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Does God know where HE Came from?

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posted on Dec, 10 2002 @ 08:50 PM

I was reading that article when I had an odd thought.

What if god, the creator organizer purpose of this universe whatever. But for purposes of this question, let's say God is a concious being that Created the universe.

What if he doesn't know where he came from, and this Universe is really just an experiment of his to see if perhaps, this has anything to do with his existance?

Let me ellaborate. We humans, with science will someday have the power to alter the universe, create stuff from nothing, and be many places at once.

The more we research, the more we realize ANYTHING is possible, and that we don't understand diddly squat.

So what if God, is really a being, with these same powers, the ability to create from nothing blah blah. Well if he doesn't know where he came from, then what if he created this universe, to see if it is possible that any others like him might exist, or be able to exist?

For instance, we are the lab mice, and the goal of the experiment is to see if the mice can learn to pile blocks on the other to crawl out of the maze entirely. Well, what if god is the mouse that can do this, and he organized the experiment to see if any others can do it?

See my point? Since I have no beliefs about god other than this universe had to be organized, and that we have idividuality, and existance and are reincarnated and no heaven hell blah blah, I don't actually view this as an explaination for anything.

I just think this idea is a very interesting view on existance, because, perhaps God is trying to find himself by seeing if through given circumstances, other creatures can acheive what he has acheived.

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posted on Dec, 11 2002 @ 09:28 AM
There is a theory that you could create universes (should that be Universeie?) buy doing something with energy.

It all comes back to the theory that there is an 11th (eleventh) dimension thatís is just bands of energy.

A flight of fancy but possible.


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