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Funny Baseball Injuries Throughout History

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 11:37 AM
-Infielder Chris Brown missed a game because he "slept on his eye funny".
-Pitcher Adam Eaton stabbed himself in the stomach as he was using a knife to open a DVD wrapper.
-Sammy Sosa was disabled after a violent sneeze.
-Shortstop Rey Quinones wasn't available as a pinch hitter as he was in the clubhouse playing Nintendo.
-Shortstop Clint Barmes fell down some stairs and broke his collarbone. He was unable to break his fall because he was cradling a package of venison given to him from teammate Todd Helton.
-Pitcher Greg Harris suffered a strained elbow flipping sunflower seeds while sitting in the bullpen.
-Utility infielder Bret Barberie missed a game because he mistakenly rubbed chili juice in his eyes.
-Pitcher Mark Smith was injured when he stuck his hand into an air conditioner to see why it wasn't working.
-Speedster Rickey Henderson allegedly missed several games in August due to frostbite.
-Outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. missed a game after his cup slipped and pinched a testicle.
-Jose Cardenal missed a game because he was kept awake all night by crickets chirping in his hotel room.
-Outfielder Glenallen Hill received cuts over much of his body after he fell out of bed onto a glass table. He was having a nightmare about being covered in spiders.
-Shortstop Jason Bartlett tore the nail off his left pinky while sliding his hand under the television in his room at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Detroit.
Shortstop Juan Castro hurt his neck on the pillow at the same Ritz Carlton hotel in Detroit.
-Kevin Mitchell was hurt by a microwaved donut. Supposedly eating this led to his needing a root canal.
-Pitcher Pascual Perez missed a game in Atlanta because he couldn't find the correct exit ramp on the freeway.
-Wade Boggs hurt his back putting on his cowboy boots.
-Reliever Steve Sparks dislocated his shoulder while trying to tear a phone book in half.
-Pitcher Carlos Perez broke his nose in a car accident - he was trying to pass the team bus at the time. (maybe my favorite)
-John Smoltz burned his chest while ironing the shirt he was wearing.
-Nolan Ryan missed a start after being bitten by a coyote.
-Outfielder Vince Coleman missed the entire 1985 World Series after being rolled up in the tarp machine at Busch Stadium.
-Hall of Famer George Brett broke a toe on a chair when he was running from the kitchen to the living room to see baseball on TV.
-Twins farmhand David Foster was knocked out for the season when a lightning strike through a phone line zapped him while he was making a call.
-Pitcher Steve Foster injured his shoulder knocking over milk bottles during a segment with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."
-Pitcher Jeff Juden had a start early in the 1994 season pushed back after getting an infection from a tattoo.
-Reliever Larry Anderson strained a rib muscle getting out of a Jucuzzi.
-Florida's Randy Veres hurt his hand pounding on a hotelroom wall trying to get the people in the next room to quiet down.
-David Cone missed a start after getting bit by his mother-in-law's dog, a Jack Russell Terrier.


posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 12:49 PM

Wow. I had never heard of any of those. Thanks a hell of a lot for the laugh!

I had the 'Ken Griffey' happen when back catching years ago from a tip ball. I understand that one.

My favorite one is John Smoltz.... just WoW.

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