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Victim tells of fear in hotel ordeal

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posted on Feb, 6 2004 @ 08:53 AM
Another self indulgent emotionless dick commits a murder and attempts to kill another execution style...

Luckily she lived after being shot under the eye and faking her death as well as the guy running out of bullets. He attempted to shoot her 4 times but to no avail.
The other woman got shot and died, she has 3 kids...

I took this out of the paper:

"I pleaded for my life," she said, fighting tears. "I heard a gunshot, I fell to the floor. . . ."

As the gunman stood over her pulling the trigger again and again, the gun jamming, she closed her eyes, "pretending to be dead."

Here's the link:

They each got $125 totalling $500... One murder, another attempted, three kids are without their mom, and a women who will always be haunted by the shock and haunting images of that night. Know was it worth it?

Another example of a spinelss self indulgent asshole who can take another human being over $125.00
But he's concerned about "his" fingerprints being left on the phone cord so he turns to go back and clean up his mess, while making another (attempted murder).


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