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You did what with my Passport?

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 04:08 PM
Mom and Dad say to stay away from politics and religion. I'm a teenager so I'll obviously screw that up. LOL.

I am so angry. Let me explain. My big brother wanted to take me and his girlfriend to New York a month or so ago on a corporate jet. I applied for my passport last spring so I could go away to school or go on vacation... it arrived about two weeks ago.

Gave all my data to my federal government online at an office in Toronto and now I find these idiots don't have a clue about internet security and may have lost a great deal of data and/or left it unsecure. Don't know exactly yet. Forgive my language but WTF is up? I hope I'm over-reacting. The story is breaking today.

Seems one could key in their data and click send and the next user "could" have by pushing the back button and/or fiddling the URL then see the previous user's data. I'm sorry, this is unacceptable to my way of thinking. Not a corporation, my government. How am I supposed to feel good about THAT! Sorry for the rant.

Here's a link to the early version of the story. I'm sure it will change as it's spun-down. Re uters Canada

I'm told to be careful online by my elders. I think my federal government elders should be more careful.


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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 02:56 PM
Too many pooh-bears peeking under the maple leaves, eh? Sux for sure...

But who says you were supposed to feel good about it? My assessment is that most guvmints, the bigger-the badder, play too loosey-goosey with our identity information as it is. The fact that they also left such a loose screen door flapping open to the filthy masses is reprehensible.

Hope you had a nice plane ride after all...

p.s. Your elders are correct: exercise extreme diligence online...

Travel safely... and keep up the studies


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