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All that glitters is not gray. Example of non-gray entity encounter:

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 07:19 PM
Location. Montargil Portugal
Date: February 6 1980 Time: 1100A
A 55-year old farmer, Mr. Pavao, had left his farm taking his sheep to the fields. At about 1100A he heard a noise, at the same time his dog panicked and he felt something happening behind him. He turned and was surprised to see two 8-feet tall humanoids standing close to him and staring at him. The humanoids were described as very strong looking, and dressed in gray suits. Their faces resembled humans except that the eyes and skin were different. Their hands were hairy and very big. The beings approached the witness and with friendly gestures touched his left shoulder and several other parts of his body. At the same time they spoke in a strange language with a modulation like a human’s voice. One of the beings then pointed to the sheep, and Mr. Pavao told him the type of animal it was. Meanwhile the two beings kept talking and laughing. The witness then gave an order to his dog to fetch one of the sheep. When he looked back at the beings he saw an intense flash of light, which blinded him for a few seconds. After that the beings had disappeared.

HC addition # 2378
Source: Victor Laurenco, Portucat

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