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Seeing Strange Bugs Everywhere

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 11:44 AM
This is not a dream or a prediction, but I was hoping to find out if these events could have any relation to dreams that I am now having.

Over the past few weeks, I've been seeing the strangest bugs in the strangest placest. The first one was green leafy looking bug that was on the driver side mirror of my car. I freaked a bit, but braved my way into the car, didn't open the windows of course. The bug never moved. After starting the car and backing out, the bug was still on the mirror, now just walking around. I drove about 5 city blocks before the bug flew off while at a stop light.

Then the second incident, me and the boys were returning from school, walked up to the door and huge green grasshopper, praying mantis type bug was on the security door, just sitting there. We tried to shake it off, knock it off, it wouldn't budge, shifted position a bit but just stayed there. I eventually managed to knock it away with a broom and we all rushed in the house.

The next morning, the same giant green bug was sitting on my least it wasn't in my way..we left it alone.

Saturday, a green grasshopper, smaller than the other one is sitting on my icicle christmas lights over my door, just hanging there... it stayed there thru Sunday evening, didn't see it yesterday morning.

Then yesterday while waiting for my son at school, a brown stick like bug flew into my car and ended up on the backrest, as I jumped out the car screaming like the dumb girl I am. I knocked it out of the car, put the windows up and turned on the a/c... next thing you know the bug is sitting on driver's side mirror and now I swear the darn thing is looking at me. I left the car through the passenger side door. When I returned to the car with my son, the bug was gone.

Now today, I went out to run errands, everything went well, came home, guess who is sitting on my door again? The brown stick like bug!!!! I freaked and swatted it with a broom, only after getting into the house, I thought about the fact that I should have taken a picture of it.

Is this wierd? Yeah sure, I live in South Florida where we have lots and lots of bugs, but in all my years here, I've never experienced so many close and strange encounters with these types of bugs. Could it mean something paranormal in anyway? I have this wierd feeling that I'm being "visited" but by bugs???
anyways I had to vent, just in case, I end up in some bug related accident.

Oh and yes, I've been having dreams with bugs in them now, probably caused by the above experiences???

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posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:03 PM

Call these guys. Your tax dollars paid for their facility and they should be more than happy to share information.

I know insects are creepy but I would think that living in a semi tropical area that you might have adjusted to the wonderful world of the outside environment.

I don't think its paranormal; just a vigorous hatch.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:07 PM
I've got a possible, not so paranormal answer -- warmer climes. From

(a)La Niña, which is happening right now, and
(b)Earth's Tropics Belt Expands

Both situations means a more conducive environment for macro bugs and micro bugs (disease)

Welcome to the Jungle. These creatures are a common feature of the tropics.

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 12:18 PM
thanks for the info guys

It has been pretty warm still here in South Florida, and yes BUGS CREEP ME OUT!!! but like I said, I've been here for at least 10 years now and never had so many experiences in such a short time.

but I think you guys could be right, either a vigorous hatch, or warmer climate

, still if anyone know what other significance bugs could have, I'd still be interested in hearing about it.

Now I'm going to consider investing in some mosquito netting and bug zappers for the future (sorry to all those reincarnated relatives who might be visiting)

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