoms somehow creating an open system rather than a closed one – basically resulting in an unlimited solar life-span in our system by the virtue of being a water/carbon based ecosystem. Something which would truly be unusual and rare as far as the normal expected lifespan of a star is understood but yet…at the time it made perfect sense and I think I could work it out again if I made the effort.
Now, THAT would truly be phenomenonal, wouldn’t it? I don’t think I could cope with such a discovery.

Again, for consideration, our solar system is designed in such a manner that the magnetic holding action between the moon and the earth is needed to complete a very important magnetic circuit. Our earth is fed free energy in the form of a magnetic light source from Jupiter at a 14-degree angular path. (See formula, which states C – 2 + 14Z = 710Y + 409.) This energy is then used by earth, as needed, and simultaneously ‘imparts’ energy to our sun, (yes to our sun), where it then ‘does its part’ in helping to sustain the sun’s energy which is again returned to earth.

That’s all way beyond me – over my head maybe. Seems a bit ‘out-there,’ though.

Magnetism is an untapped resource. Electricity alone, fossil fuel, space stations, underwater laboratories, etc., etc., is no longer going to sustain earth. Search as you will, laugh, as you will, tears will flow unless we develop more interest in the survival of humankind and less interest in magnificent theories that are now no longer useful without expanding.

But it is the electromagnetism which is within the Earth that provides us with life as we know it – I think that is the right terminology but I might be wrong. I am referring to the forces which drive tectonic activity as well as geothermal and volcanic activity. Whatever. You get my drift, I hope. There is great energy within our planet, I believe. And it is the absence of the same on our neighboring planets which seems to be the reason they don’t share the same life-supporting environment as we have here on Earth.

Minds were not given to stagnate and people have always suffered because they would not change. Change is evolution. The unlocking of our minds must continue to include and expand the following understanding. The sun is a constant. The light from it is therefore a constant. We need to think of a magnetic system, within our solar system, that is part of the Universe, in the same was—as a constant.

Is that whole paragraph a oxymoron or is it just me? Change IS the only constant yet the author seems to be saying the opposite.

There is a vast ‘neutral’ magnetic field which has been tapped’ by many visionaries.

How can a magnetic field be ‘neutral?’ And still be ‘alive,’ that is? It is the constant exchange of polarity that is the essence of magnetism, is it not?

Another example is the ionosphere, which is the Earth’s energy distribution zone. We were told that the worldwide use of electricity is the primary cause of the ozone depletion.


When our ozone is gone, life on the Earth is finished; however, science holds to the view (one of their laws) that electrons are hiding in some grand field somewhere and there is an unending supply.

There’s that pesky thermodynamics thing again!

Another law: Science says the radioactivity that they are producing dissipates somewhere in the earth’s system.

Half-life, right?

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 11:04 AM

These are just a few of the presently held inaccurate science laws, which are harming the Planet Earth and our universal system.

IMHO, the only true harm being done to anything is mankind’s stubborn insistence on trying to do things in a fashion which goes AGAINST the laws of nature rather than flowing along with the natural life-force.

The force we identify as an electromagnetic force is very limiting because the name ties electricity to magnetism and locks it into your mind. Evidence has been presented over and over that magnetic flowing current can be put to good use and it does not manifest any electrical properties. A mental separation therefore needs to be made between electron flow and magnetic flow.

Now I am taking a turn toward the metaphysical – I see electricity as the basic spark of all life – it is what keeps our hearts beating and many other things – and I see the force of gravity as somehow equivalent to love – it is an attraction which maintains cohesiveness of our ‘family’ aka the Earthly ecosystem.

We see therefore that staying with the traditional position makes it difficult to advance. We cannot simply try to modify these present force theories. Modification is not the answer. Mental restructuring is the key to open the door.

I’m always open to new ways of understanding things as well as new theories, both radical and conservative. But I must admit this author seems to be approaching it in some other way. Surely science will never be a completed and finalized body of work but yet there is much that has been established without ever requiring major revision or change – such as the laws of thermodynamics and the basic principles of physics. We could not continue to build our knowledge base if our primary base was faulty from the start – and it seems that is what the author is encouraging us to consider. Not that we shouldn’t consider it but then again, we have…if it ain’t broken, why try to fix it?

Scientists have sought after a fifth force, but just having the need to create a fifth force tells us we have not been viewing structures accurately. Forces don’t hide themselves. The issue herein is not that gravity can be counteracted but that gravity can be seen as it really is, compressed magnetism. From this qualification we can then gain the perspective needed to go forward.

Perhaps that is where the anti-matter/dark energy idea comes into it?

The Creator Force will reveal to us how the universe functions, we just need to honestly listen.

That is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with; only because I know that the things I somehow understand which should be well beyond my education and experience had to have come from somewhere – I can find no other suspect qualified to reveal such things so therefore I believe that same thing. Although the end result for me is very different than that of the author. ‘End’ is not accurate but for want of a more fitting word I used it.

Guess what! I learned that the Creator is totally into details. All the years of teaching times were all about details.

Seems logical to me, Captain!

(Note: we were told there is only one force in the Universe.


Wow…that’s all I can do for the time being…maybe someone else can pick up from there.
Or maybe correct us both – the author as well as myself.

posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 11:12 AM
Einstein Redeemed in a Science Daily article...


posted on Dec, 9 2007 @ 12:47 PM
i dunno if the following bit of info should be in another wholly different topic but i just thought this would be of interest to this thread.

The crucial test of Lisi's work will come only when he has made testable predictions. Lisi is now calculating the masses that the 20 new particles should have, in the hope that they may be spotted when the Large Hadron Collider starts up.


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found this interesting review of Lisi's theory just a moment ago, don't forget to read the comments. (guess we'll all just have to see if he is proven right or wrong)

The Reference Frame


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