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Ghost throughout my life.

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 02:37 AM
Haven't been here for about 2 years, I just sort of grew out of this thing but I'm coming back.
I never posted anything about my life in the past really, I was more of a looker than a poster. I was about 14 then and I thought I would just be critised back then, but, I'm older now and I'd just like to share stuff I've seen and maybe discuss it all.

As risk of losing credibilty, I feel it must be told that certain parts of this were drug induced, although, none of my visions were while I was on any form of drugs, rather, more of a life realization was found through drugs, theories and the like.
And to clear up any scares about drugs, I do not do drugs anymore these days.

Now, to my life..

Ghost sitings have run in my family for a while, I remeber once hearing a story about my grandma seeing, and talking to her son who passed away more than 20 years before. My mom had an out of body experience, and her brother has seen ghosts in his life too. Guess it runs in the family eh?

Well, from an early age, I remeber I had 'Imaginary friends' at least, thats how I saw them. But.. I actually physically saw them, and they werent regular 5 year old kids as I was, I remeber vividly talking to a man dressed in Nazi clothing, I didnt know what it was then, but I remeber speaking to him. I had alot of friends such as him, Nazis and the like, my mom has said, and I remeber, running around my little apartment playing 'War' with these friends of mine, pretending to be shooting them and hiding behind the kitchen table and whatnot. My mom said it was just the funniest thing watching me run around.
She also said she used to hear my talking to myself, and when she asked who I was talking to I usually said some oddball name and pointed to nothing, saying he's right here mom, cant you see him? That lasted for a few years and then I stopped seeing those friends.

Now, that, in itself sounds like just a kids wild imagnation, but as I got older more and more stuff started to come about.

A few years later I started asking my mother about my dad, whom we left when I was 7, and she had told me his whole family was German, which I found a bit odd, remebering my friends, but I didnt really make the connection.

After age 7 or so I somewhat lost touch with the whole ghost thing. But one night, I had an extremely vivid dream, I was a Nazi in WWII, and the last day of my life played out. I was speaking and reading in full german, and I had caught the name of the town I was being trucked into to attack, the name I've forgotten but I can surely look around and find it once again. The last moments of that life I saw a convoy of trucks, whom we all believed was our pickup to get the hell out of there, but as they drove by American soldiers started shooting and they all got out and ambushed us. The whole troop scattered and I ran as fast as I possibly could, I ran off the side of the road down a large ravine and just kept going, as I looked back I saw about 5 to 10 American soldiers, chasing and shooting after me. Deciding It was my time, I turned my rifle to my head and shot right there. I woke up panting and verbally said '1942' without even meaning to.
That, in my mind, was my previous excistance.

Pt.2 on next post.

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posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 02:55 AM
Now, my most recent ghost story.

I moved into a new house, just me and my mom, about 2 years ago, and from the first day I always had an eerie sense in my room. I just couldnt quite get my finger on what it was though, Until one night..

I was meditating before bed, just to clear my head and get my thoughts settled, as I started to come back, I slowly opened my eyes and saw a dark figure, about 5 feet tall, the figure stayed there for about 2 to 3 seconds, enough for me to make out long hair, and the figure was gone, its safe to say it scared the hell out of me.

Startled, I just shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks with me late at night before bed.

a few days later I was on my computer, and I decided to go downstairs for something to eat, after using the rest room. So I got up, pushed in my desk and chair and walked into the rest room. While sitting in silence I heard the tapping of the keyboard, I just thought my mom had come home and was downstairs typing away, so I didnt pay much attention to it. when I was done I got up and walked through that room to go downstairs and noticed my chair and desk was out, even after I had pushed it in. So I thought to myself.. maybe Im just crazy.. but I looked downstairs expecting to see my mom on the computer but she hadnt even come home yet.
The tapping happened 2 more times after, I tried opening word whenever I left so it would record anything typed, but it was never typed on when word was open.

