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my rant against the media

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posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 01:44 PM
i am so sick of what the media pumps to us...
after this mall shooting, they are trying to tug at the hearts and's almost like they exloit these situations as best they can.

right now they are showing pics of some of the victims and saying a little something about them.."so and so is a real estate agent. every time she sold a house she would plant a rose in the garden for good luck"...

they've had this kids 'friends' on there talking about him and asking why he did they we have other youngsters that really don't know but the media jumps on them like a pariah.

it really sucks.

how many times are they going to show the pics of this kid with the gun? how many times are they going to say that they don't know what made him go off in that store?

the girl they were talking to said she 'thinks' that he 'probably' went into that store cause the people that shop there are better than him.

i just don't get it....

the news does just about everything but report the news, imo...they exploit people and stories.....
can't stand it yet i can't being myself to stop watching the news....i have it on all day

posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by Boondock78


I too tire quickly of the news formats, even the fabled Fox news for their sensationalism. I especially don't like what you are describing in this latest shooting incident. I just dont appreciate someone trying to put me on the emotional puppet strings in lieu of real news and information. What you are describing is emotional filler in lieu of real news and information. No thanks. I have a remote controller when I sense this kind of puppet strings.
What I do for a living requires that I stow and control my emotions sufficient to accomplish the task required..not live as a emotional train wreck. Therefore I dont appreciate someone trying to get or put me on such a emotional rollercoaster against my will and over my objection.

Also suggest that if you have the news on all day may be on a drug...a television drug need it for stimulation. I refer to this type of behavior as drugged. Learn to be more diciplined such that you are not dependent on the television stimulus or drug.
To me there is so little of any real value on television. On occasion a good program or movies slips through but most of television programming I find to be drivel. Especially the news formats. They have become so politically oriented..not news reporting but for the purposes of reporting a political slant on the news. This has become obvious to me. Hence my very quick utilization of the remote control.

I actually find some of the commercial formats more original than the programming. And I hate commercials. I often surf many times in a 15 minute period to avoid commercials...yet find the programming so lousy.
Television has become an excercise in frustration for me. I am getting more and more away from it and dont really miss it. I direct my efforts into other things.

I do understand your frustration with the news formats...all of them.


posted on Dec, 8 2007 @ 04:39 AM
The thing I hate the most about the media, in any scenario like this, is the fact that they try to descipher the perpatrator with cappy past histories and pure assumptions. Sure, the kid went on a killing spree, but does that give them the right to dig everything up on him and use it to better their ratings?

Replaying scenes from such a tragedy only inspires more people to do such an act. It doesn't make sense.

I know what you mean Boondock, your so sick of the media, and yet you can't turn your head, or help but to wonder why!

Sure as hell was a wake up call for that town, probably brought people closer together too.

People need to pay better attention to these types of situations, they happen for a reason, they're not all random acts of violence. They all could be avoided of society decided to do something about it. Instead, the government puts up a metal detector and turns their head. They put up a few surveilence camera, but that doesn't stop people from bringing guns into schools, malls, fast food restaurants, churches, post offices, etc.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the government takes advantage of this, to scare the masses subtely to ignore the thought of big brother. The next generation will be totally fine with cameras watching them on every corner, in every school, mall, etc.

The perp had problems, that's for sure, but sometimes I feel sorry for the ones who commit such acts. I feel sorry for them in the context that they didn't live their lives to THEIR full potential. Most of the adolescent mass murderes were/are very intelligent individuals, who could have done alot more for society. But instead, society has contributed nothing to them, except the thought of being an outcast.

To shun someone, is to ignore options. It just doesn't make any sense. It sickens me as to how cruel this place can be. I hate it!

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 11:55 PM
Some of these news channels are real bad especially when some one is missing usually a white woman and they are so quick to judge their partner or some one who might be looked at by the cops, without even hearing the whole story. Or they will take an insignificant unimportant story and blow it way out of proportion. There's one news channel that says they are fair and balanced LOL!!! that’s a bunch of BS.
I tune into the news channels to get the news and I see a lot of obsessing over Paris, Lindsey, Rosie and the view, American idol, dances with the stars and Celebes in general, when will they just stick to what’s important. I think they lost their perspective on what is news and what is not news and the things I mentioned above are not news they belong on the Echannel. Fox news is the worst for there obsessions of these people and TV shows. And I can’t stand watching them anymore.

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