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65 Lbs Later....

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posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 07:59 PM
Good for you Ducky! Watch that V-8 juices. It's packed full of sodium and will make you retain water. And remember it's all about physical activity, and portion control. You can do it

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 07:16 AM

Originally posted by TheDuckster
I've kept to this diet in the last few weeks since I posted:

1-2 eggs/scrambled in Nuker.
1 Tablespon of butter/salt & Pepper.
1-3 cups of Jasmine Green tea (loose-leaf) - depending on how I feel
1-2 pieces of toast (w.butter)

Most likely nothing at all.

Very hungry at this point; ravenous. I'm in control of my behaviors. I don't exhibit 'hungry like a bear' attitudes.

May I suggest Scottish Oatmeal? It's very filling and good for lowering cholesterol. I've started eating that in the AM and may add another bowl in the PM.

1 cup Oatmeal, organic, Scottish........280 cals
BTW, here's the calorie count on what you listed above:
2 Eggs, whole, cooked, scrambled........203
2 Tblspn Butter, stick, salted................204
2 Bread, sprouted wheat, toasted.........135
1 cup Tomato juice................................83
Totals.................................................624 calories.

If you are not eating much else then you are probably having a 1500 calorie/day deficit. That means you should lose about 3lbs/week

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 11:03 AM
Just checking in on your progress, not to be pushy or anything.

Have you discovered ''?

I've finally convinced my wife to start tracking her diet. She's not -on- a diet, she's just tracking what she does eat.

Actually, I find tracking what you eat to be more valuable than 'dieting'.

Many people, however, are actually -afraid- to track their food intake.

In the past, without an online tracker it was horrendously difficult. I tried it in Excel and was pulling my hair out after two weeks trying to get my totals and stuff right and to 'insert' last minute changes.

However with Fitday (not affil) it's just stupendously easy! I spend about 30 seconds the whole DAY putting in my foods.

Of course I play with it for about an hour just having fun with my graphs and results and activities and stuff, but you don't -need- to do that.

(it takes some practice to actually get a very accurate count of your foods - we tend to under-tabulate, even if trying to be very honest. Some people advocate leaving food off of the calculator - but that's silly, because it skews you 'nutrient analysis' (should you choose to use that).

It's funny the things wrt exercise and diet that people are afraid to do.

Myself, I was afraid to wear a Heart Rate Monitor - maybe I was fearful of seeing my heart beating 170 times per minute? When I ride a hard hill, that's what it gets to. However I -feel- nothing untoward when this is happening (partly because I've spent 3 years conditioning and stuff).

Anyway, just a heads up and maybe a helpful thought.

Good luck!

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posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 12:02 PM
"Earth calling TheDuckster, come in Duckster?", " Earth calling TheDuckster, you read? ".

Just wondering how it's going and if you're still doing the 65 lbs later deal. Anyway, I hope this finds you well and happy.


posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 12:45 PM
link have my support hon.You know that.
I'm the one gonna take you shopping across the border babes.
Hot threads for that hot bod!
We are gonna make those NY boys drool honey...
Call me anytime.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by AccessDenied

Hot threads for that hot bod!
We are gonna make those NY boys drool honey...


Hmmmmmm ....... am I one of those NY boys .......

* steve gets slap'd by Snakeslayer *

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

Thanks Babes!

I can't wait to go on another 'excursion' with you! I'll be watching my diet though.

You're a dear and a doll!



posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 08:09 PM
Here's the latest entry:

Dear Diary,

To date I've lost 12 lbs!

I've taken advice from other posters regarding my caloric intake, and decided to put a twist on the '3 meals a day' scenerio.

I realized that 640 calories/day doesn't cut it, NOR does the 3 meals a day cut it??!

I've decided to eat 6 small meals/day

Mornings: 2 cups coffee and or tea with milk and 1 tsp sugar.
2 cups ice-water (I get thirsty ALOT)
2 hard-boiled eggs with salt to taste

Before Lunch:: Garden Salad with/without meat. Small serving.
Ice tea (1 portion)
2 cups water

Lunch: Small fruit/vegatble salad (2 cups)

Before Supper Beef Jerky/trail mix (I know this is loaded with salt; Can't help it, tastes pretty good! And YES...I'm drinking loads of ice-water!

Supper: Sensible meal. Chicken, potatoes with veggies. I'm watching 'how' much red meat I'm consuming.

Evening Snack: I try not to put to much food on the ol' tummy at this point. However, when I get the urge, I like 'pickle' or 'bbq' chips. My favorite: 'Roasted Chicken' or 'All-dressed chips'. Mabey a candy bar.

I'm getting alot of exercise with regards to my employment: 'House Cleaning'.

I would like advice on how to get rid of the 'pot-belly'? Sit-ups? Crunches? Hmm...what would benefit me?

Today, I worked a long day. Brought home $165.00 - (net) - for 6 1/2 hours work. Darn tootin I'm HAPPY!

I'll post a pic of myself next month.


posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 09:09 PM
reply to post by TheDuckster

Wow !!! That's great Ducky
... I'm cheerin' ya on ... may you continue to shed those pounds ...... I've gotta go on a diet myself
... (drawin' each day of the week really transforms ya
) .... gotta impress my GF as well

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by steve-o


Got any advice on how to get rid of the 'pot-belly'?


posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by TheDuckster

I wish I had any good advice
........ I've had weight problems for most of my life ... I'm just glad that I'm at an OK weight right now
... ( used to weigh around 240 a few years ago) . I just started bein' more active (play'd basketball every darn day ) .... that's about it ... and um.... I cut back on the sweets
. Hope all goes well Ducky

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 08:49 AM
Great to hear from you Ducky. Keep up the good work with your diet and do some abdominal exercises. Sit-ups and crunches aren't the answer until you lose enough weight to do them easier. Stair exercises and a stability ball is good. Work your Transversus Abdominus Muscles by doing hollowing & vacuum exercises. Exercise

Hope this helps, I'm doing the same thing and it feels good. Just keep your metabolism up as much as possible. Rev up your Metabolism
Good luck!!

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by Solarskye


Thankyou so much for the links!

I'm going to start practicing the 'abdominal vacuum' exercise today.

Giggling now. I just thought of this fridge magnet I had years ago; would love to get another one.

It said: "A minute on the lips...a lifetime on the hips"


posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 04:18 PM
Yay Ducky!
Congrats on your new conquest.
65 pounds isn't so much, I know you can do it!
Keep us posted and eat lots of fiber!

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 06:19 PM
I'd like to lose my little belly, I'm the right weight for my age but i have a little pot belly goin' on...

keep up the good work duckey!

EDIT: for that vacume thing, what the heck is a navel?


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posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 01:15 PM
Just found this thread Ducky! I too need to loose my fat. I have learned quite a bit from this thread and am very proud of how you are doing this. Keep up the faith Beautiful, call me anytime. Now, Ill go get a big glass of water...

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