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$1B In Military Equipment Missing In Iraq

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 02:36 PM
So America provides 1 billion worth of equipment to Iraq's army.
But no one knows where it is, seems someone who knows isn't telling.
Maybe that someone is Claude Bolton.
When I read this article the first thing that popped into my head was Blackwater, I think it wouldn't be too hard for a bunch of Americans to drive off with new American gear, compared to a bunch of Iraqis driving off with a load of new American gear.
For that matter was it ever delivered LOL

Maybe the Iranians snuck in and took it

$1B In Military Equipment Missing In Iraq

Tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, crates of machine guns and rocket propelled grenades are just a sampling of more than $1 billion in unaccounted for military equipment and services provided to the Iraqi security forces, according to a new report issued today by the Pentagon Inspector General and obtained exclusively by the CBS News investigative unit. Auditors for the Inspector General reviewed equipment contracts totaling $643 million but could only find an audit trail for $83 million.


The report comes on the same day that Army procurement officials will face tough questions from the Senate Armed Services Committee regarding their procurement policies. One official, Claude Bolton, assistant secretary for acquisition, logistics and technology, has already announced his resignation on the heels of sharp criticism about Army contracting and expanding fraud investigations. His resignation is effective Jan. 2, 2008.

Inspector Generals Report (pdf) 1.95mb

Claude M. Bolton Jr. DSc

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 03:09 PM
I read on MSNBC a while ago that the U.S. sold IEDs to Iraq, which forced U.S. to buy those big halliburton vehicles that can withstand IED blasts.

Wow eh?

Now this?

Go into iraq because of 9/11, go into iraq because of saddam,
stay in iraq because of insurgency and millitants...

but how do we stay in iraq and keep the millitants and insurgents fighting?
Arm them!

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

HMMM seems like a strange statement .... US sold IEDs?

an IED = Improvised explosive device

Pretty sure you misunderstood that story.... more Haliburton bashing is what I think

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 04:20 PM
Sorry double post somehow

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 04:22 PM
There probably will be a war with Iran, real soon.

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 06:38 PM
take that and add this..

WASHINGTON — A soon-to-be-released audit will show that at least $8.8 billion in Iraqi money that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, FOX News has confirmed.

and this..

Overall, the Defense Contract Audit Agency has found $4.9 billion in overpricing and waste in Iraq contracts since 2003. US auditors have identified another $5.1 billion in expenses charged without documentation

and this...

The U.S. military can't account for thousands of weapons purchased to arm some 325,500 Iraqi security forces by December, according to a new report.

im sure there is some im missing.

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 07:24 PM
Well right now the first to be targeted are the Army, next will be the rest of the military branches.

The logistics base where my husband is employed now are very worry about the job cuts that will no only include Government but also defense department contractors.

The missing and misappropriation of funds is getting too big to be ignored.

While our government keeps building the outrageous deficit we have, money is unaccounted for.

Specially in Iraq.

posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 07:57 PM
A billion or even a half billion of certain equipment/arms/ordnance
would sure be welcomed (thru illicit channels) in Syria or Lebanon
and Hamas that would welcome all those RPGs as they are building
up to be a mirror of the Hezbollah.

if one thinks back, there were hundreds of million$ of arm$ and weapon$
'lost' while we were supplying the Afghani Mujahideen freedom fighters...
some of whom later became the al Qaida & the Islamic Courts or rejoined
their tribal areas' warlords or consolidated with Taliban...and in turn they redirected their freedom fight against USA Imperialism, with the armed resources conveniently supplied by the USA itself...

? Was that the macro plan the unawares mujahadeen were led into ?
? Is that what's taking place right that we are arming a adversary?

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