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that hopeless feeling

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posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 02:36 AM
does anyone else get it sometimes after looking around ATS and reading all the diff info and stuff???

i sometimes feel so overwhelmed and hopeless . like for example i just got done reading that "confessions of a covert agent " article.. and i am just sitting here. i want to run down the street with a megaphone telling people what i just read. but if i do that then the cops would be called and i would be considered "crazy" ...that is what i hate..that feeling of hopelessness maybe i should say screw it and let them call me crazy but then i want a certain job that wouldnt hire me for doing that..ugh it just sucks sometimes u know..i hate that people are labeled crazy for just trying to spread the word. what if a group of 100 did it at once? damn i dontknow
okay end of rant


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