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Secret Societies & NWO

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posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 03:40 AM
To summarize it quickly; Secret societies are the ones who stand behind the known governments and who control and controlled the world throughout the near past.
They act behind the scenes - almost unseen and obtain certain methods of controlling the masses - making every human foolishly believe in the simple reality and fake freedom he had been given. Among these societies the Illuminati, Freemasons and the Bohemian grove are known.
As for the aliens so for the secret societies - things are no longer secret - thanks to some good men who broke their sacred vows and told everything the know and can know.
The plans of these secret societies, among other plans, are to obtain NWO - New world order - a total dictatorship over the world; Its is explained in the next links.
The other plans are to escape the forthcoming disasters that our planet will face in the following years, especially 2012. They know about all that's going on - and have safe places on earth; the problem is that most people are going to die - it is expected that about 90% of the population won't survive the disasters - USA and the secret societies are not planning to do anything about it - in fact they want us to die; they don't need us anymore and it will be easier to control the few survivors.

The information is presented in the following Excellent links, Enjoy;

Information Liberation


Loose Change


Alex Jones

Great One 100777

Conspiracy Archive

The Rockefeller Initiative

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