After this I decided I needed to tell someone, maybe someone could reasure me, make me think im not crazy or anything, so I told my buddy ryan, who started telling me stories about ghosts that he has seen. The main one was a friend of his who had hung himself when he was about 13.
He said he wanted to witness my ghost one day and we always tried to stay in that room whenever we could to hopefully catch something.

It never happened until about a year, christmas time. My mom was going out of town for the weekend so I had to stay at ryan's house, but during those 2 to 3 days I had to go home to water the christmas tree we had recently purchased. So one night me and ryan were walking to my house to water the plant and I just got the most sickening, panic stricken feeling, and it grew worse and worse with each passing step towards my house, I told ryan and said it has something to do with my ghost. when we got there I refused to go in the room she resided in, I felt anger, just.. lonelyness. Ryan was eager to see it so I made a deal with him, we'll sit just outside the room and look in for a bit. So we sat there looking for a bit, and I felt so sickened and depressed in a matter of minutes I had to walk away and go downstairs, halfway down I see ryan running away from the room telling me to get the hell outta the house. He was shocked.
I had asked what happened and he had told me after I left he witnessed a black, misty figure pour out from the doorway, coming closer to him, and he tried to run but was frozen. It touched him and he froze over, but he broke away from this paralys and run away from the room. I hardly even believed it.. someone else saw the same figure i had!?

pt 3 in next post.

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 03:08 AM
The second time someone else was witness to this figure was one morning before school.
I was sitting in my 'chill room' watching tv with my door open, right next to this room was my bedroom, where the figure resisded, and on the outside of that door i had a bead curtain type deal, with that door shut closed.

In the middle of watching the news I heard 3 loud knocks, thinknig it was my mom I got up but no one was at the door, and if she needed me she would have clearly known I was inside the other room, and not my bedroom. Then it came to me, wait.. Had she knocked on the bedroom door I would have heard the russtling of the beads..
hmm.. I just thought I was hearing noises and dismissed it.

About 5 minutes later my mom comes out of her room with her hair done up in a towel and asked me what I wanted, and I was like.. uhh.. what? what are you talking about? she said, well.. you knocked on my door didnt you? and I stopped right there and said, you heard it too?? and she was like of course I heard it, I felt it vibrate the door it was hit so hard.
and I told her I didnt knock, that I thought she had or that I was hearing something, and she flipped out blaming whatever was in my room, that was one of the few times it ever phyisically interacted with anything, other than the keyboard.

Now I knew something was going on.
So I got a hold of my uncle who's into ghosts and the like and he said maybe I should try talking to it, show it some attention and maybe it'll go away.
So thats what I did, I calmly asked it what it wanted, told it i was interested in it, said it was fine to be here all it wants, I just wanna know whats up, ya know.
Well after a couple failed attempts at trying to communicate with the figure, through verbal and also meditative telepathy communication, I had a dream, where I was actually talking to, what turned out to be a young girl, couldnt have been more than 12 years old. I dont remeber any of the conversation other than one thing she had told me.
I asked her what her name was and she replied

"my name is wonderful..too wonderful for you to know"
and then I woke up, and I have never seen, heard from, or had anything to do with that figure ever again in my life. I dont even feel eerie in my room either, it was like a huge weight had been lifted.

This whole ghost ordeal lasted about a year or so. Still to this day I dont know anything about what it, or who it really was, I just call her Wonderful.

Thats my story, take it for what you will.

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by start_the_peace

Very interesting. One doubt about it is "1942". I'm no good at remember dates but were Americans even on German soil during that year?

Nice post though.

If I'm right, 1942 could have meant something else rather than the year you died.

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 03:17 PM
Yeah I think you are right, I'm reading a book right now called Masters of Death about the SS and in 1942 they were posted mostly in poland and russia for project Barborassa, which was launched in 1941.

