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A theory on abduction process.

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posted on Dec, 6 2007 @ 10:26 AM
Over the years, I have read a lot about UFOs and all the related subjects.

I've even had quite a few personal experiences that have left me wanting to know more. Some of my questions seem to have been answered but the answers seem to come over time and are not necessarily correct. It's possible, also, that they are not my answers but were given to me when I asked the questions during one or more of the possible abductions I may have had.

A few years ago I came up with an idea on how abductions are made possible.
Then this afternoon I was watching a couple of videos which have almost confirmed my original thoughts on the matter.

The basic principle is this;

The brain is nothing more than an electro chemical device, able to send and receive data. We are aware that the brain, whilst at work, creates 'patterns' or waves.

These patterns must operate on a particular frequency and seeing as the brain is sectioned off to control certain parts of the body, the frequencies operate together and independently all of the time.

So, it would not take a brain surgeon to make a device that can actually transmit false readings to a brain in order to control the actions of the host.

If you have the ability to travel trillions of miles to another planet, such a device may very well be highly likely. No point in going on an 'away mission' without having some form of non lethal defenses at hand.

So, you've got your pre-programed brain wave changer and are ready to point it at an unsuspecting victim.
You pull the trigger and a set of instructions are sent to the victims brain to manipulate these areas of the brain (and possibly others too);

Left cerebral hemisphere
Together with right cerebral hemisphere, controls most conscious and mental activities

Parietal lobe
Involved in sensations of pain and touch, spatial orientation, and speech

Prefrontal cortex
Provides ability to plan, reason, concentrate, and adjust behavior

Primary auditory cortex
Distinguishes sound qualities (eg, loudness and tones)

Primary visual cortex
Detects basic parts of a visual scene (eg, outlines and light or dark)

And most importantly of all, this one;

Wernicke's area
Interprets sensory information

Which could possibly give the total 'mind blank' and 'missing time' scenario to the victim. Either that or the old hypnotists trick of 'not remembering what you've been told' is used by those that came to get you.

If you can control all that, then you can control memory too. you could possibly send a signal to the brain to not immediately recognise a set of events for any amount of time. But this method appears not to be perfected as some people do remember things naturally or through hypnosis.

Anyway, here's the links to the few videos I watched today, which might help to explain my theory a bit deeper.

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