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How to Get Rid of the (abduction-abetting) Rockefeller Cabal

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 02:31 PM
How (in what steps) do you think we can end the criminal empire and be as are some alien worlds: equal, free and healthy? We need to have a plan, a direction in which to work and organize.

THEY have effective control, at present, but are losing it. David Rockefeller is old, 93, and probably not competent, so where do we go from here?

THEIR plan was/is as follows: After Lincoln's death, use the Rothschild-J.P Morgan mafia to encourage, fund and fortify monopolies (Rockefeller oil, Carnegie-Morgan steel, Firestone rubber, Du Pont-owned chemicals and GM, etc.). By 1900, the US was taken over by a tightly concentrated group of criminal monopolists who essentially owned and could kill, at leisure, any elected official. Appointed officials were mere puppets.

Any rich families who tried to maintain independence of the cabal were directly tied into its finance, hence they could be controlled and conditioned to accept the new takeover (even if not aware of it). They could be trained like animals. At the time, British banks (Rothschild) were pre-eminent. Then in 1913, with WWI on the horizon, Rothschild schemed with fellow operatives Rockefeller (and Warburg, etc.) to further the coup. They staged a vote in Congress while the opposition had gone home for Christmas break. The vote created the Federal Reserve Bank owned directly by Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg and their spiders, NOT the US government. It was step two in their attempt to end democracy in the US and replace it with an increasingly concentrated money mafia.

Once again, all opposing families were drawn into the plot whether they liked it or not. By owning the bank that prints all US money (the Federal Reserve Bank) they could print money and give it to themselves by simply wrapping all US debts into their finance network (creating money for themselves--literally taking it straight from the Fed) while forcing the US government to be in debt for the "loans." Keynesian finance, a deepening borrowing/debt cycle much like having a $100,000 credit card bill per household, grew with world war and the Fed stabbed its tentacles deeper into the body politic. The Fed prints 1 billion dollars for the printing price of a few hundred thousand, then the US government owes the full billion to the Fed. You can see how it becomes a master-slave arrangement as long as candidates for office must beg for money from (Fed-dependent, monopoly-obedient) moneymen.

Finally, step three in the takeover scheme came after 1947. Rockefeller stole control of alien-related programs from all elected officials. It became a black budget mafia with total impunity--able to murder presidents, blackmail Senators, traffic in narcotics (and child sex slaves) and threaten anyone on the planet with death if they don't follow orders. Beginning in the early '50's direct alien presence was allowed by the Rockefeller crime structure (the tall whites near Indian Springs NV--supplied by the Rockefeller mafia structure in government and allowed to kill US soldiers for merely frightening them; grays seen in US bases by Lt. Col. Steve Wilson, Robert Dean and Master Sgt. Clifford Stone, among others). Finally, the goal of the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal was becoming apparent: direct alien occupation and de facto control of the criminal empire.

With its mafia structure threatening to murder whistleblowers and every troublesome official in a heavily armed USA, the cabal plans to kill and corrupt other nations, to use the US military as a headless mercenary force. Direct alien infiltration grows via the breeding program, while democracy is but a farce. Humankind is targeted for genetic replacement by the gray alignment's hybrids.

Their goal is as outlined in the books, The Allies of Humanity: "“Should the visitors become strong enough to gain complete control of the world, those who cannot conform will simply be eliminated. Yet the visitors will not do the destruction. It will be wrought through the very individuals in the world who have fallen under their persuasion…. The visitors would like nothing better than for your religious institutions to govern nations. This you must resist....”

“If humanity should fail in opposing the Intervention, we can paint a picture of what this would mean. We have seen it elsewhere, for each one of us came very close, within our own worlds. Being part of a collective, the planet Earth will be mined for its resources, its people will be corralled to work and its rebels and heretics will either be alienated or destroyed…. Human societies will exist, but only in subordination to powers from beyond your world…. Human freedom as you know it would no longer exist, and you would suffer under the weight of foreign rule, a rule that would be harsh and exacting.”

“Thus, your visitors come to your world not with great armaments. They do not come bringing large military forces, for they employ the skills that have served them in other ways---skills in manipulating the thoughts, the impulses and the feelings of those whom they encounter.”

