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UFO Austin TX mid-80s

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 11:19 PM
I am not really a UFO enthusiast, but I have a personal sighting of an object in the sky many years ago that seems to be haunting me now. I really don't expect anything to come from my telling of this occurence, but for whats its worth, I sort of have to get this off my chest. I am new to this site and probly won't pursue this any further so please anyone respond to this and give me your thoughts. I don't have anything else to offer here so you all probly won't hear from me much in the future. For now I especially want to find out if ANYONE else saw this thing or something similar and may have pictures of it. Please hear me out.
Here goes:
I used to live in Austin Texas during the 1980s in an apartment called Sterling Village on N. Lamar. Between 1983 or 84, I was looking out due west from my balcony towards the sunny horizon over the Hill Country around 5pm or so and suddenly, a very big dark cylindrical object just materialzed up in the sparse, partly cloudy sky. It was a beautiful day, very sunny with the sun still up in the sky but slowly begining to set. This object was absolutely HUGE. I will guess and say its location was past Jollyville maybe 10 - 20 miles west of my location on Lamar in North Austin. I would say the object's girth from top to bottom was at least as wide as maybe 3 big airliners stacked on top of eachother. Its length was maybe a couple of football fields, I really can't be accurate about its length, only that at the great distance it was from me it was just enormous, like a huge metal cigar, floating horizontally. It was a metallic dark color and had definite reflection of sunlight on it, very easy to differentiate from the surrounding white clouds and blue/orangy colored sky. There was just no mistaking it was just hanging there "as plain as day" just suspended in the air at about the height of the lowest clouds. It hovered there in the horizon for maybe 10 - 15 minutes. I called my wife who also witnessed it and neither of us could identify what it was. It was absolutely HUGE, I cannot stress that enough. I decided to call Bergstrom Airforce Base, which was a military installation located where the Austin commercial airport is now on Ben White Blvd. I did speak to someone there. After describing what was in the sky at that moment, they relpied that it was probly a weather balloon. They acknowledged they had no aircraft in that area and they gave me no reasonable explaination for the big floating object in the afternoon sky. I disagreed with them and they claimed they got no other calls and maintained they were not aware of anything strange in the afternoon sky.
When I hung up the phone I went back to my balcony and it was gone. My wife said it did not fly away, but that it just "disappeared". There were sparse clouds and at no time were the clouds able to completely cover this object. At all times one end or the other was fully exposed up to half the length of it. As I recall it did not seem to move at any time (at least I don't recall it appearing to fly) and if it did move it was very slowly and very short distance. It just hung there in the sky. To this day I cannot find any explanation for what this thing could have been. Coincidentally, later that week I was listening to a local radio station and the dj jokingly asked if anyone had seen that thing in the sky over the Hill Country! I didn't have access to a phone and got busy working so I never called the dj.

My description of what I saw probly sounds like a rehash of someone else's story, probly even posted here on this website. I just want some closure to this event. Any comments are welcome. I am not seeking attention, nor am I trying to hoax anyone. This image is just one of those things you see in your life that are with you forever. I am 47 years old now and I don't know why this experience is resurfacing after all these years. Thanks for listening.


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