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 10:15 PM
does anyone have any thoughts on these visions?

posted on Dec, 11 2007 @ 10:57 PM
Sounds like a legitimate 'haunting' if true. I am inclined to believe in 'ghost stories' only because I've witnessed poltergeist activity myself. My friend lived on a family ranch that was built on an indian burial site - the most cliched ghost setting ever, but none-the-less it was their home. He saw things that he refused to talk to me about. Whenever we heard footsteps stomping in the attic he would shrug as if it was nothing new. I have too many stories to tell about that place. At another friends house, when spending the night, I would sleep by the staircase and hear something walking up and down it at 3 am when everyone was asleep. I would get up to look down the staircase and saw nothing. I would then say loudly to my friends 'WAKE UP. DUDES... something on the stairs...' and the footsteps would pause, as if whatever was making the footsteps was listening to me. *shiver*

You are brave for trying to contact whatever that spirit was. In most instances, it's better to demand the intervention of a higher authority (I.E. God...) but if you don't believe in calling for help from benevolent spirits or God himself, it's just a way of sending out a strong signal to whatever entity is bothering you. If a person ignores a ghost, or is afraid of a ghost, there is no real confrontation with the spirit and the haunting may go on indefinitely.

You seem to have confronted your ghost and the result speaks for itself. People will find it hard to believe you, as they find it hard to believe most things - just take your experience to heart and appreciate whatever lesson it might have taught you! I am certainly more open-minded to the existence of extradimensional life, whether spiritual or E.T., and I attribute that open mindedness to my firsthand experience of hauntings.

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 02:18 AM
Thank you for the post NewWorldOver.

Actually a few days ago I was talking to my friend Ryan about what he actually saw that day and he told me something along the lines of seeing a little girl in a black dress type deal, and he was semi alright with it, because he's seen ghosts in his life to, but he said he looked at her up and down and then looked her in eyes and thats when he froze, and I guess she had tried to reach out to him and he ran off.

Now, for Ryan and other stuff that he has seen, it was brought on by his friend killing himself, and he saw the ghost of his friend hanging in his corner, in his closet, even talked to him once ot twice over a period of about a year or so. Last time I checked though he hasnt seen him since then.

Now if we're gonna start talking about poltergiest [spelled right?] My buddy Daniel claimed to have one in his room, Daniel always seemed like a normal kid to me but when I got to know him better he told me about a year back before I met him he tried to hang himself, but he ended up being found and rushed to the hospital, he was pronouced dead for a certain time, I'm not quite sure how long, about that time weird things started happening in his room, stuff would be moved around, his tv would turn on and off uncontrollably, and he would try to play music through his playstation and cd player, and it would skip based on genre. Meaning if he wanted to play some metal, none of his metal cd's would work, but the first hippy cd he ever put it, didnt matter which cd it was, it worked, he always said it was his poltergiest's mood and he could only pick music based on what it wanted.

Now, I still had a hard time believing this was true, as all I had ever seen at the time was just the music stuff, I just thought his playstion and cd player, or maybe his cd's were just getting old. But one day Daniel, Ryan and I were all sitting around his table talking, laughing, eating and whatnot, and we heard his tv blaring upstairs, and we all looked at each other and Daniel was just like ugghh... i hate that thing!! Well, seizing my moment to hopefully interact with this poltergiest, I jumped up and ran upstairs to go see what was up. The tv was at full volume playing Fantastic 4 or something, so I walked in and sat and watched for a minute or two, I calmly said 'hey man.. this is a bit loud here, Im just gonna turn it down a smidge". I waited a bit more, watching tv, then I got up and said 'well alright man.. thats enough tv for now, im just gonna turn it off' so I got up and turned the tv and turned to walk off, Im almost out the door and the tv turns back on. I just stopped and kinda laughed to myself, and I was like 'noo no dude, the tv has to be off' so I shut it off for good this time and went downstairs. And that was that.

One more thing though, when I told my uncle about all this he found it very weird how close together all three of our houses were at the time. Me and Daniel lived in the same neihgborhood, about a 2 to 3 minute walk from each other, and Ryan lived across the street about a 5 minutes walk from us, does anyone else see anything weird in that? because I never really did to be honest.

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