HOWEVER: "The more you use your encounters with (the visitors) to gain insight to them, the more of a hazard you become” (to them)…. And, with time, you will have the power of perception” (telepathy and remote viewing) “to see into their minds, which they do not wish. You will then become a danger to them, a challenge to them, and they will avoid you if they can.” (quotes from The Allies of Humanity, transcribed by Marshall Vian Summers)

The Intervention goal is to traumatize and weaken humankind, corrupt it so deeply that humans will lose all hope that humans can be trusted to govern themselves. Instead, the Intervention seeks to reign here, using its operatives to enforce their design. Through murder of alternative energy researchers, wars to control oil, economic sabotage via the Fed-related money web, and implicit threat to use US weapons against all independent human governments, the Intervention seeks complete control here.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Phillip Krapf reports that in the past the gray alignment of aliens have assigned parties to monitor some reluctant conscript planets (considered hostile) in order “to maintain the program of sabotage in the event future generations might once again try” to go into space. The aliens told Krapf they were referring to warlike populations that the aliens had encountered, but the same attitude may apply to all who reject the alien incursion. The aliens told Krapf that, in some past cases, their sabotage has led to manipulated warfare on some planets, the destruction of others. One alien told Krapf that they infiltrated some 10,000 of their operatives onto one planet, allowing them to become “heads of military units, key scientists, government leaders, and chief executives of industrial complexes, including armament manufacturers. Through sabotage, subterfuge, misdirection, persuasion over great masses of the host populations, and careful manipulation of government policy,” they achieved their ends on the given planet. (The Challenge of Contact, p. 76-77) Is that what we're seeing here?

Eisenhower warned against it, and David Rockefeller, a weak minded Intervention dependent, admitted the takeover goal. On p. 405 of his biography, Memoirs, Rockefeller writes: "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

"A secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States... conspiring with others around the world..." Which others? Competing alien sources have repeatedly pointed to the Rothschild's network, Saudi royals, Du Ponts, part of the Dutch royal family (owns Shell along with Rothschilds), Warburgs, Bush's and more.

But can we, ourselves, precisely identify the Intervention's operatives?

Allison Reed, a woman who on one occasion was abducted for 4 ½ days, told researcher David Jacobs, PhD, that while captive she was seated with other abductees and shown a large, visual screen of human families among late stage/human hybrids. The aliens showed the images to see if the abductees could distinguish normal humans from hybrids. Allison said the aliens told her that some viewers can see the energy field surrounding hybrids. Allison said, “There’s only one way to tell and that is their energy field, that energy field around them--but unless you can see it, you’ll never know.” (The Threat, p. 248)

Allison, herself, told Jacobs she couldn't see that energy. But you can, if you get up to basic speed in simple remote viewing. ALL aliens are required to be competent in doing so.

When an alien Intervention is trying to sabotage all attempts at independent human self-control, you might want to think about learning how to identify its operatives. *See a quick primer on how-to at the end of this page.

Again, Allison Reed told Jacobs she couldn't see the energy that links the takeover's hybrids with the alien network. Here's what she said, "I can't see it on anybody (in a test sample shown to her by the aliens). The ones that can see it or can distinguish... those who can see the energy field and can know the difference and would have an uprising about it, then would be subsequently terminated. So there's a power thing." (The Threat, p. 249)

The aliens were trying to scare Allison and anyone else who might try to identify their operatives. Why? Because once identified, they're extremely vulnerable. Imagine what the general population will think about them once they're discovered.

Meanwhile, the aliens aren't as directly violent as they wanted Allison to believe. There are competing aliens, aliens actually native to our galaxy (unlike the Intervention aliens) who patrol and can act decisively against direct violence against us by the gray alignment. There are some rules of a basic sort. I've openly published critiques of the Intervention and have spoken to millions on North American radio on such subjects. I'm not suffering as a result. The quick how-to at the end of this page is but one aspect of such efforts (which are encouraged by sympathetic alien neighbors).

But back to the question: how do we expose then push aside Rockefeller's mafia and other Intervention operatives? I'm hoping readers will take time to ponder our alternatives. We need to cohere in our course of efforts.

Rockefeller will soon die, then Rothschild's neocon cabal may try to exercise direct power. They can't act do so alone, however. They need stooges, weak, indecisive men who eat out of the Federal Reserve money trough. Their empire is showing signs of crisis. Other nations are organizing to protect against an epic threat among us. Time is running short and the dangers to this planet increase.

How do we proceed?

***How to locate aliens and “see” their electrogravity

First, get up to speed on telepathy and remote viewing (a brief exercise for doing so follows below). The alien version of remote sensing is much faster, more versatile than is the typical military-intelligence version that we read about. Remote viewing has a good basis in science. Negative energy and electrogravity are obviously important in understanding how a human can sit and instantly access far distant details (distant both in time, and across "empty" space). For example, Russel Targ, PhD, says he trained hundred of CIA employees how to remote view during the Cold War. Targ is a good, well-educated man and not a regime hack, as some might suspect (in the CIA context). His discussions of the subject are exemplary, as are his writings. As a PhD in physics, he helped Lockheed develop the laser system used to detect wind shear at airports. He says you need to be able to make your mind a blank, like a dark screen or a still, dark pool in order to do remote sensing. He says you must let the first image/impression just pop into mind; don't try to guess, speculate or rationally deduce--just let your mind sense the remote object/field of view as it is.

Telepathy and remote viewing aren't merely optional for investigating of alien-related subjects; they are necessary. Without being able to remotely check and verify at least some details, the student of such subjects may end up judging each individual reporter's superficial character, rather than the embedded quantum mechanical "memory" of such in space-time (which remote viewers regularly re-visit). A holographic analogy is often used to describe this aspect of remote viewing. As is consistent with quantum physics, the holographic analogy suggests that a memory (trace, recoverable aspects) of any event in the universe is somehow embedded in distant parts of space-time and is virtually connectable to all other locations.

Hence, even at a remote distance, such information can be teased out, using a simple Bearden kind of electromagnetism/electrogravity reciprocity. Bearden says that when light waves are converged to meet and cancel out along three different axes (i.e. x, y and z, although not always at right angles), they bleed into electrogravity, AND CONVERSELY, when electrogravity is converged to cancel out, it bleeds back into light waves (hence the reciprocal relationship between light and electrogravity--it underlies all inner, nuclear gravity). To make electrogravity, simply vary the energy potential, and it happens---in your mind, you vary how the mind’s many focii connect both outward and inward at the same time, you vary the pull or interaction with distant phenomena and/or categories. You cohere within a larger order. *Your brain has hundreds of trillions of atoms (focii) in it, each of which features numerous light phenomena when interacting.

Here’s a three-day exercise that can get you up to speed on remotely sensing aliens.


Remember, scientists write that human brainwave frequencies usually range from 5 to 30 hertz (they can go lower and higher). The part of that that correlates to your resting, tranquil states are called extremely low frequency waveform, or e.l.f.'s that range from 5 to 11 hertz and can pass through solids easily. So, telepathy is easily possible in such ranges [remote sensing is probably partly “scalar,” because it fluctuates more deeply inward in that resting state (it cycles “negatively,” as such), while it also connects far outwardly at the same time].

Here's a beginning exercise that I suggest often. Close your eyes and just relax. Clear your mind of all concerns. Make it a dark blank. Then raise your hand up and hold it near your head (eyes closed). Try, using the structure of the nerves in your brain (and elsewhere) to sense that hand, not visually, but its energy fluctuations. In both e.l.f. and negative cycle terms, it will register faintly. Once it registers, move it slightly. You'll be using a kind of remote sensing of it (not visual, not through the arm's wetware), and the movement vivifies the awareness. It's as though every movement pulls on a deeper, more elastic sense of time, and fluctuations. *A more vivid example is to have someone hold a baby close to you when you have your eyes closed. Using the same methods, you'll feel the baby's radiant innocence. It’s one of the most vivid experiences of the sort.

What you're actually doing is called "toh shi," in the traditional Japanese sense of the word. *Russel Targ, PhD, taught hundreds in the CIA how to do this.


Step 2: Find a place near a wall or part of your house where there’s window glass, plus
metal and some wood or drywall (a kind of chalky stucco-like material in most interior

walls). Now, stand or sit nearby and, using the nerves in your brain (not your eyes), "feel" the different areas, taking time to concentrate on one (i.e. the wood), then another (i.e. glass), then others. What you're doing is like tasting the elemental energy of each different material. If this is the first time you do it, you may not notice much of a difference today because it's your first "taste" of each.

However, tomorrow, after you have a memory for how each "feels" in that sense, you should begin to notice that different kinds of materials feel different to remote sensing of the sort. (Japanese call this toh shi). Different atoms in each material have a different spectrum and emit different kinds of energy, hence your ability to feel a kind of difference. Again, be sure to do this with your eyes closed so that you don't confuse it with visual information.

You have to be able to make your mind a dark blank before trying to feel different materials in this way. Try it on different days, preferably later in the evening when you're more settled (and your brain can calm into those low frequency ranges). You'll especially notice the contrasts between two different materials in your immediate scan. Then, when you begin to feel that you can sense the feel of different materials (stick to basics like wood, metal, plastic, etc.), you can move up to bigger tasks.

For example, pick a neighbor's house and close your eyes, then feel inside to sense what materials are there. You'll then sense their shape. Don't try to guess or deduce; just let whatever you sense come into your mind. Try this at intervals later, with different enclosures or such. It's effective over distances, ironically.

And finally, remember---remote sensing of the sort takes you into a more condensed kind of physics in which minds can meet and share, communicate and form agreements. So, go with a very social sense of the larger continuum, and be on your best behavior.

Before you begin on day three, you should allow a day for your first "taste" sensing, then try it the next day. An extra day helps.

PART THREE –a whole different category

Part 3: If you've proceeded through the first two parts, this part is important. Again, psychologists note that when you begin to do remote sensing of the sort (or even if you merely think about an extra-sensory capacity), new dendrite connections grow in your brain between cells. Much like when you learn a foreign language, it enhances intelligence.

If you're comfortable with the previous exercises, now you should try sensing into buildings in order to do preliminary whole-body sensing of humans (their whole bodies). To different sensers, humans will appear to have different energy features. Some sensers will immediately shift into a telepathic awareness of the individuals' consciousness. Others will note a seeming collective awareness quality in the people in a given location. You can essentially stretch and change your focus/resolution when sensing people. All nerve structure has energy that "bleeds" into the environment, however subtly. If you've been doing the above exercises, you know how it appears. Some sensers may look for a seeming light, or glowing quality to the whole human body (which will be starkly more pronounced in the cranial area). You may also notice that different people can be connected, in various ways. *They may not notice that you're remotely sensing.

Of course, the same basic considerations are important: non-violation, gentleness, and no sexual manipulative impulses (they would tend to backfire, anyway). Better yet, there is a very subtle, almost elusive collective awareness, almost like a soft, soft floating microwhisper of the shared, deepest concerns, feelings, and more--common to most of the people you'll pick up on. You can tease this out, but remember: it's part of a larger social identity that other species, off-world and withal have kept close track of--probably since we evolved intelligence. So, this aspect of human awareness comes replete with highly evolved, albeit finely textured safeguards. When you sense consciousness, you participate in it. Please, don't ever tutor a violent or criminal person in your developing awareness. Unlike some other individuals, I would advise against trying to financially gain from your developing awareness because the highest forms, the more vastly, deeply connected of all human+ sensitivities branch out into equalitarian societies (and a much more equal human future, believe it or not). I'm not even religious, but this aspect is so much like g--o--d that, well... (no gender, of course, and not singularly individual, but broadly, finely social).

You can see how quickly remote sensing develops into profoundly long-terms questions, possibilities, and more. In your sensing of others, you can tease out details, but there’s a larger, vastly more evolved kind of continuum/sentience which, owing to the ironies of condensed, inter-dimensioning physics, is, in some ways, essentially looking back when we look out.

Here's an advanced exercise: try to see yourself from above---you may (if you're doing this all correctly) actually see exact, real-time details. However, such vividness isn't so important, nor usually something that your body energy can sustain for long. You can also begin to see entire locations from above (this may not go well if you aren't a good, non-violating person, I must caution---they aren't so welcome withal.)

Finally, and this is important: this same capacity for sensing humans is how you can sense aliens. But remember: they often have psychotronic systems that can detect who is probing. In my case, I'm integrated into a larger, non-violating, fairly ordinary native and interested observers' context, hence my probing is studious and I report on it for larger human readership. You can get a nearly instant sense of other humans: their feelings, moods, concerns, underlying considerations, but it's a kind of snap, or flash sensing of this (not a visual flash, not in the way that you want to be too noticeable about). With aliens, you get a sense of whether or not they are secretive about a potentially harmful agenda, or whether they lack material motives here and are simply studying us.

Know how to not violate aliens and know how to pull back, yet keep your sensitivity alive in the surrounding continuum if you encounter a problem case (think about telling someone you can trust, if complications arise, and try to get word into internet circles). If you're doing the above exercizes, you're developing a second depth of awareness. You might want to think about the weird science of it---it will help you better advance your awareness.

I've helped a variety of people in this regard, and the awareness can be variously begun upon. I can't begin to state all the implications of such awareness in this brief space (they are astounding and involve a process of discovery, plus a very agreeable kind of humbling, a transparency in which no human can continue to violate others without losing out in a major, all-of-time way). Indeed, the all-of-time implications will help you lose your fear of death and may help you commit to necessary, ongoing human improvements. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, part of this kind of sensing will allow humankind to isolate and locate human offenders of the worst and most brutal sort. (*end of 3 day exercise)

Bearden aside, here's how any individual can remotely check on aliens and their locations, their craft: Any and all such craft and locations are deeply interwoven into an electrogravity communications and power network. This is necessary in order to effect psychotronic (mind-controlled) communications and technology, and is necessary to do travel. Electrogravity borrows so much energy from the virtual continuum (as Bearden outlines in a letter titled "Bearden for Dummies" in his correspondence section), that it marginally speeds the flow of time in that section of space-time. Why? Because, in order to essentially flip the seemingly local into the more deeply non-local (i.e. Bearden's reciprocal relationship-sic), electrogravity must speed the flow of time to exceed the Einstein limit on light speed propagation.

I know that sounds sticky, if not technical, but it's part of the basis for remote sensing, remote viewing. It also underlies alien technology, their communcations and more. When aliens run their systems (a craft, a "base", plus any monitoring of a gray/IFSP-essential individual), tightly bundled energy streams in and out from other IFSP craft and tech sites---to the given target. You can literally "see" such energy, but you don't see it with your eyes; you essentially feel it with your nerve structure, but you must expand the space of your sensing, you must inflate it outward, to do so. This can go faster than light, so don't sit thinking that it goes in linear fashion, ray-like. It navigates a precise, negatively cycling, gravitic (essentially inward-phasing) network of coordinates, or references, if you will.

Here's how you can literally practice this: First scale your energy levels way down--at least five orders of magnitude (dimension) fainter in order to not be so easily detected by Intervention aliens. Scale your energy way down, while expanding your awareness far outward at the same time. Find a known gray/IFSP site or distant craft hovering (i.e. behind the moon--hiding from line of sight view, says Philip Krapf), find a known gray/IFSP technological site and remotely "view" it---not a visual scan, but the energy, and "delta t" of the target locations (delta t is how Bearden describes the speeding of time by so much energy streaming via electrogravity). So much energy streams to IFSP sites and technology that it stands out starkly. It is so strikingly different from the normal, ambient electromagnetism (light) that it’s most obvious—once you begin to practice sensing such energy streaming. Over time, you get the knack, but not instantly, of course. The key to getting the knack and recognizing electrogravity streaming is that most such energy is highly impregnated with information content--due to communications and info-packet aspects of psychotronics. So, it isn't just energy; it contains information that makes it easy to probe, once you get the hang of it.

Allison Reed, a woman who on one occasion was abducted for 4 ½ days, told David Jacobs that while captive she was seated with other abductees and shown a large, visual screen of human families among late stage/human hybrids. The aliens showed the images to see if the abductees could distinguish normal humans from hybrids. Allison said the aliens told her that some viewers can see the energy field surrounding hybrids. Allison said, “There’s only one way to tell and that is their energy field, that energy field around them--but unless you can see it, you’ll never know.” (The Threat, p. 248)

Remember, because we have eyes we developed a way of thinking that assumed that visual phenomea (light waves) are definitive. If we didn’t have eyes, we might think otherwise. Nerve structure isn't limited to light wave parameters. It can detect scalar/negative energy streaming.

So, please, practice doing this. First make your mind blank, then project your awareness remotely to encompass a wide area AROUND the target that you are "viewing," then get the feel for it. You'll get both a feel for it and will soon be able to distinguish a given alien grouping's signature kind of electrogravity network. (For instance, electrogravity use by the gray-related "federation" is all rigged to conform to their larger network, so if you pay attention, you also sense THAT remotely) One word of caution: remote viewers don't place themselves directly into the path of unusually high energy focii. You wouldn't place your perspective right above the upper or lower Tesla axis of a disk, or a larger craft. You wouldn't remotely view an atomic bomb by placing yourself at ground zero.

Instead, place your perspective (actually a sum of perspectives) to one side. In the case of a large IFSP disk, for example (assuming you want to practice on it) i.e. the one reported by Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times editor Phillip Krapf to hover above the dark side of the moon, you place your perspective just outside, slightly above the rim of the large disk. There, you find a kind of horizon---where the borrowing of energy and the speeding of time caused by the disk's use of electrogravity forms a distinct, easily sensed electrogravity horizon, of sorts. It "feels" like an energy membrane. It stands out, albeit darkly, and you can locate it instantly. After you've practiced this for some time, you may begin to tease out the information contained within the disk by doing abbreviated, nearly instantaneous pulses that angle through the streams of energy (such energy streams in both directions). You pulse in and out of larger, connected spaces there.

This pulsing isn't linear; instead, it goes out and into the space-time all around. You probe the info, as such. If you place your perspective inside the disk, you'll probably be detected, which will be inconvenient, to say the least. Many years of use of psychotronic technology has allowed aliens to be able to sense your probing them if your perspective is so flat-footedly placed within their disk. So, be careful. You can remotely probe alien sites here on Earth, i.e. the tall whites' location near Indian Springs, Nevada or the various gray/IFSP sites (watch out for the tall whites: they may be prone to violence).

Now, if you practiced this and get the feel of it, you're ready to detect the human operatives who help colonizing IFSP aliens manipulate and abduct other humans. This is not an ability you develop in one day. Take a little time. Here's what you do: place your dome of perspective above an entire city or an entire section of countryside or space (even remotely off-world), and "feel" for that electrogravity/magnetogravity streaming. Such streaming is done via what is called "condensed state physics." Like lasers, dark states and more, electrogravity is a kind of condensed state physics. You "feel" across and within the energy that is streaming. You can place your perspective above an entire city and feel the precise coordinates of the streaming to any and all individuals who pop up as connected to the IFSP electrogravity network. You feel (and essentially see, albeit the darkened inner sense of your mind's view) energy streaming out to the remote IFSP network. You feel and sense the greater intensity of the nearest IFSP craft or sites that are monitoring a given direct operative. You aren't spying on them directly. Instead, it’s all part of a greater universal transparency. All mature populations are expected to monitor the basic ecology. So, don't dunder in and probe by prolongedly placing your perspective within a craft. Don't pretend that you won't meet a response if you try to leech out details about their technology for undue human gain. The universe is so intelligent that you may find yourself failing in your remote viewing endeavors, should you pretend to do so.

Again, get up to speed on remote viewing. It isn't merely optional; it's necessary in order to check on who and where are the direct IFSP operatives. Reliable, non-IFSP alien sources say they are 3000-4000 in total. Such operatives aren't merely sympathetic toward IFSP aliens; they will cause great harm to other humans and not think twice about it. Direct IFSP operatives aren’t human(oid) Goobers. They will be highly placed. And remember, don't lose hope, don't feel disheartened when you discover the unexpected. Instead, help expand human awareness; help make others more responsible. We’re on the cusp of a phenomenal advance of human awareness. Imagine what people will think when they learn that IFSP operatives orchestrate narcotics trafficking in order to keep alien issues secret. The situation has already excited a trenchant, sustained human probing in various places.

So, please try remote sensing of the sort. Learn to recognize IFSP aliens' signature kind of energy streaming. Tread lightly and also know how to step back from a too shallow, physical sense of yourself. Don't allow yourself to be provoked. Always cycle your awareness back into the larger network of human and other helpful interactions. Don't allow yourself to be stumped by a low-order provocation.


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